Nail of The Day: Navy Blue with Essie Bobbing For Baubles

Ever since discovering pinterest I have been pretty obsessed. It's amazing how much inspiration I derive from the vast amount of photos of all sorts gathered there. One of the things I marvel over quite a bit are the photos of nail designs. It's amazing what people can create on their nails. I am hardly able get one polish color on right so I doubt I'd be very good with any of those designs but I'm not saying I won't try sometime soon. In the meantime go check out my pinterest board for nails so you can enjoy some gorgeous nail art too! Also, I noticed that Essie came out with their own version of those nail stickers and they have some pretty cool designs. I am really looking forward to trying those and will let you know what I think of them once I do.

I have been really liking the color navy lately. I've been wearing smokey navy eye looks, navy jewelry and navy shoes. I decided to go for it on the nails because of that and so I haphazardly slapped on this color by Essie called Bobbing for Baubles. I purchased it last year and I believe it was part of their winter collection. I really like this color and I'm surprised that I haven't pulled it out sooner it is a gorgeous dark navy shade with the slightest amount of silver glitter in it that you can only really see when you look very closely at it and in the photos of course :) 

 Also I just wanted to do a little update on the previous nail of the day I did a couple of weeks ago- it was this gorgeous gold metallic glittery shade called Golden Eye by OPI. I had just applied it before posting and therefore hadn't gotten a chance to see how well it wore. I have to say I am seriously impressed with that one. It lasted me two weeks straight without chipping- that is a record for me as I can never get a nail polish to stay on past a day or two. Obviously it was a real pain to remove the last bits of it when it finally began to wear off though as it has some really good staying power!  

What do you think of it? Would you wear navy on your nails? What is your favorite nail polish right now?
Let me know in the comments form below, I love to hear from you!
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