July 2013's Kitchen of The Month

Color fads come and go but standard white will always be around. The crisp, clean palette is a natural looking classic that serves many styles from traditional to contemporary. It's also a very versatile background being that if you tire of it you can easily add some color through your accessory choices.

Over a year ago I featured a white kitchen as my kitchen of the month saying I could not imagine ever having one myself since children and white just don't mesh well. Now that I am getting closer to having my very own kitchen with all of the design choices to my discretion, I am starting to re-think that statement and consider white as an option afterall. This months kitchen is bright and practical looking. Every detail seems so light and airy to me. I found this month kitchen on pinterest straight from the gorgeous portfolio of Obrien Harris.

Some of the details that stand out to me most are:

A) The red stove handles- they add a nice pop of color which contrasts beautifully against the all neutral background. 

B) The chandelier lighting- it seems a bit unexpected in a kitchen layout but I think it adds quite the glamorous touch. 

C) The white marbelized counter top over a grey island. A countertop is the focal point of a kitchen as it is the center of the most busiest and most functional rooms in a home. For that reason I think it is a very important detail to get right and this one is just perfect!

I cannot actually think of a single thing in this kitchen that isn't perfectly charming!

What do you think of this kitchen or of the white kitchen in general? Let me know in the comments form below, I love hearing from readers!

Disclaimer: some pictures in this post are from google or pinterest. if a photo is yours and you would like it removed please contact me by email: gittyktz @ gmail dot com or in the comments form below and I will gladly comply immediately.

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Smashbox Halo Yellow Color Correcting Hydrating Powder Review

I've been testing several setting powders of late. Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural was what I was using for a long time and after finishing it off I decided to investigate some others. The Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder was one of the first I tried since (reviewed in full here) and although I still plan to repurchase it now that it's done,  it's on to the next thing for me. This Halo Powder by Smashbox was the next one to land on my desk and although I have never been extremely excited over loose powders considering they manage to get everywhere I am surprised at how much I love this one. Products claiming to reduce redness have failed to impress me in the past, but with the bothersome ruddiness I have in my cheeks I am always intrigued by those that target the rosy shade.

What Smashbox says about this setting powder: "Reduce the appearance of redness and minimize the signs of aging in one simple step! The color correcting version of our revolutionary halo powder boasts a formulation of gold, 48 minerals and a powerful peptide to perfect skin"

Texture: This powder is very finely milled and soft with a light finish that layers on well so no overly powdery, chalky corn starch sort of feeling to it which is nice. I did find that it is a bit clingy in regards to dry patches so it didn't work for me at all towards the end of winter but is quite perfect at mattifying shine for the Spring and Summer months when my t-zone is oily. As for it's hydrating claims, I haven't noticed any drastic difference. 

Coverage and Color: As it's name clearly states it have yellow tones to it which not only even out the skin tone but actually reduce redness and give the face the prettiest glow. At the same time it is completely matte in finish so no sparkles or glitter at all. Although it helps with the redness it's still pretty translucent so I believe it will work well with many different skin tones. Often if my blush or bronzer goes on a bit heavily I will brush over with this powder and it just blends and evens the color out perfectly so that's fantastic too.

Price: There's no question that this product is on the pricier side at $39 but the fact that it works and is going to get me through the rest of summer and fall for sure makes it worth every penny in my opinion.

Photo Friendly? It isn't anything brilliant looking. The product does have a nice glow to it in person but not one that shows up in photos, I think it looks fine in pictures though.

Packaging/Travel Friendly? One of my favorite things about this product is the packaging which comes complete with a mirror in the lid for on the go applications. The lid screws on tightly so no worries about powder getting everywhere while traveling. By twisting the top part of the container the product is shaved into that loose powder and it then dispenses. This way the amount of product used each time can be controlled which is ideal! Although it's messy like all of my loose powders this one seems a little less prone to get everywhere with the rims around keeping it in the container a bit better.

Recommended Skin Types: This product would probably be best for those with very oily to only slightly dry skin tones. I wouldn't recommend it to those with very very dry or dehydrated skin as it will most likely cling to those patches. My experience in the winter time was that it settled in my dry areas and went a bit patchy- not a very pretty look. 

