Friday Fashion: Fashion DIY: 4 Ways to Glam Up A Simple Blouse

Todays Friday Fashion post is going to be a bit different then my usual ones. This one is a really fun DIY craft I did recently to spruce up a simple emerald green blouse that was sitting in my closet because for lack of a better reason it was just a bit boring. Since I am on a pretty tight budget right now I can't do too much expensive shopping for clothes. I often look into my closet and try to find new ways to bring something back from a past season that just simply needs some livening up. This project is so easy to do and costs very little as well. I myself love DIY crafts and although my "MY CRAFTS" board on pinterest is shockingly bare my PROJECTS/DIY INSPIRATIONS board is quite full. Let me know if you too like crafty inspiration and I will try to touch on that a bit more. The exciting news is that this is just one of 4 ways I am going to show you today as I have a video to go along with it. There, I've shown step by step details of 3 other cool ideas 2 of which include these very same star appliques. 

What you will need: 

1) A blouse or shirt of choice- mine was purchased for a really great price last Summer at TJ Maxx

2) A clothing iron - mine is Black & Decker and it does the job.

3) Nailhead Appliques- I purchased these gold stars from my local craft store called Scribbles but I am sure they can be found in all sorts of shapes and colors in craft stores all over for example Michaels or A.C. Moore.

The instructions are really simple as well:

1) Lay the nailhead appliques out in the formation you like while you heat up the iron. Doing them one at a time will ensure a better staying power but it is easier to see where they belong when you lay them all out together. 

2) Place the iron over the top of them and press down for about a minute or so. Then go over each one with the point of the iron applying pressure. They will appear to be pressed in a little more and they are then set. This is proably common sense but do not touch them for a few minutes as they will be really hot at this point. Also, these are easily lifted off without ruining the shirt so if you make a mistake there is nothing to worry about. 

That was easy! Agreed? I will definitely be wearing this more often with this new fun detailing. 

Some other diy ideas for glamming out a shirt that is never worn:

1) Sew fun buttons on all they way down the front and on the cuff around the hand.
2) Line the pocket or collar with metallic glitter paints.
3) Sew on fun pieces from the craft store that make it more interesting. 
4) Cut off the sleeves and sew on leather or different colored sleeves.
5) Iron on some of these gold appliques around the cuff of the hand.

What do you think of this craft? Would you do something like this to add a little something to one of your older blouses that sits at the back of your closet? What would you do to this blouse to craft it up and make it more fun? Let me know in the comments form below- I would love to hear from you and get your ideas!

And now here is the video so you can get even more ideas for sprucing up any old shirt. P.S. you know how much I love all shades of green!


Are you getting inspired by this DIY Fashion Craft? Send a picture to me by social media- twitter, instagram or even by email so I can see how you've been creative with it!

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