Makeup Product Review: Mac Matte Lipstick "So Chaud"+Photos and Swatches

Mac Matte Lipstick: "So Chaud"

Product Description:

What Mac Says About Their Matte Lipsticks 3g $15.00 "Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous."

I can't say I love every Mac product available but their lipsticks and eye shadows are undeniably some of the best products they have to offer. This specific rich lipstick called So Chaud is the latest addition to my collection. And like the rest of my Mac lippies this one did not fail to impress! For the fall and winter seasons bold statement lip shades are what I gravitate to most. Plums, reds, bright pinks and corals (Look out for a post on some of my favorites and application tips).This specific medium toned orange-red shade or one similar to it is what was was lacking in my bold lipstick collection so as soon as I swatched it in the store I knew it was one I wanted. Mac has a fabulous Back To Mac recycling program and by bringing back six empty plastic MAC containers (compacts, bottles, etc.) to any MAC location, you can swap for a free lipstick. With this exchange I chose this one and got it free of cost! I noticed that it is similar to Mac's Morange and Mac's Lady Danger both of which I considered as well but as this was just a little more subtle then those two it was my obvious choice. Here is what I think of this specific shade:

What I Like:
Matte formulations last best on my lips and this lipstick has a matte fully opaque texture giving me about 6-7 hours of wear when applied over a lip liner and blotted. No bothersome touch ups needed throughout the day, no transfer to my teeth and doesn't rub off or smudge during my morning coffee and even with consuming oily foods. When it does begin to wear off it does so in such a subtle way leaving behind a lovely rosy pink stain.
It's creamy and goes on really smoothly but dries and sets quick.
The shade is so different and pretty with its orangy undertones. It's not totally full on neon orange though so it's still quite wearable as I like to play it a little safe. It has a very slight sparkle that just makes it pop but doesn't overshadow it. It can even be toned down with a light gloss to give it a sheen and although that may shorten the wear time it will still have great lasting power.

It has amazing pigmentation giving so much color with just one swipe. For that reason, I like to use a lip brush to apply because with that kind of payoff it can be overpowering applied straight from the tube.
I have always been a fan of macs sturdy black and silver bullet lipstick packaging.
It has the typical mac lipstick vanilla and brown sugar scent. I really like that scent. That could be because it reminds me of my very first mac lipstick/ the first lipstick I ever owned. To me it definitely isn't obnoxious.

Mac lipsticks last me for a really long time and don't need to be replaced often even with wearing them every day giving them a pretty great value.

What I Don't Like:

I find that most matte lipsticks suck the moisture right out of my lips. So it really was to be expected. Although it doesn't give me that dry look while I'm wearing it it sure dehydrates my lips. So much so that I cannot wear it constantly as and I need to give my lips time recover with a lip balm over a few days time imbetween.

That nice stain left over can be great as it wears off nicely and looks pretty for a while but it stains my lips so much and won't come off completely even after using my best makeup remover (again great for lasting power) but can be kind of annoying if I want to switch to a lighter shade in the evening time.

It's on the warmer side so it can cause individuals with yellowy undertones to their skin seem even more yellow so that's something to be aware of. Also the colors aren't quite reliable as they look a little different depending what lighting you are in and how fair your skin is. Brighter more natural lighting and darker skin makes it seem more orange and fairer skin with duller lighting makes it seem really red.
The high pigmentation could be difficult to work with if you are new to matte lipsticks and applying them.So I would recommend starting with Revlon lip butters and after you get the hang of those you can try this.

On My Lips. As you can see it does seem a little more red on my fair skin in this specific lighting. I would recommend heading into a mac store and seeing how it looks for yourself as it may be alot different on you.

A Swatch. With my flash.
I love this lip shade for fall and winter. I'm so happy to have added a new shade to my bolder lipstick collection. I would most definitely repurchase if I ever run out ;) I have been enjoying wearing it with a toned down eye look many days this fall and I really look forward to rocking it all winter long. If you are looking for a lipstick that lasts all day, is bold and highly pigmented this will be a fantastic choice for you. It can be purchased at or anywhere else that mac is sold.

Please share your favorite bold lip names as I always love trying something new and different. Leave any comments in the form below I read every single one and I love hearing from you!

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