Makeup Product Review: Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadows

Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadows

Product Description:

Smashbox Says: "Developed in our studios to take long-wearing color to the next level! These super luxe, super saturated shadows glide on and stay put."

So many cosmetics companies have been releasing their version of the cream shadows lately- Maybelline, L'oreal and Armani to name a few. At first I'd only tried the maybelline ones and reviewed them here.
Soon after trying those, Smashbox released some of their own and I have to say I really love this concept. These are pretty similar to the maybelline ones in packaging but I feel like the ones by Maybelline are just a touch more sheer then these.  

Item Specifics & What I Think:

Consistency: They are super creamy and easy to apply and blend going on really smoothly with a flat shader brush or even with your fingers for a speedy application.

Quality and Lasting Power:The colors are extremely vibrant and pigmented so you really need to use very little product every time you put them on. And they set to a color that doesn't crease, fade, transfer or move around at all once it is applied until you remove it. They hold up against the heat, humidity and even water (tears) very well too.

Variety: These come in a nice variety of shades to suit every taste from the very light more sheer colors to darker opaque shades like these.(12 in all)- all the necessary colors in my opinion- purples, pinks, gold, silver, bronze, blue, green etc. I also like that they are named for the birth stones just a cute quirk.
They can be worn alone and look wonderful that way but they are also great for layering with powder shadows or with other cream shadows.
The packaging: isn't super heavy or too large to carry in a small purse or makeup bag for easy on the go use. I like the tight screw on lid which keeps the product secure from drying out.
The price- $19 is pretty decent for what the product is and for the amount of product- 5 g supplied for you in that glass jar.

It's not often that I find a product and have nothing that I dislike about it. This is one of those. I can't really find anything that I don't enjoy about these cream shadows. They are exactly as described and I have been wearing on a pretty regular basis ever since I first tried them. So I think Smashbox did a great job with these ones. I would definitely love to add the rest of the colors to my collection and could easily go without powder eyeshadows as long as I have these.

 Application Tips:

I find that applying these specific cream shadows with my fingers has been the easiest method. I also like to blend the color out  in a thin layer let them set for 2-3 minutes before topping them with any powder shadows. Placing a powder shadow on top immediately can make them go from smooth to dry and flaky.

with the flash
from left to right:

Sapphire- dark blue
Neptune- green light blue
Stone- bronze
Amethyst-dark purple 
Quartz- rose gold

without the flash
Hope this product review is helpful to you in your beauty shopping!

Have you tried these cream shadows? Did you love them or hate them?
Let me know in the comments form below I love to hear from you!
If you haven't tried them yet you can get them here- online at or here- at I do not think you will be disappointed!
Stay tuned for some more pretty eye looks using these cream shadows!
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