Step By Step Eye Makeup Tutorial for Spring- Bright Natural Lids with a Pop of Purple

I recently came across this gorgeous picture, I think it was on pinterest. I then decided that I really wanted to do a fun makeup tutorial around this spring themed look which is pretty natural looking with regards to the eyes and has a pretty pop of color on the lower lash line. Maybe this will make Spring decide to actually arrive- you know how much I am awaiting that!!! So I came up with a fun look- it's not this exactly but I just wanted to share what inspired my look. Instead of putting the step by step here on the blog I thought I'd record it this time and put the video up on my new YouTube Channel which I introduced a few posts back. I will share some pictures of the look and the products used here though and I will link to the video as well so if you'd like to try it yourself you can see it there. I am obviously very new at the whole recording thing with the lighting, not being shy etc. but I am sure I will get better at it with time.

 I plan to put all sorts of videos up there and upload weekly- I will record videos of me cooking some of my best most popular recipes from the blog and other new ones and I will also put up videos of anything cooking or beauty related that interests me at the moment including eye makeup tutorials like this one and even full face makeup tutorials. I look forward to sharing that all with you. I also want to thank those of you who have already gone over to my channel and showed me love by subscribing, commenting and liking the videos. I don't think I can properly explain to you how much it really means to me but know this: it means so very much!! Also, I still will try to do other makeup tutorials in picture form like I have in the past here on the blog so have no fear! 
And now, here is the link to the video. Please feel free to leave me a comment below letting me know what you think of the video and the look etc. I love to hear your feedback! 

This look can really be done with any colored eyeliner on the lower lash line to add that pop of unexpected color I just happened to have a good purple one on hand. It would be really nice with a bright blue shade like the way it was done in my inspiration photo or an emerald green, bright pink, coral even orange or yellow if you want to go super funky. I have done another look in the past with this same pretty purple eyeliner but that time I used it on the upper lash line with a gold eye shadow as it's background. A colored eyeliner pencil is not often the first thing I grab when I shop for makeup but I have easily proved here that it can be extremely versatile in adding a little something different and fun to your every day looks. If you don't have a colored eyeliner you can use an eye shadow just be careful with the waterline if you have sensitive eyes as some chalkier eye shadows can be a little irritating to that area. 

 Products Used (Most linked, just click to purchase or be rerouted if you'd like) :

ELF small studio flat detailer brush 
N.Y.C Eyelash Curler (must replace with a better one) 
No name black flat shader brush that I got when I was in makeup school

Thanks so much for reading. If you checked out the video then I hope you enjoyed! 
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