Product Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Covet Waterproof Eyeliners

Anastasia Beverly Hills Covet Waterproof Eyeliners 0.01 OZ $19.00 are described as "Covet Waterproof Eyeliner applies silky, smudge-proof color anywhere your heart desires, even inside the waterline. Create anything from perfectly precise cat eyes to avant-garde designs that go anywhere your imagination can take you. Available in five rich, crave-worthy shades and featuring a built-in sharpener, Covet is the eyeliner that you’ll want to keep your eyes on.

When I first started using eyeliner I opted to only use these kinds of retractable ones as they were easiest as a beginner. It wasn't till I was confident with those that I then branched out into liquid and gel formulations which need practice to get just right but usually create bolder and more long wearing looks. So of course I was very interested in seeing how these ones by Anastasia would perform. I have to say they have really met my expectations in every way. These liners may be the first products I've tried from this line but I can say with confidence that I would try many more. 

 Item Specifics & What I Think of Them:

Formulation: These eyeliners are smooth, soft and creamy  in texture so there's no pulling or tugging on delicate areas of the eye during application. At the same time they are still firm enough to retain their shape and the tip is fine enough to apply sharp precise lines of various thickness and length.  I don't have super sensitive eyes but I didn't notice any irritation when I used these.   

Color Payoff and Lasting Power: They are ultra pigmented. They are also smudge Resistant and Waterproof and last a good 9 hours on my lashlines (all day) even through rain, tears from the wind and chopping up onions. They can only be removed at the end of the day with a good makeup remover. They go on smoothly but they also set pretty quickly so any smudging needed has to be done right away. I noticed that they don't last on the waterline as long though and I can probably get about 3-4 hours at the most. 

The Price: $19 A bit pricey but these are pretty great eyeliners and they will last alot longer then a kohl that gets sharpened down quickly so I think they are well worth their price.

Azure Astral,Vert, Steel, Noir

Variations: These liners come in 5 different shade choices:

Steel-A dark grey shade with a matte finish
Astral- a dark olive green with a hint of shimmery metallic properties 
Noir- all purpose black with a matte finish
Azure- dark navy blue with a matte finish
Vert- a light mossy green with shimmery metallic properties

The packaging: I really like that they have a unique rubber grip like the ones you'd usually find on pens to help ensures a tighter hold and more precise application. These eyeliners are retractable twist up pencils (no messy sharpening to be done) within sleek black packaging with gold lettering. Also, there's a handy sharpener included in the top part of the eyeliner where the colors are shown that helps keep the tip sharp and at a precise point at all times. 

Noir, Vert, Azure, Steel, Astral


 I am impressed with the formulation, amount of pigmentation and fantastic long wearing properties on the lash line. The quality is great for the price. I do think it would be cool if the shade range was even wider including light blue, silver, white, gold and purples but it's good that the basics are available. It would also be good if they lasted on the waterline as long as they do elsewhere. My favorite colors are the green ones since they are unique shades and they have metallic properties. Check out a tutorial I did using the darker green one here. I can definitely see myself repurchasing some of these when I finish with them and I look forward to trying more products from this line!

Steel, Noir, Vert, Astral, Azure

Items above were PR samples but opinions are my own.

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