Makeup Product Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyestudio Eyeshadow: Pomegranate Punk

What Maybelline says about these cream shadows: "Dare to wear our longest lasting shadow, our ink technology creates super saturated color. Cream gel smooths on for vibrant color that does not fade" 

When this cream shadow line first hit the shelves about a year ago I was very skeptical on purchasing any for myself. I had tried so many cream shadows that had simply been disappointing. I have since discovered the Smashbox Cream Shadows which I have raved about plenty. As these caused quite the storm in the beauty community soon after being brought out and I knew I had to buy one. The first shade I purchased was Bold Gold and although I was impressed with it, I wasn't so crazy about the color. I recently picked this color up though and I am absolutely crazy about it. So much so that I included it in this past months beauty favorites video and post and I did an entire eye makeup tutorial video and post based around it which went up this week too. I can now safely say that cream shadows are pretty much the best thing that have happened to my makeup collection in a long time! I also want to add that these are very beginner friendly and easy to use so if you are just getting into makeup or have a hard time with eye shadow placement I would say this is a very good place to start. I was never a fan of shadows with any redness to them as they make my eyes seem tired or sick but this burgundy/cranberry red shade is one I find I can pull off. In some lighting I find that it looks more brown or pink and in others reddish or purple even so that's quite interesting too.

Item Specifics & What I Think of It:

Color Variety: the permanent collection consists of 10 different shades from neutrals to neons and from time to time the company has released limited edition collections with metallics and such.

Price: These cream shadows are extremely inexpensive and websites like Ulta or drugstores like Rite Aid often offer buy one get one 50% off promos so you really can't go wrong with that.

Quality & Lasting Power: The staying power is insane and it's not often I'd agree to the 24 hour claims on a product but I can vouch for this one lasting that long. It holds up in all conditions- weather, tears etc. I wouldn't be surprised if it would last through a swim too. The color is vivid and pigmented with just a bit of product used and it can be built up even more if preferred  At the same time I didn't have a hard time removing it with my Maybelline clean express makeup remover once I wanted to but I would recommend using an eye makeup remover like that one that is slightly oil based which will work best.

The Packaging: I think the packaging is very nice with it's large glass pot which is surprisingly quite light. It's sleek looking with it's black screw on top which stays on tight and keeps the product from drying out. With that transparency and big bold words on the lid you can quickly identify the one you want to use. As always with a product in a pot that gets dipped into constantly there is that issue of keeping things sanitary and bacteria free so that is a slight downside for me with these. That said I have learnt to be extremely careful in that aspect.  
The Consistency: the formulation of the product is just alright for me, I've found that it's alot less creamy in comparison to my other cream shadows but it does go on smoothly enough and once it sets it doesn't fade or crease at all.

Amount of Product: I do think they could have given a little more then 3.98 Grams of product for this one in fact if I'm not mistaken the Smashbox ones and the Mac Paintpots both have 5 Grams. I will also note that it will take me ages to get through one of these since so little is needed for each application. I've used it plenty and have yet to make a real dent.


These really are fabulous shadows to try if you like cream formulations. I think they are great for beginners as well as those that tend to their makeup quickly or on the go. You could literally smear this across you lids smack on some mascara and be out the door if you wanted. And as for how long they last, it's not often I come across a product that really does like this one. All in all a really lovely product. I will definitely be picking up some more colors in the very near future!

Application Tips: This product can be applied all over the lid with a flat shader brush or fingers for a gorgeous pop of color. Blend quickly as they set fast. These can be used as a liner and they can also be used along with powder shadows to intensify the look as I did in my makeup tutorial here.

Although the color selection isn't massive I think there is one to suit everyone and they all seem really pretty.
Simple to Apply- great for beginners or quick applications. 
Extremely Long Lasting - with 3 layers applied I have had 24 hours of wear. 
No primer is needed. In fact it works great as a base for other shadows. It can also be worn alone.
Unbeatable price.
The packaging is sleek and appealing. 


Not sanitary. Removing product with a clean brush or spatula would be your best bet. 
No ingredients list anywhere on the packaging. It would be useful to be able to see what exactly I'm putting on my eyelids.
It sets very fast so they need to be applied precisely and hastily.
Could have added a bit more product at just 3.98 grams.
Even though it goes on pretty smoothly, it's not really creamy enough for blending easily. 

Swatch/On My Eyes (To see how I got this eye look click here.)

These go for about $6.99 on average at most stores. They can be purchased from,, Local Drugstores- Duane Reade, Rite Aid and anywhere else that drugstore products are sold pretty much. 

Have you tried these yet? What do you think of them? If you like them like I do, what are your favorite shades?

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