Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder Creamy Natural Review

This was one of the items I mentioned in my most recent haul post/video as having really liked. It's a very talked about product around the Internet world right now and for good reason.  It stood out to me most in it's performance, it does an incredible job of setting my makeup for the day and it has replaced my most favored mac mineralize skin finish natural for the moment. I think it is an absolute steal for just under  or somewhere around $5.00. I had never tried any of the Rimmel products since I noticed they were expired at Rite Aid which is where usually shop for drugstore makeup. When I was in Walgreens I found some newly stocked products from the line and I was pretty happy with them. I will definitely be picking up some more pieces from Rimmel in the future. 

What Rimmel has to say about it: "Up to 5 hours of natural shine control with natural minerals, It helps to minimize the appearance of pores"

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Texture: It has a really velvety smooth feel to it and it's very light on my skin so I don't notice that heavy powdery feeling in fact I don't feel like I'm wearing anything at all. It isn't too powdery or chalky either in fact it seems almost transparent so a lot lighter in comparison to mac mineralize skin finish powders. I haven't noticed it caking up either even when I applied a few layers. 

Color: It's a pale ivory color that does show up a bit with application but smooths right out to be pretty transparent. This specific color is quite harmonious with my skin shade and doesn't make me seem to pale or too dark. 

Packaging & Travel Friendly? The packaging is just alright being that it's just that standard plastic sort of thing. The lid does come off pretty easily while it's being stored so I wouldn't recommend it for traveling as it would most likely just break and crumble everywhere. For that reason this isn't going to be a piece you'll want to throw in your purse for touch ups. 

Price: I've seen it sold for as little as $3.97 at Walmart which is pretty amazing!

Photo Friendly? Yes it is photo friendly. I think it looks just like skin and I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary in pictures. 

Recommended Skin Types: This powder would be good for slightly oily to slightly dry skin types. I would not recommend it for very dry skin types as it will just settle into dry patches and appear a bit cakey.  As for very oily skin types it will just require touch ups a bit more often (every 4 hours or so) . 

Scent: The scent is kind of obnoxious to me. It smells exactly like baby powder in my opinion which just makes me cough. If you don't like the scent of baby powder you are going to have a hard time tolerating this one. I only smell it while I'm applying it though so that's not too terrible.

Quality and Lasting Power: I think the quality is fantastic. I have been dusting a light layer of this over my t-zone which is my oily area in the summer time and I have found that it keeps me matte all day. My skin is not majorly oily though so if you have extremely oily skin I would imagine you'd have to touch up half way through the day at  the very least. It not only keeps my oil shine at bay it also set my foundation and concealer in place and keeps it from moving around at all during the day. I did not notice it minimizing the appearance of pores though thus far.

Amount of Product: There is alot of product in there and not much needed for each application. As you can see, I've already made quite the dent in the center within a couple of weeks so I'm not sure it'll last quite as long as some of my other go-to face powders but for that price it's no big deal.

Shade Variety- This powder is available in 6 Shades-Silky Beige, Sandstorm, Transparent, Natural, Buff Beige, Nude Beige, Creamy Beige and Creamy Natural. It doesn't come in any of the darker shades which limits those with darker skin to using the transparent one only - not great!

The Round Up:


This specific shade is a perfect match for me.

Smooth & Light Texture.

Price is unbeatable.

Keeps my t-zone matte all day and keeps my foundation from moving around at all. 


Packaging is cheap looking and feels like it will easily fall apart. 

Not travel friendly since the lid doesn't stay on securely. 

It's baby powder like scent  really annoys me but this one is really up to personal preference.

Seems to be running out quickly.

No dark shades included in the line which makes it very limited to darker skinned individuals.

Not suitable for all skin types.

I may look a little more tan in that first picture but I assure you that is just the lighting. Also the second photo is from after I'd already applied blush, highlighter and bronzer so that bit of shine on my forehead is all thanks to The Balm Mary Loumanizer. Either way I hope the photo does this powder justice because I definitely notice a much more matte finish! 


I really am very happy with this product. So although there are more cons then pros listed above I still quite like this one. It's super cheap, very effective and looks fantastic all day long. I don't really like the scent of it and I most definitely won't be traveling with it any time soon but all in all this product really lives up to it's hype.

Application Tips: I like to use my large ELF powder brush to apply this powder to my t-zone area and a for light dusting over the rest of my face. A large face brush or kabuki brush are ideal to use with this product. If you require more coverage and setting power you can use a little more but very little will take you a long way so no need to overdo it. 

Hope my product review was helpful to you!

Have you tried this Rimmel pressed powder? What did you think of it? What powder if any are you using to set your makeup right now? Leave me a comment below- I love to hear from all of you and if you are a fellow blogger don't be shy, please leave your link so I can stop by and say hi too!

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