Friday Fashion: Fashion DIY: 4 Ways to Glam Up A Simple Blouse

Todays Friday Fashion post is going to be a bit different then my usual ones. This one is a really fun DIY craft I did recently to spruce up a simple emerald green blouse that was sitting in my closet because for lack of a better reason it was just a bit boring. Since I am on a pretty tight budget right now I can't do too much expensive shopping for clothes. I often look into my closet and try to find new ways to bring something back from a past season that just simply needs some livening up. This project is so easy to do and costs very little as well. I myself love DIY crafts and although my "MY CRAFTS" board on pinterest is shockingly bare my PROJECTS/DIY INSPIRATIONS board is quite full. Let me know if you too like crafty inspiration and I will try to touch on that a bit more. The exciting news is that this is just one of 4 ways I am going to show you today as I have a video to go along with it. There, I've shown step by step details of 3 other cool ideas 2 of which include these very same star appliques. 

What you will need: 

1) A blouse or shirt of choice- mine was purchased for a really great price last Summer at TJ Maxx

2) A clothing iron - mine is Black & Decker and it does the job.

3) Nailhead Appliques- I purchased these gold stars from my local craft store called Scribbles but I am sure they can be found in all sorts of shapes and colors in craft stores all over for example Michaels or A.C. Moore.

The instructions are really simple as well:

1) Lay the nailhead appliques out in the formation you like while you heat up the iron. Doing them one at a time will ensure a better staying power but it is easier to see where they belong when you lay them all out together. 

2) Place the iron over the top of them and press down for about a minute or so. Then go over each one with the point of the iron applying pressure. They will appear to be pressed in a little more and they are then set. This is proably common sense but do not touch them for a few minutes as they will be really hot at this point. Also, these are easily lifted off without ruining the shirt so if you make a mistake there is nothing to worry about. 

That was easy! Agreed? I will definitely be wearing this more often with this new fun detailing. 

Some other diy ideas for glamming out a shirt that is never worn:

1) Sew fun buttons on all they way down the front and on the cuff around the hand.
2) Line the pocket or collar with metallic glitter paints.
3) Sew on fun pieces from the craft store that make it more interesting. 
4) Cut off the sleeves and sew on leather or different colored sleeves.
5) Iron on some of these gold appliques around the cuff of the hand.

What do you think of this craft? Would you do something like this to add a little something to one of your older blouses that sits at the back of your closet? What would you do to this blouse to craft it up and make it more fun? Let me know in the comments form below- I would love to hear from you and get your ideas!

And now here is the video so you can get even more ideas for sprucing up any old shirt. P.S. you know how much I love all shades of green!


Are you getting inspired by this DIY Fashion Craft? Send a picture to me by social media- twitter, instagram or even by email so I can see how you've been creative with it!

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Have a wonderful Shabbos and weekend!

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Batiste Dry Shampoo Floral & Fruity Blush Review

Hair products are not a topic frequently visited here at GKK but, my friends that is about to change. I don't even know why I never talk about hair and products for it. Perhaps it's because I'm not an expert at anything hair related and I don't think I ever will be. As I spritz and trial my way through hair products there are some that have impressed me beyond words and others that just didn't perform quite as well. And like the rest of the beauty products I talk about I feel it's my duty to give my opinion for this category too.

I get alot of questions and confusion about my hair because in many pictures I'm seen with long dark hair and side bangs and in others I have lighter shorter hair with full bangs. So I am going to address that now hastily. As a religious Jewish married women I am obligated to cover my actual hair in some shape or form when I leave my house as a form of modesty. And so I wear wigs. The topic is a lengthly one so I will link more here for those of you that are interested in learning more about it. I also want to add that I absolutely love wearing my wigs. It means I can have good hair days even on the days I have only enough time to roll out of bed and almost immedietly right out the door. I have a few wigs and they all look very different. I like to change up my look just like I would with a shirt or a pair of shoes from time to time to put it simply. 

Different people keep to stricter or less strict rules so it's a very personal thing but I do often pull the front of my hair into wigs (more natural and less sweaty) being careful that the amount is whats ok according to my familys followings. Even though I wear wigs I have the same need for styling products and I have begun to collect quite the stash.

