Some Fun Makeup Bag Choices

I love makeup bags and storage ideas. There are so many gorgeous selections. I have too many makeup bags and holders of all shapes and sizes. If I ever did need some new ones I think these ones are super cute and glamorous choices.

 Makeup Bag shaped like lips? Too cute!
       Anything with sequins grabs my attention
 The patchwork design-very glam
Baby pink is so girly also love the clutch design 
 Whats better then a makeup bag that says "I love makeup"
Leapord print is one of my fav prints
Purple! My favorite color 
Love that big white flower! 

Which is your favorite?

Get ready for an exciting blogging week!

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Smashbox Shades Of Fame Eye Palette Look #1

This is the first look I created with the Smashbox Shades of fame eye palette.

  Please look past the slightly overgrown eyebrows I am letting them grow in so as to get a specific shape. :)                                        

I really love this blue-green color called "pacific" it really compliments my brown eyes!

I used "Gold" cream liner as a base coat all over the lid. Then "Pacific" shadow all over the lid, "Mocha" in the crease and "Bliss as a brow bone highlight and inner corner highlight.

More of these Shades of Fame Eye Looks coming soon!

Enjoy the Rest of your weekend!

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate every single one of my readers. Please say hi! I love reading your comments.

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Six Favorite Things This Week

Been busy working on a bunch of big projects and therefore totally neglected the blog this week. Next week there will be product reviews galore, more of my recipes, makeup tips, some cooking tips etc.

This blog is a way for me to store all my favorite recipes in one convenient place as well as makeup tips and product reviews to remind me of things I've loved later on. It is so nice to look back and remember fond memories through a simple blog.

 6 things that I am absolutely adoring lately:

1) Food, Beauty and all sorts of blogs- I always find it so interesting to read what other people are enjoying, creating etc.
My favorite blogs of the moment: Becoming Lola- her writing is amazing and she always makes me laugh! I think she should write a book! Miss Natty's Beaty Diary-great honest beauty product reviews what's better? Smitten Kitchen- Another very well written food blog that has beautiful pictures along with very detailed instructions, The Decorista- She is a city based interior designer with a blog full of examples and ideas to spruce up any space with ease and individuality, The Beauty Department- hair, makeup, organization and all things girly how to's with pictures and diy project ideas that I have never seen anywhere else, Fash Boulevard-I just love her style! with outfit ideas etc she makes getting dressed easier for anyone.

2) Balsamic Glazed French Fries with melted cheese- I made this as a side dish to a spinach lasagna this week. Did not get around to taking any pictures of it. It was so Delicious it got polished within a few minutes of being out of the oven. You better believe I'll  be making it again and will post pictures then. All I did was:  Cut up some yellow potatoes into french fry sized pieces, Topped it with a sauce- 2 Tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar, 1/4 Cup Olive Oil, 1 Tsp Salt, Pepper and Parmesan Cheese, Baked it on 450 for 45 minutes and then topped it off with a mixture of mozzarella and cheddar cheese and put it back into the oven for 5 minutes more. Seriously these were amazing!

3) My newest eye shadow pallette by Smashbox- SHADES OF FAME EYE SHADOW PALETTE. If you read my blog often you know how much I love Smashbox Cosmetics. (No I don't get paid for my opinion!) Until now I had been really enjoying my Urban Decay Naked Pallette for the winter months but now that this one is in my life that pallette has been set on a back burner. I mean look at those colors they are so vibrant and summery. I have already created some interesting eye looks with it which I will share next week some time. What I love most about the pallette: it comes with 9  insanely pigmented eye shadow shades, two cream liners- which I have used as an all over shadow base color, a brush with one side for the liner and one for the shadow, a mirror for an on the go look and a mini eyeshadow primer- I have always loved this primer. So happy to have a back up for when mine runs out!

