Cool Kitchen Organizer Discovery: The Deluxe KnifeDock Review & Giveaway (Closed)

A little while back I posted a cooking tip of the week discussing which knives were most essential for every kitchen as well as how to care for them properly and I mentioned that storing them in a slotted wooden block or a magnetic rack was a great way to keep them from going dull. So I was obviously thrilled to discover that the people over at had come up with a brilliant idea for storing knives and that is their in drawer knife dock. I was also super excited when they contacted me asking if I would like to try their knife dock and of course I said yes. It arrived about a week later and I was really happy with what I saw. Here are some of the details about the knife dock. Read till the end to join an amazing giveaway which is open internationally!

It is made of Bamboo and it is nice and sturdy.  In fact the deluxe one felt quite heavy to me but not too heavy that it would weigh down my drawer or break it.

It is supposed to be used to store, organize and protect your knives either  in a cabinet, on a counter top or in a drawer which is where I put mine to free up my valuable counter space.

The knives fit vertically between several flexible cork dividers which keeps them safe and easy to identify.

Keeping them in this dock will not only keep them sharp and in one set place it will also keep your hands safe when you are pulling them out.

Two sizes are available: a) Original- 6 X 13 X 2 2/2" High $29.99 b) Deluxe- 13 X 13 X 2 1/2 $48.99
So no matter what size drawer you have there is most likely one to suit it.

This dock is great since I love cooking so much & I have several knives of all sizes for different food types. Unlike those knife blocks which are designed to fit the knives that come with them, this knife dock suits knifes of all sizes.


I was honestly super impressed with this dock and I really am happy with the storage space it is saving me. Even with having this deluxe size I was able to store other items beside it in the drawer like my peeler, can opener, corkscrew and food bag clips. Just a side note, it pretty much matches my cabinetry so it doesn't look totally out of place there. I have noticed that my knives have stayed sharp longer as well which saves me time sharpening them. I really don't have anything bad to say about this knife dock as it has saved me time and space in a big way.

The Knife Dock can be purchased at, the Container Store and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Now for the Giveaway:
One lucky winner is going to get one of these knife docks.
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What do you think of this knife dock? Do you think it would be a useful addition to your kitchen organization? What kitchen gadgets have you recently discovered or have you been loving lately? 

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