Friday Fashion: Summer 2013 Accessory Trends

This summer it is the accessories that'll bring an outfit together. But not to worry there are so many fun trends and distinctive pieces to choose from. Bold colors and distinctive patterns are hitting the store shelves and the possibilities are endless. Color never fails to draw attention which is why some women (Jewish women for modesty reasons especially)  shy away from experimenting with it. Some just fear getting it completely wrong and that keeps them from finding out what actually looks right. If that is you, I want to push you out of your comfort zone a little bit. Have a little more confidence and play with some color and printed design this Summer. You'll be surprised at how easily you can pull it off and you can do so in a refined way too.  Sure you've got you're own unique fashion stamp but who doesn't love a completely new idea now and then. When the hot weather sets in my favorite ensemble to don is a t-shirt, light skirt and sandals- more or less the basics. Accessories are essential for that reason. They easily add a little spunk to my relaxed outfits daily.  Today I am going to share some of my favorites of the Summer 2013 trends:

1) Neons:

Bold yellows, neon greens, blues and pinks are to be seen in every store window. You don't necessarily need to be ecspecially daring to embrace this one. Add one small brightly colored piece to a boring or relaxed outfit. This way you will keep your look current, stay within your comfort zone and keep from going overboard on a possibly fleeting trend.

2) Animal-Inspired-
I have always loved animal print and this trend is a nice spin on that. There are so many pieces to choose from between snake adorned rings, animal face printed shirts and if your feeling really brave animal silhouettes on tees are just adorable.

3) Geometric Shapes:
These shapes are bold and eyecatching from checks to zig zags, diamonds and stripes in every color of the rainbow. It's very versatile and can be interpreted in many different ways too. The ones I like most are jewelry pieces that utilize this trend perfectly from necklaces to earings with geometrically patterned metals in all sorts of colors.

4) Dainty Jewelry: Statement jewelry will still be sticking around for a while. But after years of bold, colorful, chunky jewelry being in place, delicate pieces with thin chains and small pendants are begining to appear everwhere!

5) Colorful Eyewear- I for one tend to stick with the classics but believe me when I say glasses aren't going shy this season. Instead, we explore something new and there are so many different shades and patterns to choose from. So have a little fun when it comes time to choose some new glasses and sunglasses.

I hope I have inspired you to have some fun with your accessories this Summer season. There are plenty of pieces around in every store and online too. All of the pieces I have picked out above (prices vary from very low to a bit higher so there should be something for everyone) are linked in the description beneath them so if you are lacking some bold accessories shopping is just a click away. 

Thank for stopping by!  

Which of these accessory trends will you most likely embrace this season? Let me know in the comments form below- I love to hear from you!

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos and weekend as well!

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