Smashbox Heat Wave Lip Enhancing Lipglosses Set Review

 This Summer Smashbox released a set of four limited edition glosses as part of their Heat Wave collection. They may be small in size but they are brightly pigmented and are both pretty worn alone or on top of a lipstick. They've been my go to throw in my purse for on the go application glosses ever since I first laid eyes on them because they are pretty and convenient.

What Smashbox says about their heat wave lip glosses: "Make your pout shout with these 4 turned up shades. These mega juicy glosses will leave lips saturated in the seasons hottest hues. Breathe new life into your matte lipsticks! Apply a coat of this gloss for a lustrous finish."

Some more details:

Formulation and Consistency: These lip glosses are quite heavy on the lips and also on the stickier side which I'll be very honest and say is my least favorite consistency when it comes to glosses. The fact of the matter is that the stickier a gloss is the longer it actually lasts on the lips and that rings true with these. They need to be smoothed over really well with a lip brush or using the doe foot applicator to avoid looking uneven. 

Pigmentation: All of these glosses are very vibrant. The two lightest shades are the least pigmented and the two darkest ones quite a bit more pigmented but all of them can be built up very easily. VIP Pink is the lightest shade and it's a light nude pink shade. Copper Remix looks quite brown in the tube but it is in fact a light brown tinted nude. Fuchsia Flash is a hot pink and Electric Orange is just as it sounds- a bright orange.

Finish: High shine is the perfect way to describe the finish on these and they really do make the lips look poutier with that characteristic in play. The brown shade, copper remix is the only one with any shimmer in it and it's the slightest amount at that. We're not talking chunks of glitter that are gritty on the lips though as it's quite subtle looking as well.

Scent: I'm not crazy over the scent of these. It's that overly sweet sort of plastickey scent. Fortunately that smell doesn't stick around though so it doesn't really bother me much. The only time I smell it is as I'm applying it.

Lasting Power: The thicker stickier formulation on these glosses does give it some staying power for sure. I was impressed to see that it lasted on my lips for about 2 hours. Once it faded it did so nicely and evenly leaving behind some shine. I also found that my lips felt soft and hydrated after wearing these which is fantastic. 

Packaging: I absolutely love the packaging on these. The silver tops are so classy and the square tubes very original. I can stand them up and not worry about them rolling off any surfaces. The doe foot applicator is quite large but well shaped to aid in application. 

Price: I think $29.00 is very decent for a lip gloss set of 4. 

The Round Up:


They are long lasting in comparison to other glosses.

These glosses hydrate my lips. 

The colors are nicely pigmented!

The packaging is really sleek with the silver covers and square shape. 


The scent is a little artificial smelling and just a bit strange. 

They are thick and on the sticky side. 

The applicator is a bit large. 

Overall: I think these glosses are pretty good. There's a color to suit everyone in this set. Their beautiful vibrant color high shine and long lasting qualities make them the perfect Summer lip product! My favorite shades are Vip Pink and Copper Remix.

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