Friday Fashion: Stripes Trend Spotlight

A little while back I did a two part series for Friday Fashion discussing which trends I am most excited for this Spring. If you haven't seen those already I am linking them here: Part 1 and Part 2. One of the trends I mentioned there is stripes. I have always loved stripes and in fact have plenty of striped pieces in my wardrobe- too many even maybe, ok I'll admit I'm kind of stripe crazy! The thing I love about stripes is that they can be super flattering depending which way they go and they also add a fun twist to a simple outfit. Today I've decided to share some striped inspiration with you. Also, I am working on a really fun fashion video with Spring outfit ideas so look forward to that!

How I wore it:

I wore this outfit on one of the days out in Miami over Pesach/Passover.  I really love this navy skirt with white striped detailing and I will be including this outfit as a part of that fashion video and you will be able to get all the info there!

How you can wear it:
Go check out my polyvore here where I created this set to shop these pieces! 

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Have a fantastic Shabbos and Weekend!

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