Beauty Tip of The Week: Tweezing and Upkeeping Your Brows

My last beauty tip of the week was all about figuring out where your brows should begin, arch and finish. If you haven't seen it yet then go check it out here. I think it is pretty essential information that everyone needs to know before beginning to trim or tweeze at all. I myself have yet to get it all down perfectly so I try to get my brows waxed every little while and then I just follow the shape that has been mapped out for me by tweezing the hairs as they appear and trimming a little with scizzors as they grow in.  

Now for this weeks beauty tip and a bit of a continuation of that previous post are my tips for tweezing and upkeeping your brows. These are the things that actually really help me and may help you for keeping your brows looking nice and shaped at all times from home or anywhere you are.  

Tools needed:

1) a brow comb 
2) small pair of scizzors (nail)
3) a white pencil 
4)  a  pair of very sharp tweezers ( I like the tweezerman ones best)
 5) a brow pencil or angled brow brush and brown powder  
6) a mirror
7) good lighting (natural is best)
8) Brow set gel (I like the one by covergirl)

How to:

1) Trim the brows- brush the brows upwards with a brow comb and trim any hairs that seem extra long with some tiny scizzors just ever so slightly.

2) Once you have figured out where your arch should be you will want to mark any stray hairs that fall outside of the lines using a white pencil. Before going ahead to tweeze, look in the mirror and see how it will look when you finish.

3) Remove hairs from that already marked white area grabbing them one at a time in the direction they grow pulling them out from the root as it will take the hairs a bit longer to grow in this way. Pointy tweezers are best for the more stubborn hairs.Those hairs can take a long time to grow back in so be careful not to pluck out the ones that define the actual shape but just those that have grown in around.  Have a proffessional wax or thread them every little while to set a 'blueprint' and then all you need to do is clean up around the area imbetween the brows and underneath the brows where the hairs grow in. That will be the best way ecspecially for those of you who are new at trimming and perfecting.                                                                

4) To give even more definition to eyebrows you can fill them in with an eyebrow pencil (my favorite are the mac twist up ones). For a more natural look use an angled eyebrow brush and a little brown powder which is about the same shade as your brows. Using short feathery strokes fill in any sparse areas.

5) Brow gel  is a good tool to keep your brows in place all day. It comes with a mascara like wand that can be brushed through the brows with ease. The gel like product holds the hairs in place. This should be the final step.

Hope these tips are helpful to you when you are grooming your eyebrows!

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