Lasting Power: I find that it works well at keeping my oily t-zone area shine free for about 8 hours which is pretty great. If I need to go out in the evening I would definitely have to re-powder which is really no big deal. It does keep my makeup set in place all day from my cc cream to the under eye concealer and even the occasional cream blush.

Scent: I haven't noticed a scent at all.


I usually gravitate towards loose powders if at all during the winter time since the Summer is when my t-zone is oily and I need a little extra setting power. This one is the exact opposite for me. I started using it a bit towards the beginning of spring when my skin was still a bit dry and it clung to all of those patches and dehydrated areas. I'm glad I didn't rule it out though because it works perfectly at setting my makeup, keeping oil at a minimum and creating a soft focus of sorts. 

The Round Up:


Sets my makeup in place and keeps shine at bay for 8 hours at a time.
Lives up to claims of reducing redness.
Mirror in lid is very useful for travel
Grinder lets out the perfect amount of product
Feels light and comfortable on the skin


Messy as with every loose powder
Doesn't work well for dry or dehydrated skin

Have you tried this powder? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments form below along with any of your other thoughts and opinions- I absolutely love hearing from you!

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S'more Cupcakes Recipe

S'mores. Is there anything more fun? It's a quintessential summer desert and although the web and pinterest aren't lacking all sorts of creative ideas I thought I would share my recipe version of the ooey goeey yummy desert today. 

Unlike traditional s'mores you don't need a campfire to prepare these, they can be eaten in any weather and they are visually pleasing too. Most s'mores are made of three basic ingredients- chocolate, marshmallows and grahams and this recipe includes them all.  I never went camping as a child and honestly there is no activity I would like to do less. Don't get me wrong, I love nature! The reason it's not on my bucket list is because I like to sleep on an actual bed,  mosquitos eat me like I'm candy and the thought of waking up to the sound of a grizzly bear eating my garbage is just awful. I do have fleeting memories of roasting marshmallows over the fire pit at my grandparents cottage in Canada as a very young child so don't worry I got to enjoy that special experience just fine.

 When it comes to baking I'm definitely no expert so I save those adventures for weekends when there aren't too many other difficult tasks to tackle and time is on my side. If you are looking for the perfect desert to bring to a summer get together, these graham cracker bottomed chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate ganache and toasted marshmallow topping will be a perfect choice. Here's the recipe:

S'more Cupcakes

Yields: 24 Cupcakes

Cupcake Wrappers

12 Whole Cinnamon Graham Crackers


1 Cup Sugar
1 3/4 Cups Flour
1/2 Cup Baking Cocoa
1 Tsp. Baking Powder
1/2 Tsp. Salt
2 Eggs
1 Cup Almond Milk
1 Cup Mint Flavored Coffee or any flavor coffee on hand
1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil

5 Ounces Sweet Baking Chocolate
3 Tablespoons of Margarine 
1 Teaspoon Corn Syrup

1 Cup Mini Marshmallows

1. Start with the graham cracker base. Crush the cinnamon graham crackers into pretty finely milled crumbs. Spoon some into the bottom of a lightly greased cupcake liners reaching about 2-3 inches high. Repeat until the crumbs are finished off and you've filled about 24 of the liners. Bake the graham layer on 350 for 5 minutes or so until it has come together a bit as a base. Keep an eye as the cinnamon in them can burn easily. Once ready remove from the oven and allow them to cool for 5-10 minutes while mixing the cake ingredients.
2. Combine the dry cake ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Add the wet ingredients and whisk well till it's completely smooth. Do not be concerned if the batter is a bit wattery. Top the graham cracker base in those cupcake wrappers with the cake batter filling it till almost completely full. I used a cup with a spout to get it evenly and avoid a mess. Bake on 350 for 25 minutes. Remove them from the oven and allow them to cool completely before proceeding further. 

3. Prepare the ganache. Melt down the chocolate and margarine over a very low flame on the stove top. Add the corn syrup and stir constantly until it all comes together as one mixture. Allow it to cool stirring every little while. Notice how it thickens to a spreadable consistency.

