Makeup Product Review: Lumene Vitamin C+ Illuminating Anti Age BB Cream SPF 20

Here is what Lumene has to say about their BB cream: "Discover the power of Arctic Cloudberry. Lumene Vitamin C+ Illuminating Anti Age BB Cream is a multi benefit beauty product that works like skincare but acts like lightweight makeup. It not only delivers powerful sun protection but also brightens, hydrates, evens skin tone and covers blemishes all while improving elasticity for a more youthful appearance. Lumene Anti-Age BB cream: 6 Daily Benefits, 1 product for perfect skin"

I have been crazy about BB creams ever since they became the most talked about face product all around the world some time last year. I also need to mention the fact that most of the American ones from the drugstore have just not been all that great- they've either been too thick and greasy in consistency, didn't match my skin tone or been a tinted moisturizer with the name bb cream on them. This one was just alright in my opinion. It doesn't quite come close to my other favorite face products and bb creams- the Smashbox one really stood out to me and the Garnier one was one I liked alot too. I have plenty more on my list that I'd still like to try including the new Revlon one and the one by Dr. Jarts.  I'll tell you a little bit more about this actual product in the details below though:

Coverage & Finish: It has a really nice medium to almost full coverage but is easy to work with in building up. The finish is very nice. It's not too shiny and dewey but it definitely has that light and luminous look to it which reminds me alot of the finish the Smashbox tinted moisturizer gives to my skin. 

The formulation: this bb cream is pretty thick but it blends into areas of the skin easily at the same time. It doesn't set onto the skin super fast either which is great as you'll have time to work with it. I did have trouble with it being a bit too thick for my skin to handle though even with just wearing it 8 hours and suffered a terrible skin breakout in reaction to it and I hardly ever break out from anything. The product itself doesn't feel heavy but maybe the thickness was what did it. It also takes quite a bit of powder to set it and keep it from that sticky feeling that ends up getting all over your phone and clothes but it doesn't cake after being set with loads of powder so it works out. I find that a translucent loose powder like my Makeup Forever Microfinish Powder worked very well in an every day sense. I have applied this to my face with my fingers and otherwise with my favorite face brush: the  real techniques buffing brush & I have to say using my fingers definitely worked best and that's probably because the product is so thick in consistency.

Color Options: This bb cream only comes in two shades. Most companies don't have more then a couple of shades available for bb creams so it was only to be expected really but that is still disappointing to me. This  lighter shade called 01 "light" is the one I had been using. I would have thought it would have matched my light skin but it just was a bit darker then my skin and too orange which is just off as no ones skin is or should be orange. I wish there were more shades offered so that I could find a better match. Just as a side note, when I use a very small amount I can make it work by really blending it out, not using too much and bringing it down onto my neck.

Lasting Power: It has a good lasting power staying on my face for about 6-7 hours without budging. But it is not waterproof- I was giving my son a bath right after applying this for a night out. He splashed and I got water on my face. Within a second it was streaking and splotching so it's def. not water resistant which makes me wonder how it would withstand heat and humidity.

The packaging: the packaging is lovely on this one. I like that it has 1.7 fl oz which is quite a bit for whats offered in the face product range lately. It's also very user friendly with a screw off lid and a squeezy tube which is my favorite kind of dispenser for face products as it is sanitary and lets out the perfect amount needed in one squirt for the entire face. 

Scent: I kind of smell that citrus scent that the Garnier one has which is not my favorite but not disgusting either.

Sensitivity: I like that it's paraben free but I still wonder what it was that caused my bad skin reaction. Either way I would still reccomend others trying it as they may not necessarily react the way I did. Some things that work really well for one person may just not work at all for another.

SPF: I like that it has a sun protection factor of 20 since I must be protected from the sun when I walk out in the day time with my super light fragile skin. In fact I stick to face products that have an SPF in them for day time always unless I am filming or taking photos with flash. 

Price: I think the price: $14.99 is pretty decent for a BB cream especially one of this size- with this much product in it.

Overall: I like the illuminating properties, the packaging, amount of product included, price and Sun Protection Factor Number but I was pretty unhappy with the reaction my skin had to it and the lack of variety in colors which is super important for face products especially that the lightest one did not really match me at all. I'm not a huge fan of it's scent either and I like my BB creams to have some staying power in regards to water, sweat and humidity especially with Spring and Summer at our doors. I can't say I would purchase a second tube because of the bad reaction my skin had to it but my sister on the other hand who has a skin tone one shade darker then mine and a sensitive skin type has used this after I sent it to her and really liked it so I think it has a lot to do with your skin type, preferences and reactions. Also, although I won't purchase this specific product from Lumene, I look forward to trying more of their items. I've heard especially good things about their skin care line. 

The swatch

Have you tried this BB cream or any other of Lumene's products? What did you think of it and let me know which are your favorites if you have in the comments form- I love to hear from all of you!

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