4) Braids- With the Spring and Summer heat this is my favorite way to pull my hair away from my face. There are so many types of braids so I have alot of fun with it. French Braids, Fishtail braids, Small Braids, Ponytail Braids and other interesting braids. It's an easy way to look pretty and not get overheated.
5) Pu-Erh Tea- One of the most helpful agents in my major weight loss this past year has been this tea. I  have a slow thyroid and slow metabolism. This tea not only helps speed up my metabolism but helps me burn calories all day. I like to mix the tea with an herbal peach tea and some sweetener since the taste is not all that good on it's own I then put it in the biggest size Poland Spring water bottle and refrigerate it. I then drink the entire bottle of "iced tea" every day. It has worked so well for me and almost every other person I have given it to to try! It is one of my favorite homemade refreshing drinks. 

  Doesn't this place look so cozy? Would love to spend some quiet time there!

6) The long relaxing weekends- Who doesn't love some time away from the regular every day activities and errands to spend some good quality time with family and friends. For me it's all about putting my feet up, reading a good book, going someplace quiet, eating foods I usually don't splurge on during the week with my strict weight loss goals and just relaxing. This is my way of recharging my battery and refreshing myself for the week ahead. The weekend is almost upon us right now I am really excited! What do you do to relax?

Have a wonderful weekend and a great Shabbos!

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Recipe: Chocolate Espresso Mousse

Silky smooth, this sweet mousse will have you sneaking spoonfuls from the refrigerator. This was the past weekends high calorie treat. Ever since I put the picture up I've been getting many requests to share the recipe.

Posting pictures of delicious deserts without their recipes just shouldn't be allowed huh? I should know better. I scroll through pinterest late at night looking at cupcakes and cookies and suddenly my stomach starts to rumble and I am even considering running to the kitchen to whip something up. Not good. Not good at all.

This recipe was inspired by a recipe I saw in the Food Network magazine last year and tore out for my folder of recipe ideas. I knew that at some time I would take inspiration and perhaps create something interesting. I came across the picture this weekend and with some extra time to spend in the kitchen I decided to prepare a sweet desert. This is what I came up with.

 Here's the recipe:

Chocolate Espresso Mousse


2 Tablespoons Instant Coffee Mixed into 1 Cup Boiling Hot Water
1 Box of Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding Mix
2 Tablespoons Sugar
1 Carton Ungar's Non Dairy Whipped Topping (16 oz)
Some Chocoriot Cereal to top.


1. Prepare the coffee. Pour it into a large bowl and add the chocolate pudding mix very slowly. Allow it to sit for a few minutes and slowly form into a pudding texture.
2. In the meantime, pour some of the whipped topping into the bowl of a mixing bowl. Add the sugar. Turn the mixer on and slowly add the rest of the contents of the carton.
3. Once the whipped topping is completely whipped so that is has formed soft peaks add the pudding coffee mixture to the mixing bowl. Turn the mixer on again combining the two.
4. Spoon the mousse into tall glasses filling them to the top. Refrigerate until ready to serve and top with the chocoriot cereal (chocolate pieces with caramel inside) immedietly before serving.

Recipe Notes:

You don't need to use sugar free choc pudding it's just what my husband brought home from the grocery. I think I'd have still added the sugar even if it hadn't been sugar free.
 Not so into the idea of topping with cereal? :) You can top with choc shavings, whipped cream, fresh fruit, nuts etc. Or how about topping a piece of cake with the mousse?

As promised I have updated my challah recipe with plenty of pictures. If you haven't seen that yet go check it out here.

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Product Review: Dior DiorShow Waterproof Mascara

Dior DiorShow Waterproof Mascara:

Product Description: 

The DiorShow Mascara is said to be ultra-glamorous eye makeup that
 instantly lengthens, thickens, and curves lashes in one sweep. Now in a waterproof version with aquastop water-resistant technology ensuring that they stay perfect in any circumstance.
After using this product for close to a year I have gathered my thoughts and opinions to share. Mascara is definitely a must have in my every day makeup bag. & For good reason! With just one coat it turns sleepy eyes into glamorous ones. It took me a while to brave this purchase. Every time I walked into a department store I would gaze at it longingly but I never had the guts to actually take it home. It just seemed to be such a steep price for a simple mascara. After some time and a lot of debating I caved and bought it. So here is what I think of it:

What I love:

 I bought the color 090 Jet Black since I like mascara to be very dark. I think the color is true to it's name. Extremely black.

