Product Review: Makeup Forever High Definition Microfinish Powder

Makeup Forever's HD Microfinish Powder .17 Oz $16.00  is pretty good at setting a face of makeup. It's definitely not a new product in Makeup Forever's line- it has been around for quite while in fact. I have mine for a little over a year now. What they say about it: "The HD Powder is a unique, extremely fine powder available in one universal shade to make the skin absolutely radiant. It sets the foundation and mattifies the skin without changing its natural contours. Consisting of mineral silica powder, its talc-free formula is non-drying. Its universal translucent shade matches all skin tones. The HD Powder can be worn alone or applied over foundation"
Setting powders can be a pretty important step for most makeup applications. I think it can really be the icing on the cake when it comes to finishing off a look. I believe I have confessed my love for Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural plenty of times but I gravitate towards that sort of finish alot more in the summer time when my t-zone is on the oily side. During the Winter time I go for a lighter translucent powder like this one. It sets my makeup beautifully without irritating the already dry areas of my skin and doesn't build up or look cakey, just a dusting to set is what I need.
Here are some more details:

Texture: This powder is very finely milled and contains mica which goes on really silky and gives a nice smooth finish to the skin mattifying and even diminishing the look of  large pores.
Coverage and Color: It has a universal sheer/translucent finish so it just evens out the skin tone without giving any major color addition. It also has a very weightless feel and gives a nice airbrushed look.
Packaging: It has a nice looking jar with a handy screw on lid and isn't massive or heavy. The problem that I find with loose powder is that it can be messy at times so it's best to be careful with one like this that with one knock or shake could end up everywhere. There is 3 holes where the powder is dispensed from for use which is convenient but can then cause trouble for travel. A good idea is to secure it with a piece of tape to avoid spillage into the cap during that time.

Price: It is definitely on more of the expensive side but as very little needs to be used for each application it is the kind of thing that lasts a while so no major worries there.
Photo Friendly? Not so much. It does tend to have a white cast in photos which is why I shy away from using it if I know there will be photos taken.

Recommended Skin Types: I would mostly recommend this for combination-oily skinned individuals but slightly dry skin types should be alright using it too but only in the t-zone or under eye area.

Ingredients: I'm happy that it doesn't contain any talc and it hasn't caused any allergic reactions or problems with my skin and the same goes for others I have used it on with all sorts of skin tones so it seems like it shouldn't cause any of these problems.
Application Tips:

-Unlike other setting powders which can be lightly dusted on this one is best buffed into the skin really well with a large fluffy or kabuki style brush or it may just sit on the surface giving a powdery look.

-Very little of this product used only in the areas needed can do the job very well so use it sparingly. Less is more in this case.
Overall: I really like using this powder in the winter time when I just need something light and translucent to set my makeup. It feels nice on my skin and gives me a nice airbrushed finish to my skin. I will not be taking it with me when I travel and I will avoid wearing it when there will be photos taken though. I don't see why I wouldn't repurchase this one in the future when I finish it. I have only really dipped my toes in with Makeup Forever's products and I definitely look forward to testing out plenty more.
Have you tried this setting powder? What did you think of it? What setting powder do you use? Please let me know in the comments form below so that I can enjoy your recommendations! Thanks!
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