Now that I'm finished with that whole ramble I want to tell you about a hair product that has become a must have in my hair routine ever since trying it. Batistes dry shampoos are so talked about by every beauty junkie around the world so you have most likely either heard about it or tried it already. Either way I will let you know what I myself think of it. It is the first of the dry shampoos I've ever tried and after just 4 weeks I can definitely give it a big thumbs up and guess what? This mini size 1.6 oz is still going stong! Here are some more details:

What it does for my hair: Gives great volume to the roots and adds amazing texture. When my wigs are in need of a wash (I wash some on my own) and I'm just a bit lazy to take care of that this comes to the rescue and I'm all set for about a week more easily. On actual hair I would say it lasts for the day at the most. The product absorbs excess grease and dirt which have hair appearing old and dirty and help achieve the look of freshly washed hair. I have also used this on my hair when I pull it out over my wig since that adds the volume I need to have it blend and look the most natural. 

Scent: Really pleasant scent and not overwhelming or headache inducing at all and that is coming from someone who is pretty picky with scents.

Packaging; alright being that it's an aerosol can but I do think the wording and design are pretty and appealing.

Price: Great price considering what good hair products go for nowadays I think $3-$8 is great for a hair product that really works. With this one a little goes a long way so it'll probably last me for a good amount of time making it even more cost efficient.

The Nozzle: Very powerful so although it feels like it's dispensing really heavily it actually distrubutes the product perfectly. With just three sprays my whole head of hair is done. I would warn to be careful not to use too much or it can cause serious tangling problems. Less is more in this case.

Variations: It comes in plenty of different scents and ones meant for specific hair colors too. I would love to try one that matches my hair better since this one has a white cast that needs to be brushed through alot to avoid looking like you've gone grey or just have a dehydrated scalp.

Who it would work best for: I believe it would  most likely work well for all hair types but people with fine thin hair will most likely appreciate it most with the most noticeable results.

Ingredients: A bit scary as they are aerosol propellants and are very flammable and not extremely healthy to be breathing in. My advice would be to keep them away from heat and only spray in a well ventilated area- even outside if possible. Rice starch is another important ingredient included which is the agent for adding texture. It also soaks up those unwanted natural oils which cause the hair to look unclean. Because it isn't a heavy starch it doesn't leave behind unwanted residue or feel heavy or powdery. It just just adds the perfect amount of freshness. 

My instructions and tips: shake well and lift up different sections of hair. Aim into the roots from about an inch away to get the best distribution. Wait a minute for it to settle in then brush through and toussle quite a bit until the white residue disappears and the amount of volume and cleanliness is achieved.

Overall: I think this product is a great one for having dirty hair look fresh and clean again. It's amazing at boosting volume and adding texture so it makes it easy for people like me who don't know much about styling but want a little texture and style at the same time. I also like that it's quick and easy to use and has visible results in seconds. Now that I've tried dry shampoo I don't know how I ever got on without it and I don't think I ever will again. I will surely repurchase this one and I look forward to trying others and seeing how they compare to this. 

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Have you tried this dry shampoo? What did you think of it? Which one would you reccomend I try next? Let me know in the comments form below- I absolutely love to get your opinions!

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Junes Kitchen of The Month: Cheerful Yellow

If you are new to my blog then here is a little explanation as to what my kitchen of the month posts are all about. Each month I feature a photo of a kitchen that I have found around the web as my "kitchen of the month". (mostly on pinterest- is there a better place for inspiration?) As someone who really enjoys cooking and sometimes baking I spend plenty of time in that specific room. In fact my kitchen is at the center of my very small apartment which means loads of stuff gets done in there from makeup work, to blog photography and even  some of my youtube videos. Hence the origin of my blog name- Gigi's Kitchen in the first place. Luckily we are currently on the search for a new home of our own and as I've mentioned here previously I really look forward to having more room to work in as well as my very own kitchen to decorate to my hearts desire (when my budget allows for it).

So lets talk about this months kitchen! It's from pinterest of course, care of Better Homes & Gardens which is quickly becoming one of my favorite websites. Their magazine was on this months wish list post too because I don't think I could ever get enough of pretty home design photos and inspiration. I think this kitchen easily proves that with very little space you can do so much. The lighter yellow color used in all of the cabinetry does aid in opening the room up making it appear larger and downright cheerful!

Some of my favorite bits:

1) Those stools- The carvings on the sides are very intricate and so classy looking. The white and brown colors certainly compliment that yellow background too.

