Recipe: Cheesy Vegetable Wonton Cups

Hope you all had a wonderful Shavuos and mothers day! Had so many recipe posts planned for before Shavuos to give everyone some menu ideas but they didn't happen. The highlight dishes of our Yom Tov meals were definitely the brisket in a tomato wine sauce, some crispy fried potatoes that were like no others, cheesecake pie with raspberry topping sauce and whipped cream and the most amazing of all- iced coffee lattes that were out of this world!
I had to take some time away from blogging for a little while and for that I do apologize. I am back for the most part. I will try to post some more recipes and get back into my regular blogging schedule.

Here's a side dish I prepared recently along with some really delicious stuffed pasta shells. This would make a great appetizer or party treat as well. It's quick and easy and no matter how you prepare it it'll most likely look pretty and presentable. And the best can put your favorite veggies in and customize it to suit you.
These had red peppers, mushrooms, onions, garlic and cabbage in them. Just a combo I thought worked well together. I usually use wonton wrappers for ravioli, dumplings, egg rolls etc.  I've never done anything like this before but then I saw  a picture of wonton cups with salad in it in one of my cookbooks and it got me thinking- you could put anything in baked wonton cups...and so that is where the inspiration came from.

Here is the recipe:

For about 15 Wonton Cups

Cheesy Vegetable Wonton Cups:


1 Package Gefen Frozen Square Wonton Wrappers, Defrosted
Disposable Paper Cupcake Wrappers/Baking Cups
1 Package White Mushrooms
1 Medium Red Pepper
1 Tsp. Fresh Chopped Garlic
1 Small Onion
1 Cup Bagged Cole Slaw Cabbage
1 Tsp. Sugar
1/2 Tsp each Salt and Pepper
Some Chili Powder
1 Tablespoon Veg Oil for Saute'ing
1/2 Cup Mozzarella Cheese


1. Wash and clean the mushrooms really well. Remove their stems and chop them up. Remove the seeds and ribs of the red pepper, cut off both ends and chop it up as well.Then chop the onion. Make sure that all the veggies are chopped to about the same size- whatever size you like best.

2.Put all of the chopped veggies along with the fresh chopped garlic ( my favorite is the Polander jar style kind) and the cole slaw cabbage in a medium saute pan with with the veg. oil.
Start the flame up a little higher to begin the cooking process up. Then lower the flame a little and allow the veggies to saute' for about 10 minutes or until they seem soft and cooked.

3. Add the sugar. salt, pepper and chili powder in the last 2 minutes or so of the cooking and stir it in well and keep stirring it to avoid burning the veggies.

4. Take a wonton square and press the bottom part of it into a greased a cupcake paper cup allowing the sides of the wonton wrapper to lift up and bunch up a little at the tops.

5. Take a tablespoon or 2 of the sauteed veg.'s and place it in the prepared wonton cups. Place the wonton cups in a greased baking pan and bake on 400 for 25 minutes or until the wrappers have browned quite a bit.

6. Add a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese to the tops of the veggies in the wonton wrappers and put them back in the oven for about 2 more minutes or until the cheese has gone a bit melty.

7. Serve warm and immediately after placing the cheese on top.

Have a wonderful afternoon!

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Stila Cosmetics Sale and Product Recommendations!

Wow I've been away for quite a while. Don't worry I am still going to be blogging. Sometimes life gets busy and I don't have as much time as I would like in the day for blogging. I have so much to post and I hope to be able to get back into a routine.

Very often I get emails from companies that I've previously purchased from or signed up to by email talking about a sale or promotion. I usually look through them quickly as I'm getting ready in the morning and delete most of them. Sometimes I actually take advantage of those sales and purchase some much needed replacements or items I have been eyeing.

When I saw this  email about the sale for Stila Cosmetics I got really excited and I thought I just had to share.

