Embracing The Spring & Summer 2013 Makeup Trends

The buzz of bees and the smell of flowers and fresh cut grass are what greet me as I walk out the door lately. I have been thoroughly enjoying the warmth of the season. For me it means I can take my son out for long bike rides and walks to the park once again and that is what I look forward to most. The change of season also means a change in appearance from the wardrobe to the nails and of course the makeup looks. I have been keeping an eye on runway looks and tearing out loads of magazine pages for inspiration and I have found many trends that I love! Here are some of the ones I like most and can see myself incorporating into my own makeup looks for this Spring and Summer. I'm hoping this will inspire you as well to change up your makeup looks for the new season. The best thing is to have fun with it and be comfortable with the ones you embrace as these trends come and go with every passing season. Regardless of whether it's those natural looks you'll covet or bolder ones be assured there is something here for everyone!

1) Effortless Glowing Looking Skin- The Spring and Summer time are the perfect opportunity to let your natural beauty shine through. Stick to a skin care routine that works well for you daily to really polish your skin constantly and always include a gentle exfoliating product which is known to promote cell turnover leaving the skin super soft. Where makeup is concerned go with a lighter base like a tinted moisturizer or a bb cream if you need a bit more coverage. The lightweight consistency of these products are fantastic for transitioning into the warmer months and they are usually packed with moisturizing and anti aging benefits as well. If the base doesn't come packed with illuminating properties already then applying a light reflective primer prior to your base will aid in getting that gorgeous glow. Sweep a blush and bronzer over your cheekbones and temple and dab a highlighter on the high points of your face for that radiant and fulsome look. 

2) A New Take on Eyeliner- Last years eyeliner trends were all about the cat eyes which is what placed eyeliner on the top of the list in many of our makeup routines. While that retro flick hasn't been completely replaced, this Spring has brought about a softly smudged eyeliner look for that neutral smokey feel.  A nice twist is the addition of metallics and bright shades which can easily bring it to the next level. Tones of neon blue, green, yellow, purple and even orange are all a good choice in adding that fun pop of color to up the drama a little. On top of that lush lashes are all the rage so get out your volumizing mascara and pile it on for that very heavy but chic made up look. And if you'd really like to get adventurous play around with some fake lashes for an even bolder eye. 

3) Strong brows have made an appearance again. I am thrilled over these bolder brows as I've never really liked the look of thin over plucked brows but I would also stay within some boundaries on this since caterpillar brows aren't my thing either. Adding some definition to your brows in sparse areas with an eye pencil or powder in a shade close to your natural color is a must. Define the arch a bit more then usual and let them grow in a little thicker then you normally would to get this look. Remember, the brows frame the eyes so going bold with it can only be a good thing. Having that bold brow factor is an easy way to update your look for this new season. 

4) Vibrant Lips- This has got to be my favorite. I only warmed up to darker lip shades starting this year but I really love what they do for a natural look. From fuchsias to corals, berrys and reds a statement lip will be a great addition to any look you wear this Spring and Summer. It's a quick and easy way to add some pizazz to a quick natural look and it will appear as though you spent alot more time applying your makeup then you actually did. Also,you don't have to go all out with neon if you don't want to, try a lighter lip gloss or lip butter in one of these brighter shades and work your way out from there. This way you can get comfortable with it first. 

So that is the round up.With all of the fun color choices I am definitely going to have a good time adding in bits and pieces of these trends to my daily makeup looks. There is so much to choose from between playing up the brows, eyes and lips. Even if you don't fancy going all out with the riskier trends, that natural glowy face is bound to be one that suits everyone. Which of these trends is on the top of your to do list for these warmer months? Let me know in the comments form below, I love to hear from my readers!

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