Inspiration For Positivity During Hard Times

You may already know this, but my grandmother passed away on Monday morning. A part of me knows that we buried her and she is in a better place now but I keep thinking that when I take a vacation to Florida again we will go visit her place and she will welcome us with open arms, hugs and kisses. 


I want to thank all of you who have written me such lovely comments here on the blog, on twitter and on facebook it really is comforting to know there are so many nice people who care. My family is amazing as well with all the support we provide one another to make it through this hard time. She was truly a special person and I will miss her every day! 

 I have been very sad and I have cried lots of tears since finding out but when I think of all the amazing memories I have had with her it makes me feel happy.  When I am sad like this I try to think of all the things in my life to be grateful for and look for things that are beautiful and bright to pick me up a little. It will take me alot of time to really gather myself but I will still try to think  positively today.

Looking at pictures and reading words of wisdom and comfort are what I have found to be most helpful to shine a light on a gloomy day. Perhaps if you are having a hard time, a hard day or if you have lost someone close to you recently this can be that for you as well.

"Grief is not a disorder, a disease or sign of weakness. It is an emotional, physical and spiritual necessity. It is the price we pay for love. The only cure for grief is to grieve."

 "I may not have the words to make you feel better but but I have to arms to hug you two ears to listen to you and a heart that aches to see you smile again." 

May we only share happy news in the future! I hope to be back with a regular post on Friday depending how I am doing. Thanks again to all of you who have offered your kind words of comfort! 

Thanks for stopping in!

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