4. Once the ganache has cooled to room temperature spread it over each cupcake with a spatula in a pretty thin layer coating them completely. Place the cupcakes in the fridge for an hour or more so that they ganache can harden a bit. 

5. Keep the cupcakes in their wrappers and top each one with a handful of mini marshmallows. Put them back in an oven on high heat for a minute or two until the tops seem slightly toasted and light brown in color.

What is your favorite Summer desert? Do S'mores hold any special childhood memories for you?

Leave me a comment in the form below letting me know! I absolutely love hearing from you!

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Beauty Empties #1

I'm excited to be sharing my very first empties post with you. I love reading and watching these posts/videos because they are so useful in finding out what that person really liked enough to finish off and to hear if they would actually repurchase it again. It's funny but it's a great feeling to get through products and do a post like this because often items sit around in my collection for no reason. I have made it my mission to get through products, repurchase the ones I like alot and toss the ones I don't. This weeks video highlights every detail so go watch that here or read to the end of the post where I've inserted it if you would like. I've saved up quite a few things to talk about and without further ado here they are:

Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner: I like very nourishing hair products during the cold months. This did the job well for both my hair and my wig. Since finishing these I have been using the Garnier Pure Clean Shampoo in combination with my Macadamia Deep Repair Mask once a week and therefore I'm not running out to repurchase these at this moment but I would in the future as they worked well.

Demert Nail Enamel Dryer Manicurists Finishing Spray- I have mentioned this in a favorites post/video before as being one of my favorite nail accessory pieces. It is the most useful product when it's imminent that I get out the door quick but I have a fresh manicure on that needs to dry. It sprays out really cold and within 2-3 minutes my nails are completely dry. I have already repurchased it and I don't see myself ever not having a bottle of this as it's $3 at the nail supply store and saves me so much time.

Maybelline Clean Express Ultra Gentle Eye Makeup Removers- I've gone through two of these already. I think they are pretty great but they don't do the job as speedily as my favorite Sonia Kashuk eye makeup remover so I'm waiting to repurchase for now.

Revlon Colorstay 24 Hour Whipped Cream Foundation- This is similar to the liquid one which I have always loved but it has a mousse consistency and lasts alot longer. It doesn't last 24 hours but it does stay on the skin nicely. I will most likely repurchase it again once the summer is over when I'm finished with my tinted moisturizers and bb creams and looking for a full coverage base again.

Dolce & Gabana The One Perfume Roller Ball EDP- This was the perfume I wore all last winter and then the beginning of this Spring again. Since I am not great at describing scents here is how Sephora describes it's notes: sun touched citrus, luscious lychee, succulent peach, a hint of plum, warmth of vanilla. I would love to get my hands on the full size at some point although I really love the convenience of roller balls.

Nivea Kiss of Shimmer Radiant Lip Care Sunscreen Lip Balm SPF 10- I love the pretty shimmery light pink color on it and it nourishes my lips really well. It is part of my nighttime routine that I cannot be without and I've already repurchased one in the honey version. I don't like the new one as much as this one so I'll probably go back to it next.

LORAC Blush in "Soul"- This was one of my favorite blushes for a long time. It was super pigmented and it was the perfect accent to a bronzed glowy look in the summer especially. Unfortunately it cracked somehow while sitting in my makeup bag and crumbled completely. I will definitely purchase this blush again and others from the line considering how good it was.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in the shade Light Plus- This setting powder is one of the very first Mac products I ever owned. I used it every day for the longest time and I picked it up religiously every time I ran out of it. It looks really natural on the skin and sets my makeup in place really well so I will repurchase in the future when I finish the others I am testing.

Duo Eyelash Adhesive waterproof dark tone- The duo lash glue is the best of the ones I've tried. I used up this small tube and I've already repurchased a large one. It is a piece that will always be a part of my makeup artists kit as well as my personal makeup bag because I love wearing false lashes for nights out and my more glamorous looks.

Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask- This little sample was supposed to only be good enough for one use. I  used it 3 times before using it up. It smells really pleasant- like blueberries and I felt like it did a nice job of deep cleaning my pores and giving my face a good clean. Since I have a similar mask by Freeman that's good enough for now I won't be running out to get this one but I would definitely want to repurchase it in the future.


