Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream SPF 30 Review

From the day I began wearing makeup I was a foundation girl all they way. It was only last summer that I began dappling in the lighter coverage skin bases like tinted moisturizers. So when BB creams first became all the craze in the beauty community I was pretty excited to see what they would offer. I have tried my fare share of the BB creams since and although some were really lovely, others just didn't live up to my high expectations. So, you can imagine why I was hesitant when I heard about the new CC cream situation, was it just the same old BB cream with a new label on it? Seriously though whats next DD? EE? Whatever excites us I guess.

This is the first of the CC creams I have tried so far and to be very honest when I put it on for the first time I completely disliked it. First and foremost I was too pale to be able to use this darker shade medium when it was first released {before I had begun my self tanning routine}On top of that, the formulation itself was too hard to manage and I tried almost everything to get it to go on evenly and stay put without going all patchy. The main reason it was being so tricky is because the consistency is quite thick. I tried applying it in many different ways {brush, hands, paired with lighter foundations} and just couldn't get it to work. Just as I was about to give up I finally figured something out that had great results and I have been wearing it every day since. Here is what I do: I squeeze out one dot of product onto the back of my hand {the amount shown in the swatch below} and then squeeze out two dots of my favorite gradual tanning moisturizer- jergens natural glow daily moisturizer beside it. I then mix the two and wala I have the perfect consistency to work with. It's like I've sort of created my own tinted moisturizer with a better coverage and the color lightens up a bit this way too. At the same time, it doesn't go on streaky and I have more time to work it into my skin before it sets. This is the routine that works for my normal skin type and I'd imagine it'd be the same for slightly dry skin types. For oily and combination skinned individuals it may be best used as is- straight from the tube. As for correcting dark spots, I have my fair share and I haven't noticed them being reduced at all yet. I do think my skin seems a bit more moisturized since starting with it and the fact that it has SPF 30 to protect my sensitive skin is an obvious bonus. 

More Details:

Packaging: It's thin and light which makes it travel friendly. A small amount is dispensed with each squeeze which is good for controlling how much

Price: It can be purchased in Sephora or online at and anywhere else where Smashbox is sold for $42 which is quite pricey but on the bright side I just need a very small amount for each application.

Photo Friendly? Absolutely love how this product looks in pictures. 

Scent: None that I've noticed

Lasting Power: I would say it lasts about 6 hours at the most. 

Shade Variety: It's available in 5 different shades- Fair, Light, Light/Medium, Medium and Dark which in foundation terms is lame but is actually rather good where bb creams and cc creams are concerned. 

This has been my go to face product for daily wear since learning how to make it work well for me.  I think the price is a bit much and would probably stick to their bb cream which I can't get enough of as it's a bit less fussy for me. I am thrilled with the staying power, photo friendly qualities and the fact that it has a good SPF. I will be wearing this every day until it finishes. I am hoping to record a foundation routine using it for Youtube so look out for that.  

As you can see here the shade match isn't great when I have pale skin but when I have a summer tan and mix it with my gradual tanning moisturizer to apply it is perfect.

Hope my product review was helpful to you!

Have you tried this Smashbox CC Cream? If the answer is yes, what did you think of it? What face product are you including in your daily routines lately? Leave me a comment below- I love to hear from all of you and if you are a fellow blogger don't be shy, please leave your link so I can stop by and say hi too!

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