2) The lighting- This bronze piece is so interesting, different and visually appealing as well. It hangs in the perfect spot and adds a really pretty touch to this kitchen.

3) That large side cabinet for dishes and vases etc. is a great space saver and it stands out for all the right reasons.

4) The plants- Something I often admire in other peoples homes are their indoor potted plants. I will definitely have some of my own some day including herbs to cook with. These ones were placed wonderfully next to a big window where they can thrive.

There is just one thing I'm not crazy about in this one and it is the back splash behind the oven. Although it suits an overall kitchen look I don't think it meshes well in this specific room. If it were my own I would go with something quite plain and solid as I just feel it would be far more suitable. 

The color yellow makes me think of all things happy and my kitchen is a place I go to relax and wind down at times and at others  to get things done so a positive aura is of great importance to me. This light yellow color is so appealing. In fact I can see myself cooking in a kitchen like this one easily. 

some pictures in this post are from google or pinterest. if a photo is yours and you would like it removed please contact me by email: gittyktz @ gmail dot com or in the comments form below and I will gladly comply immediately.

Thank you so much for stopping in!
What do you think of this kitchen? Let me know in the comments form below- I absolutely love to hear from my readers!

Do you have a kitchen to share? Please send it to me by email or by any of my forms of social media and it could just be featured  here in the months ahead! 

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Citrus Mango Avocado Salad Recipe

Just a few days ago summer officially began. To help welcome in those warm days and nights I have an amazing recipe to share with you! This is yet another one from the archives, I did warn you! But it's one more that just couldn't be skipped. Juicy mango and bright green avocados add delightful color and a wonderful flavor combination to this refreshing summer salad and the tangy citrus accents add the ideal finishing touch. It's a light and simple dish and I believe it will make for the perfect side to any meal during these warmer months. I have a real love for this salad since it's a great mix of sweet and savory plus it's fun and colorful too which makes me it would be just right to throw in a Tupperware container for a family picnic or BBQ. 

Citrus Mango Avocado Salad:
Makes about 4-6 Adult Size Servings


2 Large Avocados, Chopped Large
1 Mango Cubed
1/2 Cup Canned Crushed Pineapple
1 Shallot, Chopped Small
3 Teaspoons Vegetable Oil
1 Tablespoon Lime Juice or 1 Half Fresh Lime Squeezed
1 Tablespoon Orange Juice
1 Teaspoon of Sugar
Salt, Pepper, Parsley and Mint to taste.


1. Chop an avocado and mango into large cubes. Place them in a bowl and refrigerate until ready to serve. 

2. Chop the shallot and then add the crushed pineapple, vegetable oil, lime juice, orange juice, sugar and spices. Whisk to combine. 

3. Pour the dressing mixture over the avocado and mango immediately before serving and mix carefully to bring it all together. 

4. Top each plate with a slice of fresh lime to garnish if you would like. 

What is your favorite salad to serve over these hot months? And  if you are in a colder climate right now what is your favorite salad anytime? Let me know in the comments form below- we would all love to get some good ideas!

Thanks for stopping in!

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My Summer Beauty Essentials

According to the calendar Summer is officially upon us. And boy did we feel that today. Temperatures rose into the high 90's and the humidity was really quite unbearable. But who am I to complain? I wish for the heat of Summer all year long. I have been enjoying my sandals, lemonade, maxi skirts and fruit smoothies since mid June but it does still excite me when the beginning of summer officially begins. There are some items I cannot be without from the beauty department as soon as Summer rolls in so I thought I'd share those with you today. Add in some bug spray because those mosquitoes eat me like I am candy and that is no fun.

1) Water- Staying hydrated not only keeps my skin looking luminous and fresh but is also of great importance to my health. I have had a few nasty bouts of dehydration over the Summers and I can tell you now it was no walk in the park. I like to add in a wedge of lemon as that is extra tasty and refreshing.

2) Liquid highlighter- These highlighters are great for mixing with other face products to get that gorgeous summer glow.  At times I'll just dab some on my cheekbones for a bit of shimmer.

3) Body scrubs- Speaking of glowing skin, a great body scrub is an important essential for keeping my legs and arms super smooth and a bonus is it exfoliates the skin as well which I find really keeps a fake tan even and helps it last longer as well.

4) Dry shampoo- The heat and humidity tend can kill a hair style within minutes. I love a good dry shampoo since it keeps my hair fresh and it helps the volume stays put through it all.

