Batiste Dry Shampoo Floral & Fruity Blush Review

Hair products are not a topic frequently visited here at GKK but, my friends that is about to change. I don't even know why I never talk about hair and products for it. Perhaps it's because I'm not an expert at anything hair related and I don't think I ever will be. As I spritz and trial my way through hair products there are some that have impressed me beyond words and others that just didn't perform quite as well. And like the rest of the beauty products I talk about I feel it's my duty to give my opinion for this category too.

I get alot of questions and confusion about my hair because in many pictures I'm seen with long dark hair and side bangs and in others I have lighter shorter hair with full bangs. So I am going to address that now hastily. As a religious Jewish married women I am obligated to cover my actual hair in some shape or form when I leave my house as a form of modesty. And so I wear wigs. The topic is a lengthly one so I will link more here for those of you that are interested in learning more about it. I also want to add that I absolutely love wearing my wigs. It means I can have good hair days even on the days I have only enough time to roll out of bed and almost immedietly right out the door. I have a few wigs and they all look very different. I like to change up my look just like I would with a shirt or a pair of shoes from time to time to put it simply. 

Different people keep to stricter or less strict rules so it's a very personal thing but I do often pull the front of my hair into wigs (more natural and less sweaty) being careful that the amount is whats ok according to my familys followings. Even though I wear wigs I have the same need for styling products and I have begun to collect quite the stash.

Now that I'm finished with that whole ramble I want to tell you about a hair product that has become a must have in my hair routine ever since trying it. Batistes dry shampoos are so talked about by every beauty junkie around the world so you have most likely either heard about it or tried it already. Either way I will let you know what I myself think of it. It is the first of the dry shampoos I've ever tried and after just 4 weeks I can definitely give it a big thumbs up and guess what? This mini size 1.6 oz is still going stong! Here are some more details:

What it does for my hair: Gives great volume to the roots and adds amazing texture. When my wigs are in need of a wash (I wash some on my own) and I'm just a bit lazy to take care of that this comes to the rescue and I'm all set for about a week more easily. On actual hair I would say it lasts for the day at the most. The product absorbs excess grease and dirt which have hair appearing old and dirty and help achieve the look of freshly washed hair. I have also used this on my hair when I pull it out over my wig since that adds the volume I need to have it blend and look the most natural. 

Scent: Really pleasant scent and not overwhelming or headache inducing at all and that is coming from someone who is pretty picky with scents.

Packaging; alright being that it's an aerosol can but I do think the wording and design are pretty and appealing.

Price: Great price considering what good hair products go for nowadays I think $3-$8 is great for a hair product that really works. With this one a little goes a long way so it'll probably last me for a good amount of time making it even more cost efficient.

The Nozzle: Very powerful so although it feels like it's dispensing really heavily it actually distrubutes the product perfectly. With just three sprays my whole head of hair is done. I would warn to be careful not to use too much or it can cause serious tangling problems. Less is more in this case.

Variations: It comes in plenty of different scents and ones meant for specific hair colors too. I would love to try one that matches my hair better since this one has a white cast that needs to be brushed through alot to avoid looking like you've gone grey or just have a dehydrated scalp.

Who it would work best for: I believe it would  most likely work well for all hair types but people with fine thin hair will most likely appreciate it most with the most noticeable results.

Ingredients: A bit scary as they are aerosol propellants and are very flammable and not extremely healthy to be breathing in. My advice would be to keep them away from heat and only spray in a well ventilated area- even outside if possible. Rice starch is another important ingredient included which is the agent for adding texture. It also soaks up those unwanted natural oils which cause the hair to look unclean. Because it isn't a heavy starch it doesn't leave behind unwanted residue or feel heavy or powdery. It just just adds the perfect amount of freshness. 

My instructions and tips: shake well and lift up different sections of hair. Aim into the roots from about an inch away to get the best distribution. Wait a minute for it to settle in then brush through and toussle quite a bit until the white residue disappears and the amount of volume and cleanliness is achieved.

Overall: I think this product is a great one for having dirty hair look fresh and clean again. It's amazing at boosting volume and adding texture so it makes it easy for people like me who don't know much about styling but want a little texture and style at the same time. I also like that it's quick and easy to use and has visible results in seconds. Now that I've tried dry shampoo I don't know how I ever got on without it and I don't think I ever will again. I will surely repurchase this one and I look forward to trying others and seeing how they compare to this. 

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Have you tried this dry shampoo? What did you think of it? Which one would you reccomend I try next? Let me know in the comments form below- I absolutely love to get your opinions!

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