 I really like the wand on it. I feel like it is large but not too large that mascara is getting everywhere as it is applied. The bristles comb and separate the lashes pretty nicely as well.

 Is it really waterproof? Yes. It is long lasting and stays put all day for me. 
It has stood the test of swimming pools, hot weather and tears.

-There seems to be quite a bit of product in there. It's lasting me a while.

- I don't find that it clumps at all.

-It comes in 3 shade choices- black, brown-chestnut and blue-azure blue. Not bad.

-The packaging is nothing special in my opinion but it isn't anything to complain about either.

What I don't love:

The formula is very dry. I like a drier mascara since it keeps a curl nicely but this one is so very dry that when I pull the wand out of the tube it doesn't even look like there is product on it. 

Lengthens and curls? I think that it does lengthen, curl and even thicken a little. I would use this for an every day more natural look though since it doesn't give that glamorous false lash look that I usually love  and have found in many of the less expensive drugstore mascaras.

The price is the biggest deal breaker. I do buy lots of high end products. Some are so excellent and I can easily understand why they are more expensive. I really dislike the feeling that I am paying for the name not the quality. That is what I feel with this one. It's $25- not a fortune but since I can get some mascaras that are equally as good for a fraction of the price that is a little disappointing.  


 I like how my lashes look with this product on. It's not the worst mascara I've ever purchased but I don't know that I would ever re-purchase.

I hope this product review will be helpful to you when you are out shopping for makeup! Have you tried this mascara? What did you think of it? What is your favorite mascara? Leave your comment! I'd love to hear.

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My Weekend..Random Updates

I had a great weekend! Hope you did as well! Here is what it involved...

- As is Jewish custom, We made Challah this week with a key baked inside the dough. I posted my challah recipe a while ago. I've recently received lots of very useful feedback. To make the recipe even more clear I want back and edited all the instructions. Also, I documented the entire process as I was preparing my challah this week. I never got around to photographing it all so I am excited to add those photos which I am hoping will make it even clearer. Baking challah isn't simple and I want the process to be made even easier with my instructions. Go check out my recipe here.

The recipe was also featured at Fashion-Isha this week. For those of you who don't know of Sharon and her blog Fashion-Isha, she is a really incredible women. Her blog is full of beautiful inspirations for the modest women. Go check it out here! Thanks Sharon! I am truly honored.

-It's been an extremely dreary rainy weekend and start of the week. I am one of those who's mood is effected by the weather. So I am just looking back at this picture I took a few days ago right before this gross weather started. Hoping to let some sunlight in and that the rain lets up fast! Love those pink flowers!

-This weekends big calorie splurge was this delicious espresso chocolate mousse. It was so good so no regrets here!  Check back at the blog later this week for the recipe.

I've finally had some more time to pull out some makeup, skincare and beauty products and formulate my thoughts and opinions on them both from the higher end and drugstore categories. So look forward to some new product reviews! Also a huge giveaway in the near future so check  back soon!

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Recipe: Honey Glazed Chicken w/ Dill Dipping Sauce

I helped with very little of the cooking over Pesach. I took a little rest from everything including preparing food. It was nice. It's also really nice to be back in my own kitchen thinking up new and different recipes. Healthy ones. For the next little while at least. I didn't gain any weight over the holidays. (phew!) Nevertheless, I still have 4-7 lbs to get rid of to reach my ultimate weight loss goal. I get alot of questions about my weight loss journey and how I keep the lbs off while still enjoying good food. I love good food! I would like to dedicate an entire post to that topic. Not to boast but to address those questions and help others who are in the same position as I was in. Whether it's 2 lbs, 30 or even 100 it is very hard work for many people. So I would like to put all my tips and ideas together that worked well for me and others I shared it with. I will eventually post it.

