Product Review: Maybelline Colorsensational Lipsticks Fuchsia Fever and Nearly There

Today I am here with a review for these colorsensational lipsticks by Maybelline. Don't confuse these with their new limited edition vivids line though (which are being raved about by everyone and their mother) as I purchased these before those were even released. These are still worth a mention as they have been some of my favorites of those in my lipstick collection recently. You may remember me talking about this bright pink one in my top 5 bold lipsticks post a while back and I'm pretty sure the other one made a debut on my of my favorites post/videos. Yes, I love them that much! I do plan on purchasing some of the vivids though- they do look very lovely indeed!

What Maybelline says about their colorsensational lipsticks: "fall in love with color all over again, crisper color from pure pigments, creamier feel from nourishing honey nectar, lip color so rich so stunning it's sensational"

Here are some more details:

Formulation and Consistency: They have a smooth and creamy texture so they glide right onto the lips without any hard work but they also aren't too thick. I find that they can easily be applied straight from the tube for that reason. I myself like using a lip brush nevertheless to keep it very neat especially with the darker of the two. There is a nice balmy feel with them which is a bit like a crossover between a lipstick a lip gloss and a lip balm I would say.

Pigmentation: Both of these shades have fantastic pigmentation and they are totally opaque with just 2-3 swipes. I also noticed that they both have the slightest (non gritty) shimmer to them but nothing too crazy. 

Finish: The pink one seems a little more matte in finish which means it sort of clings to my lips, settles into fine lines and causes them to get dry and flaky so I always apply a scrub and a balm in ahead of time and that definitely helps. The nude shade is alot more moisturizing in my opinion. At the same time you can really sheer those bolder shades out if you want and the lighter shades are pretty sheer with just one layer but very buildable too. 

Scent: They smell a bit artificial with a mix of floral and vanilla to me but nothing quite strong like the Mac lipsticks for example which have a very distinct scent to them. I am not bothered by the scent at all though, in fact I think its pretty nice.

Lasting Power: Nearly there which is my shade of choice for natural day looks seems to wear off  fairly quickly but fuchsia fever can last for a good 4-6 hours without feathering or losing color at all even through sipping my morning coffee. After that it just needs a slight touch up as it it leaves a really nice stain behind for a little while which I like but may annoy some. It doesn't just disappear or leave behind an outline either which is just awkward looking. As long as I've blotted my lips I don't notice any bleeding or lipstick on teeth problems. So they aren't incredibly long lasting but they are fairly moisturizing and comfortable. 

Packaging: I quite like the colored covers and shiny silver twist up tubes which look dare I say a bit "expensive" to put it simply. Also I think it was clever that they have the colored stickers on the bottom which clearly indicate the coordinating shade so you can easily tell which lipstick you are picking up if you store them upside down. It also makes pretty simple to choose a color to purchase in the store. I also really like that it has a unique squared bottom so you can stand it up if you like. The cap clicks on and off easily and stays closed securely, so no worries with stashing some in your purse to later find a sticky mess. 

Color Variations: The great thing about this line is that there are 68 different shades available from nudes to pinks, bright orange and reds and that's not even including those 10 added vivids collection.

Price: I think $7.49 is not too costly at all for these lipsticks and I often find good offers in my rite aid like buy one get one 50% off etc. 


Apply smooth and evenly
Balmy Shiny Finish and comfortable to wear. 
Pigmentation is fantastic 
Price for one is fairly decent
Packaging on these is really sleek and attractive and it's easy to identify colors. 
Great color variety with 68 shades to choose from.


Artificial plastic vanilla scent may be bothersome for some. 
Lighter shades don't last very long and Darker shades settle into fine lines and cause lips to dry and flake.
Shimmer in them may not be to everyones liking.
They stain the lips for a few hours after they wear off.

swatches l: 205 nearly there, r: 140 fuchsia fever

I am very happy with these lipsticks. They have nice color payoff and they apply really easily. I like that they have a glossy finish which means no additional lip gloss needed. I am definitely interested in purchasing some more pieces from this line and I especially look forward to trying those vivids since I am crazy for a bold lip!  

on my lips: l: 140 fuchsia fever, r: 205 nearly there

These can be purchased at most drugstores, and

Have you tried any lipsticks from this color sensational line? What did you think of them? If you liked them let me know what your favorite shade is, I love to get your recommendations! 

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