Nails of The Day: Nude + Silver Glitter with Essies "Brooch The Subject" & "Beyond Cozy"

Although I've begun discovering my love of nail polishes from a wider variety of brands lately, I always find myself going back to my Essie polishes at one point or another. They are just that pretty! Nude nails was a huge trend last Summer when I purchased this polish and it got cast to the side somehow amitsd the reds, blues, greens and glitters. Until now that is, when I finally pulled it out again to give it another spin. 

I often go for bolder brighter nail shades in the Summertime but I decided to keep it neutral this time. This pale nude shade from Essie called Brooch The Subject is a truly a one coat wonder and it's brush deposits a smooth streak free layer of color with ease. Sandwiched between this perfect nude shade is a silver glitter polish also by Essie called Beyond Cozy that I added to give it some spunk.

You've most likely noticed the little slit in the side of my finger there. It's just one of those slightly uncomfortable paper cuts I got from a labeling situation so not to worry. It's almost completely healed over at this point too. My nails are also quite short here. They were beginning to break and splinter off in weird chunks and  so I made the decision to cut them short and start over. They'll be longer and stronger in no time.

You may also remember this silver polish from a nails of the day post I did a little while back in April for a green and silver triangular manicure. There sure are so many lovely things to be done with a glitter nail polish and this one is a real stunner. 

This specific combination is one for all year long in my opinion. It's soft enough for summer and bold enough for those cold winter months with the glitter addition. It would certainly suit spring and fall as well. 

What do you think of nude nails? Do you love the look or do you think it's just too light?

Let me know in the comments form below, I love to hear your opinions!

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