Nail Of The Day: Dazzling Gold with Opi Golden Eye

This is the polish I am wearing on my nails right now. It is a gorgeous dazzling gold shade called Golden Eye and it is from the new Opi Bond Skyfall Winter Collection. I  have to admit I liked alot of the colors in that collection but this was the one that caught my eye as soon as they were released. And since I had nothing like it yet I had to have it of course! So I went into the stores like I usually do to get myself one but they were sold out pretty much a day after they came in everywhere I went. This one sure is popular it seems. So I ordered it from Amazon and I am thrilled with it.


I recieved it in the mail just in time! My sons third birthday is today and as I've mentioned before it's kind of a big deal in the jewish religion. He will get his first haircut & there will be a party etc. I decided to use this nail polish for the first time and I think it is perfect for the occasion.It's glittery and glamourous, plus it matches my heels.

When the first coat was applied I was a little skeptical as it seemed kind of sheer and uneven but by the second coat it was totally opaque and perfectly gorgeous! What do you think of it? Do you like glittery gold nails? What is your favorite nail polish of the moment? leave me a comment in the form below letting me know!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!
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