This one was not very intricate and yeah it's yet another chicken recipe but it was very good and considering how many requests I got for the recipe I just have to share. So here goes:

 Honey Glazed Chicken with Dill Dipping Sauce
Serves 4-6
Crispy Sweet Chicken. One of my more healthy recipes. Simple in preparation. What's better then that.
 The dish is from my sister in laws purim mishloach manos "basket" she got it the Ch. Tree Shops. I think it is gorgeous and I will definitely head over there and pick up some others. Presentation is something I continue to work on.

1 Package Chicken Cutlets
2 Boxes Lieber's Honey Glazed Coat & Bake 
2 Eggs
A Little Veg Oil to lightly grease a baking pan

4 Tablespoons Low Fat Mayo
1/4 Cup Dill Pickle Juice
1 Tsp Dill Spice
1 Tsp Fresh Chopped Garlic
1 Tablespoon Sugar
1/4 Tsp Salt
A Sprinkle Pepper

 1. Set up a  "breading station" on a counter or table with two separate shallow dishes or plates. Whisk the eggs together and place it into one of the dishes. Pour the 2 Packets of coat and bake onto the second dish.

2. Cut the chicken into long strips. Swirl a piece around in the egg and then roll it into the coat and bake mixture so that it is completely covered in it.

3. Lay the pieces of coated chicken out in a greased baking pan. Bake them on 400 for 25-30 minutes.

4. Prepare the dill dipping sauce by combining the mayo, pickle juice, dill, fresh garlic , sugar, salt and pepper. Mix them together well until the sauce becomes the consistency you like best.

5. To serve lay the pieces out onto a plate and keep the dill sauce to the side in a bowl for dipping.

My thoughts:  Minus the sugar that's a pretty healthy meal. You can replace the sugar  in the dipping sauce with any lower fat substitute as well if you would like to make it even healthier.  

What I learned: Coat and bake has something in it that burns very easy- a sweetener perhaps. If you see the pan getting burnt spots take it out of the oven and add a little extra oil to avoid setting the smoke alarm off. Also chicken cutlets tend to get dried out if they are in the oven for too long so keep an eye on the time. When they seem ready take them out.

Some extras: Over Pesach there was a small mishap with some potatoes that were supposed to be chopped up for a salad but instead were mashed. Although I had planned for it to be a cooking free holiday I decided to help out. Who says you can't make a potato salad with mashed potatoes? So anyways I threw a couple of ingredients together for a dressing and my sister in law chopped up some israeli pickles and scallions and walla a delicious salad. Inspired by that whole scenario I planned to recreate the same salad but then when I saw how much leftover dill dipping sauce there was I decided to do something similar but different instead. I boiled up about 6 potatoes, chopped up some dill gerkins, and a bunch of scallions. I smashed all the potatoes and and added the dill dipping sauce from the chicken recipe. I served this salad on this side of the chicken. It tasted great! Quick question for all of you: do you peel your potatoes before you boil them or boil them with their skin and then take the peel off. I find it so much easier to boil them with their skin still on or maybe that's me being lazy? I noticed everyone peeling potatoes before boiling them over the entire holiday and it got me thinking.

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Beauty Tip of The Week- Skin Sun Protection

It seems to me that skin care and proper sun protection is a very preached about matter but I'm not so sure that it's heeded in that same sense. As I applied sun tan lotion this morning, I began giving this matter alot of thought. Why is it that people continue to ignore these warnings and scary stories and sit out in the sun with little or no sun protection?
I have extremely fair skin that tends to burn even with the very mention of warm weather. I never used to be as skin concious as I am now. I mean who doesn’t love a golden tan color during the Spring and Summer months? But I never tan, my skin just skips that step and burns to a crisp. I used to sit out in the sun without lotion and not really care that much. So what made me suddenly start taking better care of my skin in the sun?

