Friday Fashion- Spring Outfit For a Beach Day

I did alot of shopping for my Spring wardrobe and I did quite a bit of Spring closet cleaning as well in the past month or so! Although I cannot wear most of these new pieces on the East Coast right now where Winter still seems to be holding a tight grip, I am enjoying them plenty over this week in Miami, Florida which is about to come to a close :(.

 I have shared many of Fashion Friday posts over the past few months but have never shared a full outfit of my own in them yet- maybe I'm just a bit self conscious. I recently put together a little fashion video for Youtube and decided it would be a good time to share the photos as well here on the blog. That video won't be up for a while though so this will be a good preview and who can resist the gorgeous beach background!?

I really love well made items that last for more then 1 season and can be paired with plenty of outfits which means I'll get lots of use of them. Whether they are designer or not when I find something I love it is guaranteed to become a part of my wardrobe.

 Most of the items you will see in this outfit post and my future ones are from stores with a reputation for good pricing, deals and sales. I really do like alot of super expensive designer items and own some of my own but I do also have a tighter budget at the time being and only splurge on occasion for those investment pieces.

 You will also notice that I tend to go for a more casual but well put together look for my day to day outfits but I still do really love to dress up and get glamorous looking for a special occasions. Also, accessories are always a must for me as they can easily make any outfit look that much better.

Another thing I am a little more unusual for with my outfits is that I often time mix metals and wear golds silvers and bronzes especially with casual looks that I wear every day.

What I'm wearing here: 

Top- Kiki Riki Long Sleeve Shell, Denim and Lace Vest Top-TJ Maxx, Kiki Riki White Pencil Skirt, Turtoise Shell Print Sunglasses- TJ Maxx, Bag-Forever 21, Sandals- Fabco (Old) Necklace- Double Header, Earings- Claires (Old)

Thanks for stopping in, you are awesome!

Have a fantastic Shabbos and Weekend!

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What's In My Bag, I Know Your Curious!

I love reading "what's in my bag" posts and I also really love seeing the Youtube video versions as well. I'm always just a little bit curious about what other people keep in theirs. So I thought I'd do my first ever what's in my bag post along with my latest Youtube video. I feel like my bag is quite boring- there's really nothing exciting in there as you will see but maybe you will find it interesting. I really like big bags that are still quite structured so this one was an easy choice when I was in Forever 21 the other day and the prices there are just unbeatable too! I do have quite a few clutches and some designer bags but this just happens to be my most recent purchase in the bag department. I really like the over the body strap with the gold chain detailing as well. I posted a Youtube video a few days ago on my channel discussing it in detail, and I will link it here so you can see more details on the inside of the bag etc. I'm surprised at how clean and organized I've kept it so far. I would usually have to sift through receipts and gum wrappers to get to the real essentials. I hope I can keep it nice and clean like it is now. And finally, let me take you through a little tour of what's in my bag at the moment.

1. My Sunglasses- my coach sunglasses case usually contains my Coach sunglasses that I purchased a year ago but right now it contains my newest pair of sunglasses from TJ Maxx which are tortoise shell printed and turquoise on the inside and you know how much I  am loving that color right now!

2. My wallet- inside are all of my cards. My credit cards, library card, metro card and my pro discount cards from all of my favorite makeup stores are all in there. I also have a wallet sized picture of my son which I update each time we get proffessional pictures taken. I usually keep receipts and change as well but I have just filed them away and gotten rid of the coins by giving them to the grocery cashier- for some reason I just don't like having change on me.

  3. A mini size can of Axe deodorant  It's always useful to have a little of that when I'm out and about. I usually have a mini perfume as well but I have to get a new one.

4. My keys- to get into my house and car and then theres a couple of mini discount cards for drugstores like rite aid and duane reade and other stores like a.c. moore and sally's beauty supply. Also I have a couple of old keychains including a cute shoe one!

5. A small makeup pouch for the daily essentials when I'm out and about for fix ups which change often but at this time these are the things that are in it- Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light Plus, a Powder makeup brush, a mascara- the Maybelline Falsies Flared Volum Express waterproof in black, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in shade 15 fair, Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in 205 Nearly There, Nivea Kiss of Shimmer Lip Balm and Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Pencil in Noir. I also always keep the nail polish I am wearing at the moment in there for quick retouches when needed. When I did the Youtube video I was wearing Essies "Off the Shoulder" and Opi's "Golden Eye" so that's what I had in there.

