The Bais Yaakov Cookbook Review

I admit it. I am the worlds worst food blogger when it comes down to actually looking in a cookbook. Perhaps its sheer laziness that has me avoiding pulling one out of the pile. I tend to just go with whats in my head- a little bit of this and a little bit of that and done. At times I do need some inspiration and of the many places I turn to for help (pinterest, the folder of magazine tear outs,scrawled words on a sticky note from a recent phone call with a friend or relative etc.) cookbooks truly are a great place to look when all else fails! A review for The Bais Yaakov Cookbook has been on my mind for a while. I even mentioned it as being one of my favorites along with 8 others back in October, a short while after receiving it as a very generous gift from the women who rents my apartment to me. As it has been quite talked about ever since it was first published I thought it was about time I gave my opinion on it too. So finally here is what I think:

The details:

How it looks: Simply eye catching and classic with it's stark white cover and vibrant glossy pictures. It is a little large for my taste but the hardcover detail sure is an added flourish! 

Whats Inside? 200 original recipes gathered from all over the world written out very clearly in a decent sized print over a span of 381 pages. The graphics are to put it simply just stunning and the recipe selection impressive including some interesting takes on our classic Jewish favorites. 

Extras: Towards the end of the book there is an entire section dedicated completely to Halachic guidelines (for Kosher cooking), Culinary Tips, Guide for meats, fish, spices and even one for kitchen gadgets. I also loved learning about some Jewish history included at the start of the book. A detail which really makes me happy as the topic is near and dear to my heart is that proceeds from this cookbook are going to benefit funds for Jewish education which is much needed!

What I love: The photos, the clear instructions, the extra guides at the back and the huge array of salad ideas. 

What I Don't Love: The dairy recipe section in this book  is seriously lacking. I know not everyone serves dairy on a regular basis but in my house we enjoy dairy so much! I also found that some of the dairy recipes were quite boring and not detailed enough- I mean come on anyone can buy frozen potato blintzes and give you a recipe for sauce, I would have liked to have a recipe for the actual blintze wraps to me that is far more impressive. 

Some of my favorite recipes from the book:  1) Pastrami Salad with Creamy Garlic Dressing, 2) Quesadillas, 3) One Slice with the Works

A recipe of my own that was inspired by/incorporated from one in this cookbook is this one for Chocolate Caramel Cookies Drizzled with White Chocolate- yum!

I really love this cookbook and I think it would be the perfect addition to any of your collections.  It's great for the home cook, caterer and anyone else who likes easy to follow, well detailed recipes while enjoying the fantastic mouth watering photos to go along with it. 

Hoping this cookbook review will be useful to you if you were unsure on any of the details!

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