Here's my story:  About 4 years ago when I first got married my husband and I spent some time in the sun. I was wearing little or no suntan lotion hoping to get a golden glow perhaps. With the weather up to or over 100 degrees every day and most of my time there spent under the sun I ended up burning REALLY BADLY. By really burnt I mean that most of the end of the week was spent in bed. I ended up getting really sick with vomiting and fever. I could feel the actual heat being emmitted from my body. Even the clothing against my skin burned! I had blisters etc. ok you get the point! not a very fun situation. Lets just say when an ice cold bath and aloe vera aren’t helping, you know that you are really burnt badly. After everything I ended up at the hospital and I found out that I had gotten sun poisening and really bad burns. You better believe that was the last time I ever did something like that. That’s just my story, don't wait till something like that happens to you to start paying attention to good skin care.

 I am sure that everyone has heard those same warnings and stories of terrible skin burns and even worst cancers but yet so many people still sit out in the sun without sun protection and even apply oils (alot like being in a frying pan). I now feel very passionate about avoiding any exposure to the suns harmful rays. These are just some tips that I have learnt from my experience and would like to share with you:

1) Apply Sun Tan Lotion or Products with SPF in them:
 What is SPF? It is the sun protection factor in the product you are applying to your skin or as I like to call it- Sunburn Prevention Fluid :). Most sun protection products work by absorbing and scattering sunlight. They contain chemicals that interact with the skin to protect it from UV rays.
  Sunscreens are assigned a sun protection factor (SPF) number that rates their effectiveness in blocking UV rays. Higher numbers indicate more protection. This Pesach I wore the sun tan lotion that I applied to my little boy with SPF 100. Yes there is such a thing. If you have fair skin like me and you burn even when you think of the sun I would suggest a number in that range for your suntan lotion. If you don’t burn as quickly or at all, anything between SPF 15-60 will work well for you. I personally love how sun tan lotion smells. It reminds me of being a little kid and going to the neighbors pool in the summer with my mothers art camp. Luckily so many makeup products now come with built in sunscreens so you can be made up and be protected at the same time. Keeping lips from burning is a must as well. Most lip sticks, glosses and balms come with the added SPF so get yourself one that does.

2) Wear Hats and Sunglasses- If you are planning to be somewhere sunny, wear a hat. Wear one that has a brim all the way around. These shade your face, ears, and the back of your neck best. Plus there are so many stylish choices out now so you can be chic and protected at the same time.

3) Sit in the shade or under an umbrella- but keep in mind that you still need to wear lotion when your in the shade or when it's cloudy out. Clouds and shade don't block out all UV light. 

FAKE IT! For an easy golden glow that doesn’t damage your precious skin there are lots of amazing bronzers out there that look just as great as a natural tan. If you want something that lasts a little longer there are fake tan lotions and sprays that work really well and you can purchase them easily from your local drugstore for a very decent price. Once you learn to use them their as easy as giving yourself a manicure. Spray tans are also available at salons.

One extra tip when your out in the heat which doesn't have as much to do with skin but is just as important is: Stay Hydrated! If you will be out and about make sure to pack yourself a water bottle. Getting dehydrated is not fun!

Practicing good sun protection is most important in these Spring-Summer months when the sun is at it's hottest. So don’t forget your suntan lotion, hat, sunglasses and a bottle of water. You will be happy when you have beautiful undamaged skin to show for it later on. Taking care of your skin shouldn't be a chore it should be a good habit.

I consider this a makeup tip because the face is like a blank canvas and what's underneath the skin makes a big difference to how the makeup will apply and be as a finished product. Take good care of your skin and you will be that much closer to having a face that looks flawless.

       Stay tuned for some other really important tips for taking good care of your skin.
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Blog Update: I'm Back!