6-7. A notebook and pen- for keeping lists of things to do, blog post ideas, youtube video ideas, makeup wishlists etc. no matter where I am I can just jot down anything that inspires me.

8. Clips, ponytail holders and bobby pins- I never know when I'll be out and be in need of pulling my hair back.

9. Headphones- for listening to music and watching youtube videos wherever I am.

10. My iphone wire- to charge up anywhere but specifically when I'm at my computer.

So what do you think of it? Too much stuff for an every day routine? Do you have this amount of stuff in your bag or do you have alot less?

Let me know in the comment form below! I'd love to hear from you!

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Nails of The Day: Green with Metallic Silver Triangular Designs

I don't know if you've noticed but I've been on sort of a green kick lately. I saw this specific color when it first came out as part of the Spring 2012 collection I believe. For some reason I just skipped right over it. Perhaps I just couldn't imagine myself wearing a bright neon green. I went on a crazy nail polish shopping haul this past Friday and both of these colors were a part of what I picked up. Maybe it's the fact that Pantone named it color of the year but I am just crazy over any shade of green all of the sudden so get ready to see alot of it here. The silver color was part of this Fall or Winter's collection and I have been wanting it ever since it came out since I just love anything metallic or sparkly! You probably already know how much I love Opi Golden Eye and I didn't have anything with a metallic silver glitter to it so It was really a must have.

You have also seen quite a few Essie polishes here with my Nail of the Day Post's and that's just because when I find something that works for me I stick to it and Essie does such gorgeous colors that last pretty nicely time and time again. I do try several other companies but Essie is just my favorite. Ok so I know the green won't be everyone's taste for wearing on the nails but you'll have to at least admit that it is the most gorgeous color. And those names! How cute is "Mojito Madness" and "Beyond Cozy" for nail polish names?! 

As you may have also noticed I finally went to an actual manicurist and got my cuticles trimmed. So I didn't apply this cool design by myself and after watching her do it I'm not so sure I would attempt to. Hmmm all it really takes is a thin brush to make the lines and then the rest is just filling in. Maybe one day I will try and get adventurous with it. Also for my pedicure I chose the Silver shade to be put on my toes. I'm not going to show those here but I can tell you that I think they look awesome! 

So anyways this is my manicure for the Pesach holiday which starts tonight and I have the perfect light green Calvin Klein pencil dress to match it! I am here with my in laws in Miami and now that I can finally hear out of my right ear quite a few hours after landing I am super excited to get out and about. I hope to work on a fashion video for YouTube and some other fun projects but we'll see about that. In the mean time I will also not be able to post over Yom Tov but I will post a few extra posts here and there on the days that I can. So look forward to that!

Here's what I want to know: do you like these two shade choices & would you wear them yourself? Let me know in the comments form...I love to hear from you!!

Wishing you a very Happy Pesach/Passover holiday wherever you are!

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DIY: Beaded Emerald Green Statement Necklace

I love DIY crafts, I'm just not always so great at getting them done. I had this one in my head ever since I did the previous DIY post which is where I decided to share my fun crafts and how to do them. The thing is that the good craft stores are about a 30 minute drive from my house and with the Pesach holiday shopping and errands I just couldn't go that far. There is actually a decent crafts store near my house but they don't always have every single thing I need so I just skipped going there. Yesterday I was nearby that store and I decided to just take a look and see if they had what I needed and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they did. Another thing about DIY crafts is that what's in my head doesn't always translate to what the finished result is. For example with this one I had planned to make 3 lines of beads and then ended up liking 2 better and also I imagined the wire being a lot thinner and alot more bendable to twist. I ended up with something very different then I imagined to begin with but it ended up being exactly what I wanted it to be after all. 

I feel like a statement necklace is all you really need to take any outfit to the next level sometimes and therefore I have many of them. They can sometimes cost $50 or more though so a less expensive alternative is always something I'd like to explore! You can create a stunner like this that can transition any outfit from boring to bold. Also you can easily personalize this project by simply switching up the bead size and color or the color of the ribbon.  Let's get started! 

What you will need: A) Assorted Beads in different colors and sizes: I chose emerald and clear ones in a few different sizes. B) Memory Wire Necklace to Put The Beads on. C) 3 In 1 Jewelry Pliers- These ones can trim, bend and straighten etc. D) White Ribbon- 2-3" or more in size depending on preference. 

