Thursday, April 18, 2013

Makeup Product Review Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadows Gemstone & Fern

I know, I talk about Smashbox alot. Partially because they are the first high end product I ever tried and also because their products do in fact look very lovely in photos which is what they are targeted to do. I can also say that I don't love every single one of their products, in fact there are plenty that I don't like at all. If I had to choose a product from their entire line that is my favorite you can probably already guess what it would be and that is their cream shadows. I feel like I have mentioned them a billion times in my posts but that is only because they are so fantastic! I also need to  mention that I have tried plenty of cream shadows from many other beauty lines and although they work well, they just don't come close to what these are in formulation and color.

The reason I like them so much is because they are ultra pigmented, go on super smoothly and last all day without moving around or creasing a bit! So I've pretty much decided that I will not stop collecting them until I have every single color and I have finally added two more to my collection this month.The three shades I have yet to own are iris, topaz and riches and I will do an update post with  those swatches for you once I do. And if you think I am finally finished raving about these you are absolutely wrong- I will be doing a few video or blog eye makeup tutorials with some of them in the very near future because I literally cannot get enough of them and you will then be able to understand why as well. For the complete review of these cream shadows and to see the other colors I already had with swatches and details click here.

As you can see most of these shadows have tiny glitter particles in them but I think it only really shows up in the lighter shades.

 Most of them have a matte finish to them, in fact there is only two that I've tried so far which are on the slightly shimmery side.

 Something to be aware of with these is that they do set pretty quickly so I always have to get to blending them out hastily. The thing I like most about them is that they are a quick reliable product for throwing on in a rush.

There is one downside to these and that is the sanitary concerns which goes for any product that comes in a pot as you will be dipping your fingers into it which spreads bacteria. So I would reccomend using a brush to put them on for that reason and of course that will help with getting the look more precise like a cream shadow pencil would. 

Gemstone is a light purple shade which is on more of the shimmery side compared to some of the others in this line. It makes for a great natural shade for every day wear.

Fern is the darker olive green shade and I have to say it wasn't often that I would wear green on my lids but this one has totally changed that around. I've been loving wearing this as the base for a green smokey eye for nights out. Check out the tutorial I did for that sort of look here

Left: Gemstone, Right: Fern

*Pr Sample

These products can be purchased at, Sephora, Ulta and anywhere else Smashbox is sold. 

Have you tried these cream shadows? What did you think of them? Have you tried cream shadows by other companies that impressed you? Answer those questions in the comments form below- I absolutely love hearing from you all!

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  1. I like both shades, the Gemstone pink is pretty and romantic and the Fern is intense and bold, great colour choices!Thanks for your visit, Happy Friday!

    1. great descriptions! they truly are nice shades.

  2. Ooh, glad you're loving these! Both shades look so rich and pigmented :)


    1. you will love them too they are a must try.

  3. Yes, please do make some videos with these shades, I'd love to see some smokey eye tutorials perhaps!


  4. nice color gigi!!
    Have a stunning day!
    I wait for you for a new DIY POST!
    flowered and parfumed kisses from ROME!!

  5. Beautiful shades. I haven´t tried them yet and I always use a brush :)


    1. :) you should. using a brush for creams is as good idea.

  6. Wow, those shadows looks so pretty! I love the shimmering effect,
    very beautiful!

  7. Super blog :)
    Great post ;d
    We are following you ;)

  8. I love gemstone! It is sooo pretty! I need this!

    Kimberley x

    1. it is one of my favs too. you will love them.

  9. I haven't tried these but I may because I do need my eye shadow to at least last through the work day.


    1. these last so long def. give them a try you are bound to love them

  10. Those look great, I would love to try it in gemstone!

  11. Wow look great indeed !!
    I haven't tried this brand out yet but now I'll check to see if I can buy it here because I would love to try the Gemstone :D

    Kisses !!

    1. thanks! I believe smashbox is available worldwide. but let me know if you can get it or not would be happy to ship you one.


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