 What a long time has passed with no blog posts! I just want to do a little summary/update of where I have been and why I haven't gotten around to too much blogging. I feel like Holidays are the perfect time for spending time away from everything with family and friends and recoup. This Pesach/Passover I did just that. I feel like I am now rejuvenated and ready to get back to my every day routine with lots of blog posts to come (so get excited!). 
For the first part of the holiday we were with my family- my parents, my siblings, my adorable nieces and some cousins. As I've mentioned before it's not often that I get to see them and it was truly very enjoyable.
 The last part of the holiday was spent with the husbands family. We took a nice long road trip to get there, in fact alot of the past week was spent traveling in the car. Long trips in the car can be burdensome to most but I found that it was actually quite nice. Lots of time spent with my boys and I have to mention my son behaved so well which always makes the miles of road ahead easier. We listened to music and sang along. I did help out with a little of the driving and when exhaustion hit we laughed at things that weren't even funny. Within our almost 24 hour drive each way I watched the sun set and rise. The moon followed us along the highway through the night. Long trips are not the kind of thing I do often but they hold wonderful family memories of the past for me. I'll never forget sitting in the back of our family van playing 20 questions to pass the time.

At a rest stop- I don't know what I love about this white fence ;)

we stopped in with my grandmother (my fathers mother) for a short but sweet visit she had not yet met our little cutie so it was much awaited. I always treasure time spent with her. She has a very sweet and kind personality which makes you never want to leave. I love her!.

The ride home was a little more exhausting with a lot of traffic and a flat tire warning but we survived and made it home. After eating dinner from our favorite Chinese takeout we headed straight to our beds for the night. There was lots to be done (laundry, unpacking and stocking up our fridge) but it would have to wait till the next day when we were more rested.

We were sad to leave but it's nice to be back home and back to the daily routines.

 I am really excited to get back to blogging. So stay tuned for some new recipes, makeup product reviews and perhaps something even a little different. I am not strictly food and beauty I'll just say that.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

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Honey Mustard Chicken Nuggets & Sweet Crispy Rice

 Taking inspiration from my sesame chicken recipe (one of my husbands favs!) I created this healthier honey mustard chicken. 

Why do I say "healthier"? Because what I think is more healthy may not be what someone else thinks is healthy low calorie eating.

Coming from someone who loves deep fried, greasy or very cheesy high calorie foods this recipe is pretty healthy. So that's why I would just say "healthier" but you can decide what you define as healthy on your own.
 It was a huge hit with all of us. Even myself and I am not a big chicken eater. It will definitely be a much requested dinner recipe in the future. You know something is really good when your husband asks you to pack some for his lunch the next day and then texts you "this chicken is still sooo good" Ah I love when I make a dinner that everyone loves it's so satisfying. And I really dislike throwing out food so leftovers for lunch is something that makes me very happy!  

Here's the recipe:

For the chicken:

1 Package Chicken Cutlets-
thinned and cut into nugget sized pieces
2 Cups Cornflake Crumbs
1 Cup of Slivered Almonds
1 Tsp. Sprinkle of Salt
1 Tsp. of Mccormicks Garlic Herb Seasoning
2 Large Eggs

Honey Mustard Sauce:

1/2 Cup Hellmans Honey Mustard Sauce (Or equal amounts of honey and mustard mixed)
1/4 Cup Hot Water
4 Tablespoons Brown Sugar
1 Tsp Vinegar
1 Heaping Tablespoon Fresh Chopped Garlic

Start with preparing the chicken. Lay out the slivered almonds on a counter top or cutting board. Smash them into smaller pieces with a tool of choice. I used the "hammer" that is meant for making chicken thinner. If you can find them already packaged in these smaller pieces not ground and not slivered then use those. I couldn't so I did that part on my own. Combine the almond pieces with the cornflake crumbs and lay them out on a large plate or flat dish add the salt and garlic seasoning and mix well. Then whisk the eggs together in a separate dish. Bread the chicken by coating it in the egg and then the cornflake crumb mixture. Preheat the oven to 450. Spray a baking pan with cooking spray and lay the pieces of breaded chicken out in the pan. Bake them for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile prepare your honey mustard sauce. Take the honey mustard, hot water, brown sugar, vinegar and chopped garlic and place them in a sauce pan. Put the ingredients up on the stove top over a low- medium flame allowing the sauce to come to a boil mixing it all along and then shut it once it has. Take the baked chicken out of the oven and pour the honey mustard sauce over all the pieces evenly. Put it back in the oven but this time lower the flame to 350 and leave it in for about 10-15 minutes. Once it is finished baking it is ready to serve.

