Cooking Tip of The Week: Kitchen Knife Essentials & Caring For Them

A Basic set of knives is essential for any well-equipped kitchen. There are a variety of knives used for many different purposes and made from all sorts of materials. It is well known that the best knives are made from high-carbon steel which are resistant to corrosion and remain sharper then other materials. 

Here are some of the basic types of knifes that I think are most important for every kitchen, home or commercial:

1) Chef's Knife- It's usually an 8-10 inch multipurpose knife and can be used for tasks like mincing, chopping and dicing. 

2) Utility Knife-This is normally a 6 inch knife which can be used to slice small foods. 

3) A Serrated Blade/Bread Knife- These blades are great for slicing cakes, breads and delicate foods. These are most commonly 8 inches which is most versatile but other lengths are available. 

4) Paring Knife- This one is a 3-4 inch knife that is mostly used for mincing, slicing and peeling small foods. 

5) Carving Knife- This is usually a 8-10 inch blade which makes the perfect tool for carving turkeys, roasts and whole chickens. 

6) Boning Knife- This knife's 5 or 6 inch tapered blade is designed to remove meat from poultry, fish or meat. 

7) Kitchen Shears- Although it's not a knife I thought it was important to include it here. These scissors are a versatile tool for a multitude of tasks from snipping fresh herbs to slicing chicken cutlets and trimming pastry's etc. 

Caring & Sharpening Them:

To keep your knifes from going dull you will want to cut foods on soft plastic or wooden cutting boards. Ceramic, metal, granite and other hard surfaces have a tendency to dull blades. 

Never allow knifes to soak in water or wash in a dishwasher. You will want to hand wash your knives immediately after using them. Store them in a slotted wooden block or hang them on a magnetic rack specifically designed for knives instead of in a drawer. Properly storing your knives will protect their edges and keep them sharper for longer.  

To sharpen your knives you will want to use a steel which is a long thin rod with a a handle. It can be used to smooth out small rough spots and reset the edge of a knife blade. Rest the tip of the steel on a work surface.  Hold the knife against the steel at a 20 degree angle. Draw the steel of the blade up across the steel until you reach the tip with the knife. Repeat this about 5 times on each side. An electric sharpener is another easy option. 

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