1. Set up the pattern you would like as you add the beads to the wire by mixing colors and sizes. You need to make two rows for this specific necklace and the second one which will be the first row should have less beads then the other so that they sit together comfortably.  

Step 2: Trim the end piece if your wire has it as you will not be needing it. 

Step 3: Take both rows of beads and wrap the end wires around each other using the pliers and your fingers to do so if you have a tough wire. 

Step 4: Add 1 more bead right above the enclosure as it gives a pretty look and helps keep it closed off as well.

Step 5: Curve the ends inward so that you will have somewhere to tie the ribbon onto and we will tuck it in or trim it later.  

Step 6: Cut two even pieces of the white ribbon for tying the necklace at the back of the neck.  

Step 7: Lay the ribbon out over the necklace to see where you want to tie it.  

Step 8: Tie the ribbon tightly around the piece that curved in pulling it very tightly to avoid it sliding off. 

Step 8: You'll want to have one ribbon tied to each end. Also tuck or trim away any pieces of extra wire that are poking out at this point.

10. Put the necklace around your neck and tie it to see if it fits well. You may want it to hang a little higher or a little lower- now is the time to cut the ribbon to you liking. I originally started off with wearing it higher up but ended up tying it so I could wear it a bit lower in the end. Once you are pleased with the length tie the ends at the back of your neck pulling tightly if you can get it over your head without untying it. Otherwise you'll want to leave it a little looser. I pulled mine super tight because I wanted it to stay closed and I put it over my head and wore it lower.  

So what do you think of it? Would you wear a necklace like this? Would you put the time into making it or would you rather buy one like it to avoid the trouble?

Let me know in the comments form below I love to hear from you!!

If there is one tip I can give it's to think out each detail before purchasing your crafts, a well planned out project will cut down on the time and effort you'll have to put in later. Also, I think I will try this with elastic string next time as I'm not totally sure that wire was a perfect choice. 

Thank for stopping by!

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Recipe: Chicken Soup & Kneidlach/Matzoh Balls with Pesach/Passover In Mind

Chicken soup is truly a staple dish weekly for the Friday night meal in most Jewish homes. In the  late Spring and Summer time I try to avoid cooking up things that heat up my super small apartment to unbearable temperatures. In the winter time though it is a routine that my end of the week just can't be without. Plus, the 3 of us can literally clean out an entire pot by the end of the weekend easily- that's how good its is!  

I grew up in  a family where matzoh balls were pretty much the high point of our Pesach meal as we didn't have that custom of not eating gebrokts (matzah that has come in contact with water, those who refrain from eating gebrokts on Passover do so for fear that during the baking process there may be a minute amount of flour that did not get kneaded properly into dough and that upon contact with water the flour would then become chametz) I never imagined that I'd marry into a family who's custom was to refrain from eating gebrokts. It may not be a big deal for those who haven't from eating it all of their lives but for me it was definitely more difficult to accept. So now I have to enjoy my matzoh balls/kneidlach before Pesach or over the last day of it when it is allowed once again. 

Either way this is one amazing recipe that can be eaten year round really. But for those people who do eat gebrokts over the first days it'll be the perfect dish to serve at the Pesach seder meal.  This year Pesach has fallen out earlier on the calendar then it has in the past few years which means it'll be a bit colder in most areas and not quite as far into Spring. Regardless,  this soup will warm everyone up and will surely be the highlight of your entire Seder meal. A savory soup with light fluffy matzoh balls is sure to please everyone from the adults to the children and the guests. I can't wait to cook up a pot of this heavenly chicken soup tomorrow night as I've been enduring a sinus infection all week and you know what they say about chicken soup being the greatest form of penicillin right? I plan to hopefully record it for you as I do it this time as well and upload it to YouTube so that you can see how I do it clearly step by step and follow along as well if you'd like. And if your custom is not to eat gebrokts like mine is then not worry, you can skip the matzoh balls and add some home made egg noodles instead- my husbands favorite! By the way,  I use a pressure cooker to make my soup it really cuts down the time and keeps the water from boiling out. I bought mine on eBay and have loved using it ever since for all sorts of things- chicken, meat, soups etc. Also I have to admit I do get lazy sometimes and buy the matzoh ball mix in box from the grocery but my homemade ones are way better so I try to make those whenever I can. 

