A Week in Review #1

A huge part of the creative process that goes into writing, photographing and editing a blog post is the inspiration behind it. Inspirations come from everywhere and for everyone it may be something different that triggers a brilliant idea or exciting thought. If I had to pinpoint some places from which my inspiration originates I would have to point my finger at Instagram, Fellow Bloggers, Youtube Videos and of course Pinterest. I've decided to add a fun new series to the line up today which is going to be called "A Week in Review". I think it'll be really interesting to look back on the week as it comes to a close from this point of view. So to kick it off lets take a peak over the past week here at GKK and see what ensued:   

The Week In Instagram:

{#TBT from my sons 3rd birthday, a little shoutout to my sister Rae who's Bday was yesterday July 25th.} 
{A Great Buy- This mason jar with fun accent from Shoprite for 25 cents-what?!}
{Wicker Tea Cup Basket where I store you guessed it- tea. Been loving tea lately!}
{Makeup Brushes} Wedding Season's here, being kept very busy makeup wise, lots of brushes to clean}
{Sundays Dinner was grilled peaches and red onions straight from the bbq in a yummy salad}
{Special Sneak Peak of some delicious S'more Cupcakes, coming to the blog next week}
{Offered a preview of the makeup tutorial post I was working on for Sundays post}

If you aren't already following me on Instagram, now you know why you should. My Username is GigiKKitch. 

The Week in GKK Posts:

Favorite Blog Post of The Week:

If you don't already follow her blog, you must go give it a look. Fee does amazing nail posts with nail designs to die for, beauty box previews, makeup product reviews, beauty tips and more. One of her most recent posts was this tips post all about Sun Safety which is a topic most important to me. I found it to be a really good informative read and I think you will as well!

Youtube Video of The Week:

I only discovered Laila Daho's channel this week but I am already hooked. First of all she is beautiful and second of all she is just adorable with a really fun happy personality that overflows to you through the screen- no joke! This 'no makeup' tutorial was one I found really useful to watch, no one wants a heavy makeup look in the hot summertime. Even though she didn't talk in this one, it was easy to understand and follow. Go check it out and subscribe to her channel, she puts out loads of fantastic videos that will interest any beauty enthuisiasts.  

A Week of Pinspirations:

If you are obsessed with pinterest raise your hand, my hand can't reach up any higher. I can sit on it for hours scrolling and pinning and as I'm reading blogs I often pin things of interest for a later time! 

Navy Blue Blazer, Polka Dot Blouse and Bright Blue Bottoms, Love this look! I plan on rocking my own version inspired by this photo for sure!

Sea green eyeliner with lots of lashes- Eye looks like this are so pretty for the summer time. It's easy to achieve, doesn't take too much time and won't feel overly heavy in the heat!

Lemon Drop Cupcakes- Need I say More?

Puzzle Flooring- How cute would this be for a children bedroom? Unique designs like these are being saved for when I have a house of my own. 

This braid is called the princess braid, it seems like everyone is wearing their version of a braid recently with the trend being so hot. 

Upcountry Vintage Jewelry Organizer- Pretty and chic. It's just the way I would want my jewelry collection to look...one day!

 Dotted nail design options- I've been eyeing this nail art alot lately and even attempted doing it myself this week, epic fail is all I will say. Oh well I will have to do some practicing. 

"Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go"

Satin Rhinestone Twist Lock Clutch- how glam would this bag be for a night out?

Girly Office Layout- I wish for a space like this to blog out of. It doesn't look like it'd be too difficult or pricey to achieve either!

What have you been up to this week? Leave it in the comments form below, I'd love to know! 

Hope it was a really fantastic week, have a very lovely weekend! 

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