Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2013 / My May Wish List

May is here which means Mothers Day (May 12th) is right around the corner. Gift ideas of chocolates and flowers will most likely be the first thing on our minds but these cliche' gifts may not impress our moms quite so much.  I think a day dedicated to moms is so nice as I am one myself and I know how much hard work goes into it every single day. My mom for example is an extremely hardworking  mom and she cares so much about each one of us every day. Obviously I think she deserves a great deal of recognition for all that she does. My idea of a perfect mothers day would be to spend it with my adorable son doing something we love to do together. Hopefully my list of items here will help you out in finding the perfect gift for that special women in your life in time for this mothers day! These are all things I would honestly love receiving myself so I think I can safely say this will double as my May wish list too! I've chosen things from different categories and price ranges so there should definitely be something to suit every budget and taste.

What are you giving your mom this year? No matter what you give her- an e-card, a hug or a phone call to say you love her- it'll be the best gift she's ever received since it's from you!

If you are a mom then I hope this day will be super special for you in every way! And if you are on the search for a gift for a very lovely mom out there then I hope my gift guide has been extremely useful to you!

Got a great gift idea?! Leave it in the comments form below..I'm sure it'll be useful to everyone and I love to hear your recommendations! 

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love all of these products! Now following you :)

    xx stephalsay.blogspot.com/

    1. your very welcome thank you hun! xx.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration. I have been wracking my brain trying to think what i can give my mother that truly shows how much she is appreciated and loved! I feel like nothing quite fulfills it, but then again, what can match a mothers love..
    Following you on GFC.

    1. you are very welcome! some gifts aren't actual things. a hug, a kiss, a nice word sometimes those things suffice! good luck though! xx.

  3. Thanks a lot for this amazing inspiration! My mum doesn't want anything this year as it will be too hard after the recent passing of my gran, her mum. But my brother and I will get her something anyways and give it to her on a random day after mother's day. Because there should be more than one Mother's day, seeing what she does for her family constantly...


    1. you are very welcome! I hear that not so easy after that kind of tragedy I hope all will be well for her! so nice that you are close with your mom! xx.

  4. Love the ideas! Thanks for sharing them. Ill have to pick something soon for my moms gift.


  5. Thanks so much for the great mom gift ideas! Love the accessories!


    1. you are very welcome I love them too!

  6. Great list! Those Dior polishes look lovely and the vibrant blue Michael Kors bag is fantastic! And I love the sound of a watermelon lemonade candle :)



    1. thanks! those are great picks and me too love anything watermelon scented!


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