And now for the recipe: 

Chicken Soup with Matzoh Balls:


For the Soup:

1 (2 lb.) Package of Chicken Thighs
1 Large Carrot, Peeled and Sliced into Rounds
1/2 of a Vidalia or Sweet Yellow Onion, cut up 
2 Cubes of Haddar Crushed Garlic Cubes
1 Cube of Eden Chopped Dill
1 Tablespoon Salt
1 Teaspoon Pepper
11 Cups of Water (Fill your pot to about 3/4 of the way full)
3 Tablespoons Chicken Consomme Mixed with a little hot water to dissolve it

Matzoh Balls/Kneidlach:

Makes about 20 Small Sized Ones

1 1/4 Cups Matzoh Meal 
4 Eggs
1/2 Cup Seltzer
1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil 
A little salt and pepper to taste 



1. Rinse the pieces of chicken, pat them dry and place them in your pot or pressure cooker. Add the peeled and sliced carrot, yellow onion, garlic cubes, dill cube, salt and pepper.

2. Put the chicken consomme in a cup or bowl and add a little hot water to dissolve it. Mix to combine and then pour it in with the rest of ingredients in the pot. Add the 11 cups of water or enough to fill your pot to 3/4 of the way full. 

3. Fit the pot with it's lid and put a pretty high flame underneath to bring it to a boil. Do not lift the lid to check on it especially with a pressure cooker which usually locks itself when it's that hot anyways. 

4. Once it has come to a boil, turn the heat down to low and let it cook for 2 hours like that. Warning: keeping the heat on high when cooking with a pressure cooker may cause it to explode (I know from experience hehe)  

Matzoh Balls:

Now cook up the matzoh balls/kneidlach. I do not cook my matzoh balls up in the soup, I cook them separately and then add them to the pot of soup before serving but do whatever you like best:

1. Begin by combining all of the matzoh ball ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Mix them together lightly with a fork and then either put them in the fridge to allow the mixture to really come together and toughen up a bit or leave them out in room temperature for a bit if you are in a rush to cook them.

2. Bring a pot of  salted water with a little added veg oil to keep them from sticking to the pot or each other  to a boil. 

3. With damp hands take a pinch of the matzoh ball mixture and roll it between the palms of your hands to form medium sized balls. Drop them all into the water and allow them to cook for 5-7 minutes or until they seem light and fluffy and cooked through. 

4. Put them in a Tupperware container or a medium sized bowl to sit until the soup is ready and then add them to the pot once it is or put them in bowls and spoon the chicken broth over it once ready to serve. 

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Hope the Pesach Prep is going well!

Makeup Product Review: Lumene Vitamin C+ Illuminating Anti Age BB Cream SPF 20

Here is what Lumene has to say about their BB cream: "Discover the power of Arctic Cloudberry. Lumene Vitamin C+ Illuminating Anti Age BB Cream is a multi benefit beauty product that works like skincare but acts like lightweight makeup. It not only delivers powerful sun protection but also brightens, hydrates, evens skin tone and covers blemishes all while improving elasticity for a more youthful appearance. Lumene Anti-Age BB cream: 6 Daily Benefits, 1 product for perfect skin"

I have been crazy about BB creams ever since they became the most talked about face product all around the world some time last year. I also need to mention the fact that most of the American ones from the drugstore have just not been all that great- they've either been too thick and greasy in consistency, didn't match my skin tone or been a tinted moisturizer with the name bb cream on them. This one was just alright in my opinion. It doesn't quite come close to my other favorite face products and bb creams- the Smashbox one really stood out to me and the Garnier one was one I liked alot too. I have plenty more on my list that I'd still like to try including the new Revlon one and the one by Dr. Jarts.  I'll tell you a little bit more about this actual product in the details below though:

Coverage & Finish: It has a really nice medium to almost full coverage but is easy to work with in building up. The finish is very nice. It's not too shiny and dewey but it definitely has that light and luminous look to it which reminds me alot of the finish the Smashbox tinted moisturizer gives to my skin. 

The formulation: this bb cream is pretty thick but it blends into areas of the skin easily at the same time. It doesn't set onto the skin super fast either which is great as you'll have time to work with it. I did have trouble with it being a bit too thick for my skin to handle though even with just wearing it 8 hours and suffered a terrible skin breakout in reaction to it and I hardly ever break out from anything. The product itself doesn't feel heavy but maybe the thickness was what did it. It also takes quite a bit of powder to set it and keep it from that sticky feeling that ends up getting all over your phone and clothes but it doesn't cake after being set with loads of powder so it works out. I find that a translucent loose powder like my Makeup Forever Microfinish Powder worked very well in an every day sense. I have applied this to my face with my fingers and otherwise with my favorite face brush: the  real techniques buffing brush & I have to say using my fingers definitely worked best and that's probably because the product is so thick in consistency.