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A Week in Review #1

A huge part of the creative process that goes into writing, photographing and editing a blog post is the inspiration behind it. Inspirations come from everywhere and for everyone it may be something different that triggers a brilliant idea or exciting thought. If I had to pinpoint some places from which my inspiration originates I would have to point my finger at Instagram, Fellow Bloggers, Youtube Videos and of course Pinterest. I've decided to add a fun new series to the line up today which is going to be called "A Week in Review". I think it'll be really interesting to look back on the week as it comes to a close from this point of view. So to kick it off lets take a peak over the past week here at GKK and see what ensued:   

The Week In Instagram:

{#TBT from my sons 3rd birthday, a little shoutout to my sister Rae who's Bday was yesterday July 25th.} 
{A Great Buy- This mason jar with fun accent from Shoprite for 25 cents-what?!}
{Wicker Tea Cup Basket where I store you guessed it- tea. Been loving tea lately!}
{Makeup Brushes} Wedding Season's here, being kept very busy makeup wise, lots of brushes to clean}
{Sundays Dinner was grilled peaches and red onions straight from the bbq in a yummy salad}
{Special Sneak Peak of some delicious S'more Cupcakes, coming to the blog next week}
{Offered a preview of the makeup tutorial post I was working on for Sundays post}

If you aren't already following me on Instagram, now you know why you should. My Username is GigiKKitch. 

The Week in GKK Posts:

Favorite Blog Post of The Week:

If you don't already follow her blog, you must go give it a look. Fee does amazing nail posts with nail designs to die for, beauty box previews, makeup product reviews, beauty tips and more. One of her most recent posts was this tips post all about Sun Safety which is a topic most important to me. I found it to be a really good informative read and I think you will as well!

Youtube Video of The Week:

I only discovered Laila Daho's channel this week but I am already hooked. First of all she is beautiful and second of all she is just adorable with a really fun happy personality that overflows to you through the screen- no joke! This 'no makeup' tutorial was one I found really useful to watch, no one wants a heavy makeup look in the hot summertime. Even though she didn't talk in this one, it was easy to understand and follow. Go check it out and subscribe to her channel, she puts out loads of fantastic videos that will interest any beauty enthuisiasts.  

A Week of Pinspirations:

If you are obsessed with pinterest raise your hand, my hand can't reach up any higher. I can sit on it for hours scrolling and pinning and as I'm reading blogs I often pin things of interest for a later time! 

Navy Blue Blazer, Polka Dot Blouse and Bright Blue Bottoms, Love this look! I plan on rocking my own version inspired by this photo for sure!

Sea green eyeliner with lots of lashes- Eye looks like this are so pretty for the summer time. It's easy to achieve, doesn't take too much time and won't feel overly heavy in the heat!

Lemon Drop Cupcakes- Need I say More?

Puzzle Flooring- How cute would this be for a children bedroom? Unique designs like these are being saved for when I have a house of my own. 

This braid is called the princess braid, it seems like everyone is wearing their version of a braid recently with the trend being so hot. 

Upcountry Vintage Jewelry Organizer- Pretty and chic. It's just the way I would want my jewelry collection to look...one day!

 Dotted nail design options- I've been eyeing this nail art alot lately and even attempted doing it myself this week, epic fail is all I will say. Oh well I will have to do some practicing. 

"Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go"

Satin Rhinestone Twist Lock Clutch- how glam would this bag be for a night out?

Girly Office Layout- I wish for a space like this to blog out of. It doesn't look like it'd be too difficult or pricey to achieve either!

What have you been up to this week? Leave it in the comments form below, I'd love to know! 

Hope it was a really fantastic week, have a very lovely weekend! 

