Friday Fashion: Style Icon Emma Stone


As I mentioned in last weeks Friday Fashion post I'm not so keen on mentioning or using photos of supermodels and moviestars on the blog being that body image and beauty standards are so contorted nowadays with the stick thin women with the perfect makeup and hair on the covers of magazines. Looking at the bigger picture you may realize that yes they may have a fantastic makeup artist and fashion stylist around most of the time making sure they seem perfect at all times but these women are just like you and me going through day to day life no matter how glamorous it may seem in the photos.
The reason I am yet again talking about one of these stars is because of the amazing feedback I got on last weeks post. It has pushed it's way to the top and is now the second most popular post I've ever done. Rachel Bilson really does do that unique style very well so I am really not too surprised. Another lady who I have been super impressed with is Emma Stone. The reason I like her fashion sense is because she's not afraid to be different. She wears bold colors and patterns and mixes shades that wouldn't seem the best choice but somehow look perfect on her. I feel like in that way I am a bit like her- although I sometimes play it safe with the basics I am similar in that way with not being so concerned with what people think of me but rather wearing the things I love, that I think look good one me. I love seeing her ads for the face of Revlon promoting their products. Her makeup is done so well!
Here are some looks that I found on pinterest and google of her dressed pretty modestly that stood out to me:


Which is your favorite look? Mine is #2 & #7
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Have a marvelous Shabbos and Weekend!
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