5) Translucent setting powder- I personally have an oily t-zone in the summer months and the heat doesn't help with that at all. A brush of setting powder keeps everything completely matte and in place for a longer period of time. Translucent loose ones are often my choice since they feel light on the skin and do a good job.

6) Hair ties- keeping my hair up and off my neck is the easiest fix for staying cool so I always have a ponytail holder around.

7) Bright nail polishes- Bright colored polishes are the perfect item to complete my summer looks. It's a nice change from those darker winter shades. 

8) Waterproof mascara- Whether I am just going for a walk down the block or planning for some time at the pool, beach or park the last thing I want is a mascara meltdown so waterproof is definitely the way to go.

9) Light floral scents- When it comes to perfumes and scented body sprays I like to go for the lighter ones and if they smell like flowers even better! 

10) Moisturizer- I like to use lightweight moisturizing lotions for dry patches around my knees and elbows. If it's specifically nice for after sun in case of the rare burn I can get even more use out of it. 

11) Tinted Moisturizer- I tend to go for the lighter face products like tinted moisturizers, bb creams and cc creams for these hotter months since I just don't like the feeling of something super heavy sitting on my face.

12) Bronzing powder- dusting some of this golden powder over my cheeks focusing where the sun naturally hits gives my skin an instant healthy look. It looks especially lovely when my freckles begin to peak out.

13) Lip balm with SPF- my lips get dry and cakey and even burnt so easily with the slightest exposure to the sun so a tinted lip balm with some SPF in it is a must for every day especially in the summer when the sun is at it's hottest!

14) Light weight SPF lotion- I've had my share of nasty sunburns over the years which ensures I never leave the house without first being slathered with some SPF. If my face makeup already contains a good amount of SPF I am good to go. But I like to have a lightweight non greasy lotion with SPF in it to smear on before those face products that don't. 

15) Self tanner- Faking a tan is the best trick for us fair skin individuals that immediately burn. Most of us are wary of exposing our skin to the suns harmful rays but of course we all want to have some sunny color at the end of the day. 

Do we share some of the same beauty essentials? What are some of your beauty essentials for these Summer months ahead? Let me know in the comments form below- I absolutely love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope you are all having the perfect beginning to this new week!

"Because it's Summer and memories are just waiting to happen"

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Beauty Haul Part 2: &

This is part 2 of last weeks haul video and post. These are all of the items I didn't actually purchased but were added to my cart as a bonus after spending over a certain amount. That deal seams to still be going on so here is the link if you want to take advantage of that. The bag itself is so lovely with its green and grey accents. I have since used it as a travel makeup bag and it fit everything I needed for an entire weekend so that is awesome! There are several items here that I have already come to like alot since it arrived! I will do full reviews of the things that really stand out to me. In the meantime, here is what I got:

It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil- I am so impressed with this eyebrow pencil! I had never tried anything from the It Cosmetics line but you better believe I will now. It goes on smoothly, it is the perfect color match and it has a spooly on one end which I find very useful for brushing through my brows after going through them with the pencil.

Alterna Kendi Oil Bamboo Smooth Dry Oil Mist- I have heard such great things about Alterna so I was excited to see what this would be like. I was never happy with hair oils since they just made my hair look unclean. This one though just really smooths out the hair and gives it a slight shine so I am happy with that so far. 

Paulas Choice Resist Intensive Wrinkle Repair Retinol Serum for all skin types- Although I still have young looking skin I guess it doesn't hurt to start preventative methods. I have been using this as a treatment a few times a week and although I don't see any major difference it does have a nice feeling to it. I'll probably just end up passing this to my mother or someone else who can use it. 

Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Olive Oil Shampoo- Fekkai is another company I have heard great things about but have yet to try anything from. I look forward to using this once I run out of the shampoos I am currently using. 

Ojon Color Sustain Conditioner for Color Treated Hair- I do not have color treated hair so although I'm sure I could have used this I gave it to my sister since I'm pretty sure she dyes her hair.

Murad Rapid Colagen Infusion- Yet another skin treatment. I do love Murads skin care products so I am interested in seeing what this will be like once I have a chance to try it. 

H2O Oil Free Marine Hydration Dual Action Exfoliating Cleanser- I think this is one of my favorite things that arrived in the bag. I love how it smells and it works really well for taking off my face makeup at the end of the day and giving my skin a really good clean. 

