Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Fashion: Style Icon Spotlight: Olivia Palermo

Like I've mentioned before I don't really have one specific person who I would call my style icon. I just like to take bits and pieces from all over- fashion bloggers, magazines, store catalogs etc. But there is someone who comes pretty close to a style icon for me of late and that is Olivia Palermo. If you like fashion then you have heard her name. She has a great sense of style and her hair and makeup are always done to perfection. She's not afraid of color and being a bit different and interesting but at the same time her style is sophisticated and sweet. She has her own blog/website- so if you don't know much about her I really reccomend you to check it out and get aquainted I'm pretty sure you will love her fashion choices just as much as I do. I was thrilled to find that she often rocks some modest attire which makes her looks appeal to me even more. Here are some of my favorites of her modest looks:   


Which is your favorite? Who is your style icon? I would love to know! Leave me a comment in the form below- I absolutely love hearing from my readers!

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  1. she is indeed very stylish....

  2. Ooh, I love how simple and flawless her makeup is all the time! Great post, my favorite outfit is the third one <3
    -B ♡

    1. simple and flawless is the exact words to describe her makeup and great choice!

  3. I love Olivia's style, her taste is impeccable and I like how she mixes high end brands with retail pieces.

    1. yeah I think all of that is really fantastic! shes amazing.

  4. I like that she's fearless too! I fell in love with her when I saw her mixing leopard heels with a printed heels with floral pants. How cool is that?! And it worked!:)

    1. exactly! its a great example for the rest of us. its great to just be ourselves even if that means being different! that sounds like a really amazing outfit!

  5. My favorite is Olivia too! She always looks perfect, her outfits are gorgeous, classy and original and her hair always looks amazing!


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