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Friday Fashion: Nordstrom Anniversay Sale Picks (Under $50)

Every year Nordstrom has their Anniversary Sale which is full of great deals! As soon as I realized it was going on I headed on over to their website to do some browsing! I found so many amazing steals on stylish accessories, wardrobe staples for upcoming Autumn and Winter, and beauty exclusives on discount as well.  Considering that this sale ends August 5th, it was the perfect opportunity for me to share them with you. And good news- every item here (except that Halogen leather skirt) is less then $50 so no need to break the bank if you see something you like. Another great detail about shopping at Nordstrom is that free gifts are included with many beauty purchases of items from some of the most talked about brands. They also offer free shipping and returns so it's a worry free experience as well. Perhaps there is a special person in your life with a summer birthday or that you'd just like to show your gratitude to. You can now  get them a gift they'll appreciate for a decent price. What are you eyeing? The Bare Minerals Value kits are really calling my name but we'll see what happens. Here are my picks of the sale:

Are there any items here you will be adding to your cart as well? Let me know in the comments form below, I would love to hear which ones you like!

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos and weekend as well!

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Sonia Kashuk Eye Makeup Remover Review

I've  notoriously picky when it comes to eye makeup removers. After having tried several other drugstore options (read about that here) in hopes of finding a new one I think it's fair to say I have yet to find a contender. Considering how much I've talked about this eye makeup remover from favorites posts to the one about my skin care routine, I was pretty shocked when I realized I had never actually reviewed it in full. There are so many details that make this product one to run out and repurchase constantly but there are also those things that slightly annoy me about it as well. Hence the reason I was ever unfaithful to it to begin with.  

What Sonia Kashuk says about this product: This gentle as water remover activates when shaken to gently whisk away eye makeup, even waterproof formulas. This non-irritant sting-free formula conditions and refreshens skin and is even for those with the most sensitive eyes."  

Read more about this product: 

Packaging: It comes in a simple clear cylindrical bottle with a black screw cap. I'm pretty sure it's been recently repackaged as it used to have a white cover with a silver stripe across it and it was called "Remove Gentle". The product inside is very much the same as I've discovered. It comes with it's cover screwed tight but does not have a protective seal around the bottle or even over the opening. This is something that has me seriously worried when pulling it off a shelf in a public store where anyone else can open it and contaminate it previous to me purchasing it. The other thing that I find most frustrating is that there is no pump or stopper attachment to limit the flow of product. It would have been very practical since as little as 2 drops is needed each time. Instead, every use is wastely and I find myself going through it very hastily. As a side note I am also very clumsy and knocked an entire bottle down the drain a little while back, if there had been a stopped or pump of sorts the product would have been saved.

Price: I do think a good eye makeup remover that lasts 2 months or longer is worth $10-$20 for sure. If I manage not to spill it or knock it over it can last a little over 2 months using q-tips to control the amount of product usage each time. For that reason I would say $10.19 is a fine price to pay for this item.

Scent: I have not noticed any.

Performance: It does the job flawlessly. I have tested it on the most stubborn of makeup and it removes it within just a couple of swipes of a q-tip. It's quick and easy to use for late nights or lazy occasions. Just 1 dip of the q-tip into the product is enough to remove an entire eye of waterproof/water resistant makeup.  

Formulation/Consistency: This eye makeup remover is a dual phase consistency, meaning it has two separate parts that need to be shaken up and mixed to activate. You have the lavender liquid that sits towards the bottom with a cloudy even oily looking counterpart covering the rest of the bottle about 3/4 of the way. When shaken they combine to a cloudy looking mixture. The product itself isn't actually oily feeling at all so no problems with greasy eyelids or blurry vision afterwards and I believe it would work well for all skin types. It does in fact feel just like water on the face so no irritations, oiliness, or dry lids have been the outcome for me. 

The round up: 

removes makeup with a swipe, waterproof items included
very little needs product needs to be used each time
non oily in formulation
good for all skin types
no irritation
decent in price

no protective seal when purchased
no pump or stopper attachment to control flow of product

This has been my go to eye makeup remover since discovering it a few years back. Although I have tested others to see if I could find one of equivalence in performance, it is one I can trust to go back to any time. 

This product can be purchased at Target and anywhere else Sonia Kashuk products are sold. 

I love to try new eye makeup removers. My goal is try some more expensive ones this year and see if they are any better then the drugstore ones I've been testing until now. Which luxury or high end eye makeup removers have you tried and loved that you would recommend I try next? Leave it in the comments form below! I love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping in!