From Winter to Summer the products I use in my every day skin care and makeup routine etc. change quite a bit. In the winter the cold weather dries out my lips and skin much more so I tend to use lip balms and moisturizers. Also in the cold weather foundation is great but it feels a bit heavy for the Summer months so a bb cream or tinted moisturizer are the better option. I take out my bronzers and luminizers, waterproof mascaras and brow tools that stay put even through the hot weather. So when the Spring arrives I am always on the lookout for some good items to add to my collection.

Shopping for beauty products can get expensive. Here is a list of 10 items by Stila Cosmetics that I would recommend to you if you are going to be shopping during the sale. Some of these items are being recommended because they are generally some of Stila's best in my opinion and others are going to be just wonderful for the summer heat ahead. 

 1.Stila Sun BronzerA bronzer for that easy no skin damaging sunny glow.

2. Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color- These liquid brow pencils are popping up all over and I think they are great for keeping brows filled and defined all day.

3. Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm- Been loving bb creams. They are so light and great for summer and they usually offer pretty great coverage while priming, moisturizing and more all in just one great product.

4. Bronzing Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20- A Bb cream could still be a little heavy for some. If you prefer something even lighter go for a tinted moisturizer which will still give you some coverage but not feel too heavy on the skin. This specific one is great because it doubles as a bronzing product as well.

5. Hydrating Primer SFP 20- Face primers are so important. They should be applied all year round. Summer is the time they really are a must to keep all face products from melting down and slipping right off in the heat.

6. Prime Pot Waterproof Eye Shadow Primer- Eyelid primers are similar to face primers but for the eyes. They should keep the eyeshadows on through sweat, tears and fun water activities throughout  the whole summer.

7. Stay All Day Waterproof Volumizing Mascara- A waterproof mascara that adds volume to the lashes is a great addition to a budge resistant eye look.

8. Passion Fruit Crush Lip & Cheek Stain- Lasting lip color in assorted shades that are citrus scented are the perfect finish to any quick look.

9. Eye Shadow Trio- I like the bronze shades for summer. They bring out that glow in the skin and make the eyes pop.

10. Kajal Eye Liner-Liner that can be blended out for a smokey eye or used to add smudge proof color to the upper or lower lash lines.

Click on the words above to be redirected to each item on the stila website and shop.

Perhaps I will do product reviews on these specific items in the near future for now these are just recommendations. If you have any questions about any of these specific items please feel free to email me.  Good Luck with your summer shopping!

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Smashbox Shades Of Fame Eye Palette Look #2

I've created so many amazing looks with this palette already. I wish I could have photographed all of them to share with you. Anyways I am really enjoying it. The shades of color are so bright and beautiful! If you  haven't seen the first look I put up: Go check it out here.

Still growing in those brows..hehe. Can't wait to go get the shape perfect once their grown in to how I want them.

This is more of a neutral looking every day look. For some reason I feel like these shades are showing up as goldy/pink with brown in the crease. But,  In truth these shades are silver, dark green and a little brown in the very inner corner.

I used a new lengthening mascara that I'm trying. I think it's not bad. But we'll see.

For this look I started by priming my eyelid with smashbox photo finish lid primer. I then used the gold cream liner all over the lid as a base, then with a flat shader brush I applied the color "sandstone"- a shimmery silver all over the lid. Next, I took the color "safari" a dark green color  placed it in the crease carefully with a small crease brush. I took that same brush and added "mocha"- a dark brown shade to the very outer corner in a v shape. I Then I took a little of the color "nude"- a very light brown shade and blended out the edges of the crease area. Next, I lined the upper and lower lash line with my smashbox limitless eyeliner. I then took a small eyeliner brush and added that same dark green color- "safari" all along the lower lash line blending it with the eyeliner for a smokey effect. I curled my lashes and applied my new Smashbox Hyperlash Mascara coating the lashes a few times for that lengthening effect. Lastly, to finish off the look I placed "Bliss"- a very light cream color into the inner corner of the eye and on the brow bone.

What do you think of this look? Would you wear this every day or only for a special occasion? Do you see those colors mentioned or do you think they just aren't showing up.

