Jane Scrivner Nourishing Cleanser and Skin Elixir Moisturizer Review

What Jane Scrivner says about the Nourishing Cleanser: "It's more then just a cleanser, it's beautiful skin in a jar" 
What they have to say about their Skin Elixir Moisturizer:  "A delicate daily moisturizer, formulated to use along with the Nourishing Cleanser- the skin care dream team" 

I've been giving the Jane Scrivner Nourishing Cleanser and Skin Elixir Moisturizer a whirl over the past few weeks. I had previously been enjoying my Loreal Youth Code Foaming Cleanser which I am just about out of so when these samples landed on my doorstep a few weeks back all the way from England I was excited to get testing. I've already mentioned the cleanser in my favorites post and video so you would already know I liked that one alot.

The texture on the cleanser is just alright for me. It starts off as a thicker balm but by running it between the fingers melts down to a thinner oily sort of consistency. I know so many people love that kind of thing but it's just not something I'm used to compared to my other cleansers. As for the moisturizer it's a bit thicker in consistency then your classic face oils but just as easy to work into the skin.

I think the cleanser works really well since my skin feels amazing after using it. As it melts off my makeup it also refreshes my skin, nourishes it and gives an overall clean so it certainly is no one trick pony. I have also used it to remove my eye makeup on a particularly lazy night but wouldn't recommend doing so unless you are being very careful not to get it into your eyes. I've been using the moisturizer in conjunction with the cleanser and found it to be very hydrating- it's made up of jojoba oil combined with 9 other essential oils.  

The scent on both of these items will be up to preference as it's pretty heavy, herbal and spa-like. It doesn't smell bad but it's definitely not my favorite attribute as it's just a bit much for me. I'm sure some would find it downright relaxing though.

The cleanser goes for 43 pounds which converts to us dollars as $64.98 and the moisturizer 29 pounds which is $43.82 so they are quite pricey and luxury buys for sure.

I've been using both of these products exclusively as part of my nighttime skincare routine. I take a pea sized amount of the cleanser and warm it between my fingers and I then massage it into my skin over my makeup working in upwards motions. Although the wash cloth that came along with it is nothing unique it was a helpful tool sent in addition to use. I run the clean wash cloth under warm water and then over my face to massage it off. I then rinse it in cold water, run it back over my face and I'm good to go. Next, I go in with a deep clean mask or exfoliating cleanser to scrub my face even further. I wait a few minutes before pumping a bit of the skin elixir moisturizer onto the back of my hand. I dot it over my face in areas I feel I need it and work it into my skin in circular motions with clean fingertips.  

I assume that individuals who have combination skin with dry patches in places and those with very dehydrated skin would appreciate these products most as they will ultimately get the most noticeable results out of them. At the same time I wouldn't necessarily recommend them for very oily skinned individuals.  

I have just used up the cleanser sample and I'm on the last bits of the moisturizer sample after a few weeks using them religiously from night to night. The great detail here is that not much needs to be used so it does last nicely.

Overall, I would have to say I like the cleanser best between the two as it's most suitable for my skin type. Both products are very hydrating and pampering though and I would highly recommend it to all of you dry skinned folks as you will see some really fantastic results for sure! They did last me really nicely too which makes the price doable but I don't see myself repurchasing any of these any time soon since I have other products on hand at the moment that are working fine. I would certainly be interested in seeing what their detox body products are like as they sound amazing! The detox bath and body oil and mineral bath  & body scrub specifically seem like ones I would appreciate.

These products can be purchased on JaneScrivner.com or anywhere else the line is sold. 

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