My July 2013 Wish List

I'm feeling pretty colorful this month as you can probably see. You've surely already noticed that ever occurring peach/coral color that I just can't get enough of- OK so I'm slightly obsessed I will admit. You can easily see where my mind is at- beauty as usual, a sprinkle of fashion, cooking and home decor too. I have recently begun to get really excited over crafting again and have an entire shopping list prepared for the next trip to the local crafts supply store. So of course that category could not have been left out. What with the 9 days I will have to wait to do any real shopping but a little window shopping definitely won't hurt! Here's the list of wishes for this month:

1. Midi rings- these have been making their appearance in stores and all around the web as well. At first I wasn't too sure about the trend but now I have begun to love it! These ones are stack-able too which I love even more. Gold goes with everything and has always been my choice metal so these had me at first site. 

2. Washi Tape- With my crafting excitement came alot of reading and investigation for fun projects to embark on in the future. So many amazing DIY projects can be done with the simplest item- washi tape! And how pretty are these colorful lace designed rolls by Anna Griffin?

3. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer- I have heard and seen amazing things and I am so impressed. This is under $6 at Asos (now out of stock) I have had such great finds from the Rimmel company lately and this is whats up next hopefully.

4. Colgate Optic White Toothpaste- You are most likely thinking "what the heck?" right now but anything with whitening power is a must have essential for me as I drink tea or coffee daily which cause yellowing and stains. I am using up my Crest 3d White and have seen rave reviews for this one so I  will be trying this next, maybe I'll actually see some results!

5. White Tape Yarn Knit Top- I love light knits like this even in the summertime. When the AC is blasting and the shivers begin this is my number 1 choice! The light color keeps it fresh for the season as well.

6. Makeup Forever Smokey Extravagant Mascara- When the smokey lash mascara was released some time last Summer loads of people were singing it's praises. Unfortunately it was an item that I never got around to trying and now that Makeup Forever has released their latest mascara it is at the top of my list. The cone shaped brush looks exquisite.

7.  Purple Orchids in Black Ceramic Planter- With house hunting on the horizon I have already begun to think of design and home decor quite a bit! Although I love fresh flowers like any other lady a piece like this will be so versatile! Plus I am crazy over purple orchids!

8. Evergreen Summer Dinnerware Collection- Citrus Orange- Coral dinnerware that looks like a grapefruit! need I say more?!!! 

9. Turquoise Hexagon Studs- I go through month long fazes of loving long earrings or studs. Lately I'm back to studs. The color of these is really pretty and the shape so eye catching  Great finds like these are what make me love Etsy

10. NYX Butter Lip Gloss "Apple Strudel"- You must have heard about these already since they are being talked about by every beauty blogger everywhere! The reviews are fantastic and so I have to have some of these, right? (Even if my lipstick drawer is in fact overflowing!) 

11. Wide Fit Coral Crochet Sandals- I love the knit detailing on these gorgeous coral sandals! The fact that they are wide fit makes the deal even sweater since most of my sandals are uncomfortable when worn too long as they squeeze my toes too much. 

12. E.L.F. Studio Lip Exfoliater- The studio line is my favorite of what E.L.F has to offer. I am so intrigued by this one as I don't believe I've seen one in this lipstick form before! Have I mentioned it costs just $3.00? My next E.L.F. order will include this for sure!

13. The Braided Tonytail Wrap- Quick and easy hairstyles are what I go for when I have busy days. In the summer I am always looking for cute ways to pull my hair back away from my neck to keep cool. This is just genius in my opinion! 

14. William Sanoma Pasta Machine- Have I said how much I love pasta before? Let me repeat- I looove pasta! I have always wanted to be able to mix up a dough of my own and with the use of a machine roll out shapes of all sorts and get it to the perfect size and thinness. Until then boxed dry will have to do.

What is on your wish list for the month of July? Let me know in the comments form below! I would love to hear from you!

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