The Things I'm Grateful For This Week With Instagram

This is my second installment of "the things I'm grateful for." I hope to do posts like these more often, even weekly perhaps. Sometimes we just need to take a break from everything else and remember the things that make us happy and grateful in life. Right now I am actually sick again. In the Winter it seems it is inevitable. Maybe it's my son bringing home germs from school or maybe it's just the seasons that bring it about for me. It feels like some sort of flu- achy limbs, headache, chills etc. For now I am trying to relax with a hot cup of tea, drinking lots of fluids and hoping for it to be gone quick. So this is the perfect time for me to cheer up, forget being sick for a moment and try to remember all of the things I am grateful for this week. Looking through the photos in my phone and from instagram really helps because it pinpoints the things in my life that I love. If you look through your photos you will see what I mean. I'd be thrilled if you stopped by my INSTAGRAM. If you would like to see photos like these more often, then feel free to follow. My username is GIGIGKKITCH. 

{Good Reads} 
This book I SPY DIY STYLE by Jenni Radosevich is one I am reading right now.  I am actually a huge fan of her blog which is what made me pick it up in the first place. I love books like this because their not just full of gorgeous photos and loads of information, they are also inspiring to me in my own day to day life. This one is full of DIY ideas for creating some of the trendiest most popular pieces on your own in your own home pretty simply. I have gained loads of inspiration and will be trying many of those crafts and even sharing them here as part of my DIY series. So look out for that!

{A Tasty Cup of Coffee in the Morning} 

I mentioned several times that I finally got a Keurig coffee machine here. It was an extremely thoughtful gift from my hubby. I registered my machines serial numbers on the Keurig website and in return got a awesome discount code of Buy one Get one 50% off any K Cup Pack of 24. I couldn't resist and got some of these boxes which will last me a few months as I only drink one a day. They are so tasty and there is just something about a really yummy cup of coffee that makes the start of my mornings that much better. I don't know if I will continue to order the K cups when I finish these as they are kind of pricey and I can always just order any ground coffee to use with the special cup that came with my machine but I have to admit they sure are convenient. We'll see!

{Snow that I can apreciate} 

If you know me then you know I am no fan of winter or snow. I am happy that I have not yet had to endure any major snow yet although we're being promised quite the blizzard come the weekend. I always apreciate looking out onto snow that has just fallen and not actually having to tread through it. On Sunday morning a little dusting of snow was left over from the night before and I found these adorable animal prints on the ledge next to my house. It seems the cats and birds are a little more fond of the snow then I am. 

{Weekend Treats}

I try not to indulge too much during the weekend saving these delicious treats for the weekend. A warm drink  is my friend all winter long- tea, coffee and hot chocolate. This past weekend I kept to that tradition of sorts and prepared a homemade chai hot chocolate and then topped each mug with mini marshmallows- it's safe to say it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I also baked up these Brownie Cupcakes with layered oreos and almond butter inspired by a photo from pinterest. I love easy to prepare treats like those were. They were in fact so good!

What are you grateful for this week? Let me know in the comments form below!

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