Those past two looks were a little more on the safe side. Check back soon for a different look that is lets say a little more risky? :)

 Do you own this palette? What is your favorite of all the colors?

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Mothers Day Gift Guide/My May Wishlist

 I love my mother- she's talented, a hard worker and she loves each and every one of her kids so much! I appreciate how much she cares and thinks of me and helps me out whenever I'm in need. She deserves that recognition of a day for her as do so many other hard working moms.

I'm sure everyone has already planned mothers day and bought gifts etc. But oh well I can still share some ideas with you. Perhaps if you still wanted to run and pick something up last minute over the weekend my May wish list of items will be of help to you for gift ideas. I've provided whatever links possible so that these items can be easily found.


-Nars Light Blue Polish from the Thakoon Collection called Kutki
-Bumble and Bumbles Be Mending Shampoo & Conditioner Set
-Sigma Brush Set
-Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof Mascara
Style & Accessories: 

-Kate Spade Tresure Chest Yellow Double Row Statement Necklace 
-Charlotte Russe 3 Strap Sueded Heel Bootie
-Oasis Colorblock Pleated Chiffon Dress
-Kate Spade Shoulder Bag-Primrose Hill Little Kaelin
-Kate Spade Colored Stone Stud Earings
-Marc Jacobs Electric Blue Aviator Sunglasses

For The Home &Extras:

-Flowery Poppy Dinner Plates
-Stylish Spacious Camera Bag- The Bossi Bag- Fawn
-Tall Six Tubed Hinged Vase
-Taste of Home Cookbook
-Keurig Coffee Maker
-One Line A Day Journal

To all the mothers out there. I wish you a really special mothers day! If you are purchasing a mothers day gift I hope my little wish list can help you out! :)

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Product Review: Clinique Powder Blush- "Aglow"

Clinique Powder Blush- "Aglow"

Product Description:

Clinique says: Silky formula sweeps effortlessly over cheekbones to create a natural look. Fresh, jet-milled colour builds and blends beautifully to desired intensity with custom sculpting brush. Long-wearing, colour-true. Oil-free.

I couldn't agree more! A friend of mine sent this product to me as a gift a little while ago. Ever since I started using this blush it has become one that I use almost every day! I had been using Nars "Orgasm" which is an extremely pigmented peachy pink. After a year of using it, it fell and the pressed powder broke into chunks. It's almost impossible to use it like that. Perhaps I would have bought a new one had I not found this one. I never thought I would find something so similar for less expensive. Dare I say I even prefer the Clinique one for my more natural every day look!

What I love:

-It gives me a very natural peachy pink glow without making me look overly made up.

- It's very pigmented. I brush it over the apples of my cheeks and up onto my cheek bones. With just one sweep I have beautiful color.

-It's very build-able and blends easily. If you feel like you need more then just that natural glow you can build up the color. Brushing it over the cheeks just a few more times to get your desired look.

- It comes with a handy little brush. I like my blush brushes though so I don't use it. I kept it to the side just in case I want to take it with me when I travel.

-It doesn't look like there's alot of product in there but I've been using it every day ever since I received it and I haven't even made a dent since so little product gives the desired effect easily. Looks like it'll last a while.

- It's long lasting- I apply it in the morning and it doesn't fade at all until I take off my makeup hours later.

- It is soft and doesn't have any of that annoying chunky glitter that you may find other blushes or powder products but it does have an extremely slight pretty sparkle to it.

-The price is not too bad for a blush- $21.00 and compared to my other favorite Nars blush which is $28.00 this is a pretty great deal.

-If the shade "aglow" isn't your favorite or doesn't suit you there are many other shade choices to choose from with Clinique's blush powders.

- I really like the packaging. It's not a very large compact. Easily opened and closed and the large mirror is pretty handy.


-There is absolutely nothing that I don't like about this blush. When I run out of product I will most likely purchase a new one in this color or another shade.

-I don't think I have ever tried any of cliniques blushes or very many of their products at all. I will be heading to their counter next time I'm at a department store for sure!