Color Options: This bb cream only comes in two shades. Most companies don't have more then a couple of shades available for bb creams so it was only to be expected really but that is still disappointing to me. This  lighter shade called 01 "light" is the one I had been using. I would have thought it would have matched my light skin but it just was a bit darker then my skin and too orange which is just off as no ones skin is or should be orange. I wish there were more shades offered so that I could find a better match. Just as a side note, when I use a very small amount I can make it work by really blending it out, not using too much and bringing it down onto my neck.

Lasting Power: It has a good lasting power staying on my face for about 6-7 hours without budging. But it is not waterproof- I was giving my son a bath right after applying this for a night out. He splashed and I got water on my face. Within a second it was streaking and splotching so it's def. not water resistant which makes me wonder how it would withstand heat and humidity.

The packaging: the packaging is lovely on this one. I like that it has 1.7 fl oz which is quite a bit for whats offered in the face product range lately. It's also very user friendly with a screw off lid and a squeezy tube which is my favorite kind of dispenser for face products as it is sanitary and lets out the perfect amount needed in one squirt for the entire face. 

Scent: I kind of smell that citrus scent that the Garnier one has which is not my favorite but not disgusting either.

Sensitivity: I like that it's paraben free but I still wonder what it was that caused my bad skin reaction. Either way I would still reccomend others trying it as they may not necessarily react the way I did. Some things that work really well for one person may just not work at all for another.

SPF: I like that it has a sun protection factor of 20 since I must be protected from the sun when I walk out in the day time with my super light fragile skin. In fact I stick to face products that have an SPF in them for day time always unless I am filming or taking photos with flash. 

Price: I think the price: $14.99 is pretty decent for a BB cream especially one of this size- with this much product in it.

Overall: I like the illuminating properties, the packaging, amount of product included, price and Sun Protection Factor Number but I was pretty unhappy with the reaction my skin had to it and the lack of variety in colors which is super important for face products especially that the lightest one did not really match me at all. I'm not a huge fan of it's scent either and I like my BB creams to have some staying power in regards to water, sweat and humidity especially with Spring and Summer at our doors. I can't say I would purchase a second tube because of the bad reaction my skin had to it but my sister on the other hand who has a skin tone one shade darker then mine and a sensitive skin type has used this after I sent it to her and really liked it so I think it has a lot to do with your skin type, preferences and reactions. Also, although I won't purchase this specific product from Lumene, I look forward to trying more of their items. I've heard especially good things about their skin care line. 

The swatch

Have you tried this BB cream or any other of Lumene's products? What did you think of it and let me know which are your favorites if you have in the comments form- I love to hear from all of you!

Thanks for stopping in and thank you to everyone that went and checked out my new YouTube videos, {Gigi Katz- gigikkitchen} & liked commented and subscribed it really means so much to me! If you haven't already- go do that! 

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Step By Step Eye Makeup Tutorial for Spring- Bright Natural Lids with a Pop of Purple

I recently came across this gorgeous picture, I think it was on pinterest. I then decided that I really wanted to do a fun makeup tutorial around this spring themed look which is pretty natural looking with regards to the eyes and has a pretty pop of color on the lower lash line. Maybe this will make Spring decide to actually arrive- you know how much I am awaiting that!!! So I came up with a fun look- it's not this exactly but I just wanted to share what inspired my look. Instead of putting the step by step here on the blog I thought I'd record it this time and put the video up on my new YouTube Channel which I introduced a few posts back. I will share some pictures of the look and the products used here though and I will link to the video as well so if you'd like to try it yourself you can see it there. I am obviously very new at the whole recording thing with the lighting, not being shy etc. but I am sure I will get better at it with time.

 I plan to put all sorts of videos up there and upload weekly- I will record videos of me cooking some of my best most popular recipes from the blog and other new ones and I will also put up videos of anything cooking or beauty related that interests me at the moment including eye makeup tutorials like this one and even full face makeup tutorials. I look forward to sharing that all with you. I also want to thank those of you who have already gone over to my channel and showed me love by subscribing, commenting and liking the videos. I don't think I can properly explain to you how much it really means to me but know this: it means so very much!! Also, I still will try to do other makeup tutorials in picture form like I have in the past here on the blog so have no fear! 
And now, here is the link to the video. Please feel free to leave me a comment below letting me know what you think of the video and the look etc. I love to hear your feedback! 

