My Summer Beauty Essentials

According to the calendar Summer is officially upon us. And boy did we feel that today. Temperatures rose into the high 90's and the humidity was really quite unbearable. But who am I to complain? I wish for the heat of Summer all year long. I have been enjoying my sandals, lemonade, maxi skirts and fruit smoothies since mid June but it does still excite me when the beginning of summer officially begins. There are some items I cannot be without from the beauty department as soon as Summer rolls in so I thought I'd share those with you today. Add in some bug spray because those mosquitoes eat me like I am candy and that is no fun.

1) Water- Staying hydrated not only keeps my skin looking luminous and fresh but is also of great importance to my health. I have had a few nasty bouts of dehydration over the Summers and I can tell you now it was no walk in the park. I like to add in a wedge of lemon as that is extra tasty and refreshing.

2) Liquid highlighter- These highlighters are great for mixing with other face products to get that gorgeous summer glow.  At times I'll just dab some on my cheekbones for a bit of shimmer.

3) Body scrubs- Speaking of glowing skin, a great body scrub is an important essential for keeping my legs and arms super smooth and a bonus is it exfoliates the skin as well which I find really keeps a fake tan even and helps it last longer as well.

4) Dry shampoo- The heat and humidity tend can kill a hair style within minutes. I love a good dry shampoo since it keeps my hair fresh and it helps the volume stays put through it all.

5) Translucent setting powder- I personally have an oily t-zone in the summer months and the heat doesn't help with that at all. A brush of setting powder keeps everything completely matte and in place for a longer period of time. Translucent loose ones are often my choice since they feel light on the skin and do a good job.

6) Hair ties- keeping my hair up and off my neck is the easiest fix for staying cool so I always have a ponytail holder around.

7) Bright nail polishes- Bright colored polishes are the perfect item to complete my summer looks. It's a nice change from those darker winter shades. 

8) Waterproof mascara- Whether I am just going for a walk down the block or planning for some time at the pool, beach or park the last thing I want is a mascara meltdown so waterproof is definitely the way to go.

9) Light floral scents- When it comes to perfumes and scented body sprays I like to go for the lighter ones and if they smell like flowers even better! 

10) Moisturizer- I like to use lightweight moisturizing lotions for dry patches around my knees and elbows. If it's specifically nice for after sun in case of the rare burn I can get even more use out of it. 

11) Tinted Moisturizer- I tend to go for the lighter face products like tinted moisturizers, bb creams and cc creams for these hotter months since I just don't like the feeling of something super heavy sitting on my face.

12) Bronzing powder- dusting some of this golden powder over my cheeks focusing where the sun naturally hits gives my skin an instant healthy look. It looks especially lovely when my freckles begin to peak out.

13) Lip balm with SPF- my lips get dry and cakey and even burnt so easily with the slightest exposure to the sun so a tinted lip balm with some SPF in it is a must for every day especially in the summer when the sun is at it's hottest!

14) Light weight SPF lotion- I've had my share of nasty sunburns over the years which ensures I never leave the house without first being slathered with some SPF. If my face makeup already contains a good amount of SPF I am good to go. But I like to have a lightweight non greasy lotion with SPF in it to smear on before those face products that don't. 

15) Self tanner- Faking a tan is the best trick for us fair skin individuals that immediately burn. Most of us are wary of exposing our skin to the suns harmful rays but of course we all want to have some sunny color at the end of the day. 

Do we share some of the same beauty essentials? What are some of your beauty essentials for these Summer months ahead? Let me know in the comments form below- I absolutely love to hear from you!

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Hope you are all having the perfect beginning to this new week!

"Because it's Summer and memories are just waiting to happen"

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