Nails of The Day: Essie Where's My Chauffeur? Nail Polish

I haven't posted a nail of the day in ages! I do believe I say that almost every nail post though. The truth is that it's just been a really bad month for my nails. Here's what I think has been happening: I wore a glitter polish on my nails for a couple of weeks prior to this little incident. Glitters take some real scrubbing to remove which means they last well but are a real pain in the neck later on. It seems that my nails either did not like the glitter or did not fancy all that rubbing and scrubbing and they began to chip and crack on me left and right. 

This one may be due to the sudden change of weather but suddenly my cuticles got super dry and achy too. With all of that my nails just didn't want to grow more then an inch which is frustrating for someone like me who loves to wear pretty nail polishes all the time. After that all I have been applying bio oil to my cuticles to try and get them in better shape but they still have a far way to come as you can see ( my apologies! I know its so gross) and as for my nails they have now grown an inch or two and that in itself is huge for me. 

I do believe it is perfect timing to share my latest nail polish obsession with you! Isn't that robins egg blue just a beauty? I love that the color is completely opaque in just two coats and although it chips within 2-3 days it is easy to touch up. It sets to a semi matte finish so it has just the right amount of shine too.

The one thing that annoyed me with this polish was that the first time I wore it my nails were stained with the color after just a week. I re-applied it last week and removed it today, I was happy to see that it didn't stain my nails this time. I did find that odd though and wonder what it was that caused the color stains to begin with as I have never had that happen to me before. Got a tip for removing those sorts of stains? Leave it in the comments form..I would love to get some recommendations!

 In any case it is one of my favorite polishes for the Spring and Summertime as I mentioned in my most recent favorites video and post. I think this is definitely going to be a regular for me in the months ahead! Essie released a color called In The Cab-ana recently as a part of their resort 2013 collection and I have to say it is so similar to this one. That one may have a bit more green to it but I don't think I will be purchasing it quite yet since I already have this one. 

Do you have any nail polishes you are enjoying for this Spring season? Let me know which ones they are! I'd love to know!

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