This look can really be done with any colored eyeliner on the lower lash line to add that pop of unexpected color I just happened to have a good purple one on hand. It would be really nice with a bright blue shade like the way it was done in my inspiration photo or an emerald green, bright pink, coral even orange or yellow if you want to go super funky. I have done another look in the past with this same pretty purple eyeliner but that time I used it on the upper lash line with a gold eye shadow as it's background. A colored eyeliner pencil is not often the first thing I grab when I shop for makeup but I have easily proved here that it can be extremely versatile in adding a little something different and fun to your every day looks. If you don't have a colored eyeliner you can use an eye shadow just be careful with the waterline if you have sensitive eyes as some chalkier eye shadows can be a little irritating to that area. 

 Products Used (Most linked, just click to purchase or be rerouted if you'd like) :

ELF small studio flat detailer brush 
N.Y.C Eyelash Curler (must replace with a better one) 
No name black flat shader brush that I got when I was in makeup school

Thanks so much for reading. If you checked out the video then I hope you enjoyed! 
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Nail Of The Day: Barbie/Bubblegum Pink with Gold Embellishments

I really haven't done a nail of the day post in ages! Honestly, I've just been too busy to manicure my fingers and paint them and for some reason they kept breaking so it just felt like it wasn't even worth the effort. Today, I finally got around to painting my nails again and this time I did something a little more fun and interesting. Please ignore the non trimmed cuticles. They must be taken care of. I hope to take the time to go to a salon next week and get them taken care of since I just find doing it myself so annoying.  

Although its still cold and wintry outside I wanted to bring Spring into my life just a little bit with a color a little less wintry and dark and within more of that Spring and Summery theme. The barbie pink shade is Essie's "Off the Shoulder" and it was from the Summer collection 2012 I believe. I did the gold designs with Opi's Golden Eye- a nail polish I have mentioned loving in a previous notd post here. This kind of design would have really scared me even just a little while ago but I watched a youtube video (don't remember which) where someone used a toothpick to do her nail designs and it seemed fairly easy to replicate. So that's what I did and it worked out so well! It took less then 5 minutes to do the actual designs and I didn't even have to go back and fix anything up afterwards. Anything that is that quick and effortless is just amazing to me!

Here's what I did: I started by carefully painting my nails with just 1 coat of the bright pink bubble gum shade by Essie called "Off the Shoulder" and allowed it to dry a moment. Once it seemed pretty dry, I dipped a wooden toothpick with a pointed edge into the gold shade- Opi's Golden Eye and dotted 3 dots on my middle finger- two up top about an inch apart and one lower down to create a heart shape. They automatically just became that shape on their own in dotting 3 drops of nail polish down so no major artistry there. I laid my finger flat for a minute so it wouldn't run off or smudge. Then still using the toothpick I lined the tips of all of the rest of my nails with the same gold polish like I would for a french mani. I finished off with a clear top coat and that is it! Super simple and really cute don't you think?

So what do you think? Would you wear a nail look like this? Do you like adding nail designs or do you think they are a bit childish looking? I personally really love wearing nail designs and I can't wait to do more soon. 

Leave me a comment in the form below I love to hear from you all!

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a wonderful end of your weekend!

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Friday Fashion: Style Icon AnnaSophia Robb

I know that alot of people have one specific person- from tv, a movie, a superstar or model who they look at and say wow she is my style icon I would wear every single thing she wears. I don't think there is anyone like that for me really to be honest. I really like elements of certain peoples styles but I can't think of one person where I'm just like omg everything about their style is exactly what I want to emulate. I love alot of what Rachel Bilson wears as I've mentioned before as well as Emma Stone. So I tend to look at those people and take elements of their style to inspire my own. I don't know if any of you are watching it but I have been obsessed with The Carrie Diaries ever since it came out, I'm being honest here. It's just so adorable but the main reason I love it so much is because AnnaSophia Robb has such a cute personality and she reminds me alot of myself because she's not afraid to wear what she likes and she wears alot of the creative items she's made herself. Outside of her tv character she has a lovely style as well. Plenty of her looks both on set and off are modest and those are the ones I want to share with you today:

 Which of her ensembles is your favorite? let me know in the comments form below! that last one is by far the one I can see myself wearing most but I love her personality in each. For some people she truly is a style icon and I know why! 

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