Triple Treat Wei Purifying Root Mask- This one is alot like most face masks I've tried in the way it feels and what it does. I really loved that it smelled alot like blueberries and I was happy with the results it gave as well.

Bliss Lemon+ Sage Body Butter Maximum Moisture Cream- I don't really love the smell of lemon so I'll just use it up. It does do an ok job of moisturizing any dry patches I have etc.

Arcona Gentle Solution Repair PM Nighttime Treatment- I've been using this in my undereye area every night since it is supposed to help repair sun damage. I have not noticed the sun spots fading at all yet but I do like that this sinks right into the skin and leaves that area nice and soft by morning. 

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer- This is lemon scented as well so it's not going to be my favorite thing ever but I did find it to be a potent cream for night time moisturizing. 

Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Loumanizer in Pink Shimmer- Another of my favorites from the entire bag. I really like that it's multi purpose. I mix it in with my face products to give me an extra glow during these hot summer days and I layer it over my face products sticking to my cheekbones and over the center of my face for general highlighting at other times. 

Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper "Tokyo"- I didn't think I would like this at all. But I actually really do. The color is really pretty and the plumping feeling isn't too harsh like others are. It has a nice balmy feel to it and it smells really nice too.

What have you shopped for recently in the beauty department? Let me know in the comments form below, you know how much I love to hear from you!
Thanks for stopping by!

Hope you are all having alovely weekend!

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Friday Fashion: The Look For Less with Rachel Bilson + Splurge or Save?

I found this gorgeous photo of Rachel Bilson on pinterest this week and fell in love with her outfit at first site. She is someone I often look out for when I'm in need of some modest style inspiration which I've talked about in a Friday Fashion post here. I really like how she mixed the fun patterned dress with a blazer and strappey heels with white accents! I immediately decided to put together an affordable version of my own using similar looking pieces from some of my favorite online stores. I was amazed to find each piece for under $35.00 and the final total was $151.44 which is just insane! You know how much I love budget buys and these are total bargains for our Summer wear. Do you love her look? Can you see yourself wearing an ensemble like this this summer? I'd pair the jumper with a white shell instead of the blazer and some nude flats for a relaxed summer afternoon when the temperatures are scorching.

The Look For Less
(Click on the image to shop)

While we're on budget buys topic, here are some more pieces I've found that look similar or are from the same trend or theme but have very different price tags! The only question now- Splurge or Save?

Splurge or Save

(Click on the image to shop)

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Have a wonderful Shabbos and weekend!

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Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream SPF 30 Review

From the day I began wearing makeup I was a foundation girl all they way. It was only last summer that I began dappling in the lighter coverage skin bases like tinted moisturizers. So when BB creams first became all the craze in the beauty community I was pretty excited to see what they would offer. I have tried my fare share of the BB creams since and although some were really lovely, others just didn't live up to my high expectations. So, you can imagine why I was hesitant when I heard about the new CC cream situation, was it just the same old BB cream with a new label on it? Seriously though whats next DD? EE? Whatever excites us I guess.

This is the first of the CC creams I have tried so far and to be very honest when I put it on for the first time I completely disliked it. First and foremost I was too pale to be able to use this darker shade medium when it was first released {before I had begun my self tanning routine}On top of that, the formulation itself was too hard to manage and I tried almost everything to get it to go on evenly and stay put without going all patchy. The main reason it was being so tricky is because the consistency is quite thick. I tried applying it in many different ways {brush, hands, paired with lighter foundations} and just couldn't get it to work. Just as I was about to give up I finally figured something out that had great results and I have been wearing it every day since. Here is what I do: I squeeze out one dot of product onto the back of my hand {the amount shown in the swatch below} and then squeeze out two dots of my favorite gradual tanning moisturizer- jergens natural glow daily moisturizer beside it. I then mix the two and wala I have the perfect consistency to work with. It's like I've sort of created my own tinted moisturizer with a better coverage and the color lightens up a bit this way too. At the same time, it doesn't go on streaky and I have more time to work it into my skin before it sets. This is the routine that works for my normal skin type and I'd imagine it'd be the same for slightly dry skin types. For oily and combination skinned individuals it may be best used as is- straight from the tube. As for correcting dark spots, I have my fair share and I haven't noticed them being reduced at all yet. I do think my skin seems a bit more moisturized since starting with it and the fact that it has SPF 30 to protect my sensitive skin is an obvious bonus. 

