Makeup Tip of The Week: Look Great Even When Your Sick

Just when I thought I could get through the rest of the winter without getting sick again, what do you know? I got sick again! But this time with strep- the worst strep I've ever had in fact with the typical really sore throat but some added nausea, dizziness and coughing and I officially have no voice. But I will stay positive and hopefully now that I am on antibiotics I will start to recover a bit! Being sick is no fun. When I'm sick I tend to lie around in bed feeling sorry for myself. The last thing I want to do is get dressed up and go out. Yesterday, I had no choice but to head out the door early, get the grocery shopping done and head over to the city for an event where I was scheduled to do mini makeovers. So I put on my makeup and got dressed up and did what I had to do. (Good thing I was on antibiotics in ahead of time, didn't want anyone catching what I have) When I came home I felt like I was going to pass out of course but it was a good day and just getting dressed up and making myself look half decent helped me feel a tiny bit better.


So, this week I wanted to give you a really quick tip for looking really good even when you may not actually be feeling your very best, using makeup. Perhaps the next time you are feeling sick and need to go out for some reason- a job interview, a quick grocery trip etc. this will be helpful to you.

Concealing any dark circles under the eyes, red marks around the nose from wiping the nose excessively and creating the wide awake look when you are most likely feeling exhausted will all be important. They can be really simple and quick to accomplish too.


1) For under the eyes and inner corners of the eyes a concealer or corrector one shade lighter then the natural skin tone should be applied and smoothed out to get rid of any darkness and even brighten the area.
2) For the nose area and any other areas of redness a full coverage creamy concealer that matches the skin tone can be applied and blended into the skin to create a clear, flawless looking surface.
3) For looking wide awake- Curl upper lashes & apply a little mascara to them- this will lift them up showing more of the whites of the eyes helping them seem a lot less sleepy. Then apply a light or nude colored pencil to the lower lash line which will have a similar effect. Finish off with a skin toned shadow all over the lids and add shimmery white shadow to the inner corner of the eye which will enhance them and make them seem wide awake.
4) Add a little lip gloss to the lips and don't forget to smile!

Looking great when you aren't feeling well at all doesn't have to be long and tedious to accomplish and can be done with just a few makeup products.
If you aren't feeling well like I am then rest up and feel much better very soon!
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