Sparkly Gold and Purple Holiday Look Eye Makeup Tutorial

Yesterdays post was all about fun makeup looks that inspire me when it comes to holiday parties. I love glamming it up from time to time for a special ocasion. I usually go for the typical smokey eye and nude lip. I am trying to change it up a little though and this is one of the looks I wore recently that I thought was really pretty and definitely in that holiday theme. Usually my makeup tutorials include product names but this time I decided to leave that out as anything you have at home expensive or inexpensive can work and you do not have to use the exact items I did to get a fun look like this.
Here's the tutorial:

1. Start by laying a shimmery gold shade down over the entire lid and up into the crease area with a flat shader brush. 

2. Line the upper lashline with a bright purple creamy eyeliner from the inner corner outwards thickening towards that outer corner.

3. Line the waterline and lower lashline with a creamy black kohl eyeliner. 

4. Using a really small pencil/detail shadow brush take a little bit of purple eyeshadow and run it over the eyeliner applied previosuly blending it out just a little. 
5. Do the same on the lower lashline blending out the lower lash area with that same purple eyeshadow.

6. Apply a black mascara to the upper and lower lashes. 

7. With a large highlighting brush apply a shimmery beige/white shade to the brow bone as a higlight.

8. Put that same shade in the inner corner to highlight there as well.

The Finished Look!
So what do you think? Would you wear this look for a special occasion or holiday party?
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