Friday Fashion: Spring Looks For Day & Night

It's quite the sunny day today and there is just something about the warm days that makes me feel light hearted! It's so nice to walk outside and hear the birds chirping their sweet songs and smell the fresh scent of flowers beginning to bloom. There's a reason I favor this season over the rest, it's absolutely gorgeous out!  I'm doing my happy dance you can be sure of that! It's been a busy week for me and I cannot believe how fast it flew by. Just like that it is the weekend and time for Friday Fashion again! If you've been following my Friday Fashion posts at all then you've already seen a bit of my style through some of my outfits. I have recently uploaded a fashion lookbook to youtube too and you can check that out here.

 Like I've said before, I don't consider my style a set thing. I like to incorporate some trends each season and of course I drool over designer pieces that are way too overpriced for me to consider purchasing and I like to look nice and dress up whenever I get a chance. At the same time, I am my own unique person when it comes to my outfits. I mix metals and colors to come up with looks that others may not necessarily go for at times and I play it safe with neutrals at others, I think it all depends on my mood. There are a few guidelines I will generally follow with my looks: the outfit needs to be taylored to fit my body well and look neat and respectable and it also needs to be modest according to my religious level. There is one more thing and that is making sure I like how it looks. Although I like to get compliments on my looks like most normal humans I try to ignore any judgement or worry  at all what others will think. I think that being unique is awesome and I like to show my personality a little with the things I wear too. My advice to all of you out there: live your life for yourself, try to be different and do things the way you like to. Being judged for how we look and what we wear style wise isn't really fair. Being stared up and down wherever we go isn't fun so let us try to be sensitive towards others in that same way. I hope that I was able to inspire you a little bit and at the same time I am reminding myself of something to work on as well because I am only human and definitely not perfect. This week I've decided to share some fun outfit ideas for Spring that I myself would wear. Two are a little more relaxed for an every day or work look and the others are a little more dressy to be worn on a night out.

Which outfit is your favorite? Let me know in the comments form below. I can see myself wearing every one of them but my favorites are # 2 & #3. 

Thanks for stopping by, you are awesome!

Have a fantastic Shabbos and Weekend!

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