More Details:

Packaging: It's thin and light which makes it travel friendly. A small amount is dispensed with each squeeze which is good for controlling how much

Price: It can be purchased in Sephora or online at and anywhere else where Smashbox is sold for $42 which is quite pricey but on the bright side I just need a very small amount for each application.

Photo Friendly? Absolutely love how this product looks in pictures. 

Scent: None that I've noticed

Lasting Power: I would say it lasts about 6 hours at the most. 

Shade Variety: It's available in 5 different shades- Fair, Light, Light/Medium, Medium and Dark which in foundation terms is lame but is actually rather good where bb creams and cc creams are concerned. 

This has been my go to face product for daily wear since learning how to make it work well for me.  I think the price is a bit much and would probably stick to their bb cream which I can't get enough of as it's a bit less fussy for me. I am thrilled with the staying power, photo friendly qualities and the fact that it has a good SPF. I will be wearing this every day until it finishes. I am hoping to record a foundation routine using it for Youtube so look out for that.  

As you can see here the shade match isn't great when I have pale skin but when I have a summer tan and mix it with my gradual tanning moisturizer to apply it is perfect.

Hope my product review was helpful to you!

Have you tried this Smashbox CC Cream? If the answer is yes, what did you think of it? What face product are you including in your daily routines lately? Leave me a comment below- I love to hear from all of you and if you are a fellow blogger don't be shy, please leave your link so I can stop by and say hi too!

Thanks so much for stopping in, hope you are having a lovely day!

"Everything is beautiful, but beautiful is not everything" 

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The Bais Yaakov Cookbook Review

I admit it. I am the worlds worst food blogger when it comes down to actually looking in a cookbook. Perhaps its sheer laziness that has me avoiding pulling one out of the pile. I tend to just go with whats in my head- a little bit of this and a little bit of that and done. At times I do need some inspiration and of the many places I turn to for help (pinterest, the folder of magazine tear outs,scrawled words on a sticky note from a recent phone call with a friend or relative etc.) cookbooks truly are a great place to look when all else fails! A review for The Bais Yaakov Cookbook has been on my mind for a while. I even mentioned it as being one of my favorites along with 8 others back in October, a short while after receiving it as a very generous gift from the women who rents my apartment to me. As it has been quite talked about ever since it was first published I thought it was about time I gave my opinion on it too. So finally here is what I think:

The details:

How it looks: Simply eye catching and classic with it's stark white cover and vibrant glossy pictures. It is a little large for my taste but the hardcover detail sure is an added flourish! 

Whats Inside? 200 original recipes gathered from all over the world written out very clearly in a decent sized print over a span of 381 pages. The graphics are to put it simply just stunning and the recipe selection impressive including some interesting takes on our classic Jewish favorites. 

Extras: Towards the end of the book there is an entire section dedicated completely to Halachic guidelines (for Kosher cooking), Culinary Tips, Guide for meats, fish, spices and even one for kitchen gadgets. I also loved learning about some Jewish history included at the start of the book. A detail which really makes me happy as the topic is near and dear to my heart is that proceeds from this cookbook are going to benefit funds for Jewish education which is much needed!

What I love: The photos, the clear instructions, the extra guides at the back and the huge array of salad ideas. 

What I Don't Love: The dairy recipe section in this book  is seriously lacking. I know not everyone serves dairy on a regular basis but in my house we enjoy dairy so much! I also found that some of the dairy recipes were quite boring and not detailed enough- I mean come on anyone can buy frozen potato blintzes and give you a recipe for sauce, I would have liked to have a recipe for the actual blintze wraps to me that is far more impressive. 

Some of my favorite recipes from the book:  1) Pastrami Salad with Creamy Garlic Dressing, 2) Quesadillas, 3) One Slice with the Works

A recipe of my own that was inspired by/incorporated from one in this cookbook is this one for Chocolate Caramel Cookies Drizzled with White Chocolate- yum!

I really love this cookbook and I think it would be the perfect addition to any of your collections.  It's great for the home cook, caterer and anyone else who likes easy to follow, well detailed recipes while enjoying the fantastic mouth watering photos to go along with it. 

Hoping this cookbook review will be useful to you if you were unsure on any of the details!

Thanks for stopping in!

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