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Avocado Eggrolls Recipe

You may have noticed that my healthier recipes have come to a halt lately. That is not because I have taken a break from dieting at all it is just because you are getting to see some of the food I've been eating over the weekends when I don't diet or dishes that I have served for special occasions or to guests over this summer. I will try my best to put up some more of those healthier recipes once again soon for those of you who would like them.  

I have always loved some guacamole. I serve it with chips. I've made a version that I topped a salad with on the side of a pan seared salmon and I wanted to try and do something interesting and different this time with a very simple guacamole. This is what came to mind and it was really so delicious.

I think this would make a great appetizer for any meal and would also be a great addition to a party table. P.S. they take less then 20 minutes to prepare from start to finish. The real work is the actual frying. 

These were a huge hit here and I sent some home with my sister who had been visiting for the day. When you get texts from everyone saying how great something is, asking for the recipe etc. you know you are on to something good!
The dipping sauce makes a huge impact on this dish since it adds that flavor and zest these egg rolls need. My goal is to create my own next time instead of using the store bought stuff straight from the jar, seen here. 

Avocado Eggrolls:


Frozen Large Square Egg roll Wrappers
2 Large Ripe Avocados
1 Large Red Onion, Chopped
1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice
Salt and Pepper to taste

Enough Vegetable Oil to Deep Fry

China Mehadrin Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce


1. Cut open avocados remove the pit and scoop out the flesh from the skin. Throw out the skin and pits both. Put the avacado in a bowl and mash it to a guacamole like consistency. Chop up the red onion and add it to the avocado then add in the lemon juice, salt and pepper.

2. Defrost the egg roll wrappers about an hour in advance and separate the layers laying them out in a line on a parchment paper.

3. Spoon out 3-4 heaping tablespoons of the avocado mixture and lay it down the center of the wrapper. flattening it out a bit with the back of the spoon being sure it reaches the edges. Then roll the wrapper inwards from the top as tightly as possible. Seal it with wet fingers pressing it into place.

4. Heat vegetable oil in the bottom of a non stick skillet. When it begins to simmer and bubble, carefully place the egg rolls into the pan to fry. 2-3  should be fried at a time at the most to avoid overcrowding and burning. Stand over them and flip them every 3-4 minutes as they turn golden brown being sure to cook at every angle. When the wrappers are browned all over remove them to a paper towel lined plate.

5. Serve warm with the sweet dipping sauce on the side.

Hope this recipe is useful to you! Happy cooking!
Have you cooked one of my recipes and had it be successful?  Leave me a comment letting me know which one it was in the comments form below!
I would absolutely love to hear from you!

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P.S. I have a great giveaway going on over at my facebook makeup page. Join in here.


Nails of The Day: Nude + Silver Glitter with Essies "Brooch The Subject" & "Beyond Cozy"

Although I've begun discovering my love of nail polishes from a wider variety of brands lately, I always find myself going back to my Essie polishes at one point or another. They are just that pretty! Nude nails was a huge trend last Summer when I purchased this polish and it got cast to the side somehow amitsd the reds, blues, greens and glitters. Until now that is, when I finally pulled it out again to give it another spin. 

I often go for bolder brighter nail shades in the Summertime but I decided to keep it neutral this time. This pale nude shade from Essie called Brooch The Subject is a truly a one coat wonder and it's brush deposits a smooth streak free layer of color with ease. Sandwiched between this perfect nude shade is a silver glitter polish also by Essie called Beyond Cozy that I added to give it some spunk.

You've most likely noticed the little slit in the side of my finger there. It's just one of those slightly uncomfortable paper cuts I got from a labeling situation so not to worry. It's almost completely healed over at this point too. My nails are also quite short here. They were beginning to break and splinter off in weird chunks and  so I made the decision to cut them short and start over. They'll be longer and stronger in no time.

You may also remember this silver polish from a nails of the day post I did a little while back in April for a green and silver triangular manicure. There sure are so many lovely things to be done with a glitter nail polish and this one is a real stunner. 

This specific combination is one for all year long in my opinion. It's soft enough for summer and bold enough for those cold winter months with the glitter addition. It would certainly suit spring and fall as well. 

What do you think of nude nails? Do you love the look or do you think it's just too light?

Let me know in the comments form below, I love to hear your opinions!

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