A swatch of the color on my hand. I built it up so the true color would show through.

I hope this product review will be helpful to you when you are out shopping for makeup! Have you tried this blush? What did you think of it? What is your favorite blush? Leave your comment! I'd love to hear.

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May's Kitchen of The Month (Chartreuse) +Giveaway

This is May's Kitchen of the month. Found these pictures on Pinterest but here's the link to their original site.

Chartreuse- neon yellowy green is one of my favorite colors this Spring. There's so many ways to incorporate it into your style without necessarily adding it into your kitchen which is pretty bold!

When I saw this kitchen it just reminded me of Spring- flowers, rain, dew. It is so different looking. I especially love the hanging lighting and the tray in the center of the island- all in that same bright color!

Do you like this color for your kitchen or is it a bit much? Would you wear this color?

Here are some cute accessory ideas to spice up your kitchen with that chartreuse color:


Remember Mindy of Kitchen's By Mindy from April's Kitchen of the month? How exciting? She's  opening a showroom. With that news she is giving her loyal clients and fans the opportunity to win a amazing giveaway- $100.00 VISA GIFT CARD!  So head over there now! To enter All you have to do is share the page to your wall and “like” the page! Good Luck!

Have an awesome afternoon!

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Fettucini/ Linguini Al Fungi

The first time I ever heard of or ate this pasta was at a restaurant. I thought the name was so strange! I mean really? who wants to eat something that has "Fungi" in it's name? And yet I ordered it when I learnt it was basically just an assortment of mushrooms, creamy cheese and pasta- some of my favorite foods.

After leaving the restaurant I knew I had to recreate that dish at home. The first time I made it I prepared it very similarly to the one I'd had- more creamy and with fettuccine pasta. Recently the recipe was requested and it reminded me that I hadn't made it in a while. So I prepared it for dinner one night last week but less creamy and more piecey cheese style with linguine pasta.

There is a few different ways that I like to prepare this pasta- with either linguine or fettuccine pasta and with a creamier sauce or with more of a cheesy piecey type of sauce (You know what I mean right? :) )

 The way to keep the sauce creamy is to add a few tablespoons more of milk then you would for what the recipe calls for which would create a chunkier sauce and then add the cream cheese in very slowly after the milk letting it melt in.

 The way to prepare it the second way is to put the entire amount of cream cheese in first letting it melt and then adding the milk - a little less then you would for the creamy saucy style- the amount that the recipe calls for.

Both ways were absolutely delicious.

Here's the recipe so you can try it for yourself:

 Fettuccine/Linguine Al Fungi:


1 lb. Package Linguine or Fettuccine
1  Large Package Portabella Mushrooms
1 Large Package White Mushrooms
1 Tsp Fresh Chopped Garlic
Some Oil For Sauteing
1 Tsp Parsley
A little Salt and Pepper
1/2 Cup Milk
3 Tablespoons Cream Cheese
2 Tablespoons Parmesan Cheese 


1. Start by cooking up the pasta in a pot with salted boiling water and a tsp of veg. oil so that the pasta pieces don't stick to each other. Stir every few minutes or so. Cook until they are light colored and al dente' and then strain to separate from the cooking water.

2. Chop the portabella mushrooms and white mushrooms into small-medium sized pieces and place them in a non stick saute' pan with a little oil ( I prefer Olive)  and the fresh chopped garlic. Allow them to cook until they are softer, have emitted their juices and the garlic has released its fragrances.

3. While the pasta is cooking and the veg's are sauteing start preparing the cream sauce- Put the milk, cream cheese and Parmesan cheese into a sauce pan over a low flame allowing it to melt together completely and until it comes to a simmer. Add the salt, pepper, parsley and Parmesan cheese last stirring it in slowly.

4. Put the cooked pasta into a large serving bowl. Add the sauteed mushrooms and then stir in about a tsp of Parmesan cheese- it helps the sauce to stick to the pasta. Then slowly add the cream sauce in immediately before serving.

 Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!
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