Now for the rice:

Bring a salted pot of water to a boil. Add the rice letting it cook almost completely. Chop up a large red pepper, a large yellow pepper, and a medium sized sweet onion. Put them into a saute' pan with a little veg. oil and let them cook a little. Add 1 Tablespoon Soy sauce, 1 Tsp Sesame Oil, 1 Tsp Brown Sugar and 1/2 tsp salt. Once the rice is almost completely cooked remove it from the pot with a slotted spoon. Put it into the pan with the now fried veggies. Mix it all together and put it in the oven on 450 for 10-15 minutes or until it is crispy on the top. If you don't like crispy rice skip that step and serve after mixing the rice with the veggie mixture.

Serve the rice on the side of the honey mustard chicken. They worked really well together.

So that's my healthier recipe for this week. After Pesach is over there will most likely be lots of healthier recipes up. With all the eating I do when I'm with family over the holidays I tend to try and prepare low calorie dinners for a little while afterwards.

Happy Cooking Everyone!

Also I don't know how much I am going to be able to blog over the next little while with Pesach and being away a little with family. So if I don't write until after I just want to wish everyone an amazing Pesach! Whether you will be entertaining or away with family and friends the most important thing is to just try and relax and have a nice time!

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Beginning of Spring Beauty Favorites

I really had planned to do a seasonal beauty favorites at the beginning of Spring after discovering some great products and re-discovering some of my old fav’s. and it just got pushed off. I finally planned to do it and then over the weekend I came down with an insane stomach virus. It was not fun. It's more or less gone by now and I'm happy that I can finally actually put this post together.

Here are my beauty favorites from the past little while that I will definitely continue to enjoy into the rest of Spring and summer:
From top left to bottom right:

1) Essie's “Lady Like” Nail Polish- the prettiest pinkish purple nail polish love how it looks next to Spring and Summer’s bronzed skin.

2) Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural Pressed Powder- Gives the most beautiful finish to any foundation or concealer when using to set the makeup. My color is “Light- Medium”

3) Smashbox Limitless Eye Liner in "Onyx"- Black.-A really dark kohl liner that glides on smoothly and dries to a beautiful finish. It's great for smudging into a smokey eye and fabulous for lining the water line. They come in lots of different colors to change it up a little for Spring.

4) Revlon Color Stay Mineralize Bronzing Powder- I love this bronzing powder for a golden bronzed look that looks like I've just been out in the sun.

5) Maybelline Eye Tattoo Shadow in "Bold Gold" I recently reviewed my new favorite cream shadow. Check it out here.

6) Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand- I love this product for highlighting my cheek bones, and the bridge of my nose for that perfect glow. I have found that this one is really photo friendly which is so important!

7) Revlon Lip Butter- Somewhere between a lip gloss and lip balm- it has great color and moisturizes the lips at the same time.  I have dry lips all year round so it’s a must have for me. Read my full review on this product here.

8) Michael Kors "Gold" Perfume. Obsessed with this scent. Got it in a mini spray bottle that came as a sample with a Sephora order. Ever since then I have been wishing for a full size but it’s pretty expensive. So I guess I will eventually purchase it to reward myself for something.

9) Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer- I have always loved full coverage cream concealers. They are great for covering under eye circles and any little blemishes and they don't get cakey looking even after being set. This is my latest favorite. I believe my shade is nw25 but I think I will give for nc25 next time since it’ll brighten more.
10) Philosophy’S Vanilla Birthday Cake Shampoo, Shower gel and Bubble Bath- Sephora gives their beauty insiders birthday gifts along with their orders around the time of their birthday. This is what I got around my birthday-October time. I use it as a shower gel only. It has a really great scent. Not a strong scent. And it has such a clean feel to it.
There it is. My 10 Favorite Beauty items for the season. Most of these are old favorites but from time to time I like to mention the things I love!
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