Makeup Product Review: LORAC "Starry-Eyed" Baked Eye Shadow Trio+ Photos & Swatches

LORAC "Starry Eyed" Eye Shadow Trio
Product Description:
What LORAC says about their Baked Eye Shadow Trio's 4.25 G $26: "Easily create Red Carpet smokey eyes with LORAC's color-coordinating shades of shimmering baked eye shadow trios. Baked to create a silky-smooth unique texture, these highly pigmented, long-lasting shades are designed to be applied either wet, for a more dramatic, smokey eye makeup look, or dry for a natural eye makeup look. Highlight, contour, line, and define with starry eyes from LORAC's eye makeup!"
Ever since purchasing my LORAC close up kit a while back I have been so intrigued with almost every product included. If I had to choose I'd say this is my favorite from every item in the kit though. I have since put up 2 makeup tutorials using it. (one of which had to be removed after losing all of the photos in my blog! :( ) I have found it to be the perfect addition to my usually rushed every day makeup routine.
Here's some more item specifics and my opinion:

The Packaging: Although it seems a little heavy and bulky it is also quite sturdy and pretty elegant with it's black sparkly backdrop that doesn't get full of eyeshadow particles every time it's used. The clear snap close lid is easy to open and close and keeps the shadows intact.
Eye Shadow Pigmentation and Finish: The color payoff is already pretty fantastic when using these eye shadows dry. The great thing about baked shadows is that they can be brought up another notch by dampening a synthetic brush slightly and then patting the color onto the eyelid- this brings out a metallic-like sheen and makes the color even more vivid. As for the finish- they have the slightest shimmery metallic properties but no chunky bits of glitter that can be irritating.
The Quality and Lasting Time: These eye shadows are buttery smooth, pick up onto the brush with just a touch and easily blend. They don't crumble terribly which would cause the application to be very messy but I did find some of those tiny sparkly particles to fall while applying. As for how they wear- I apply them in the morning and they stay put till the evening on my non-oily eyelids even without applying an eye primer beneath.

The Cost: $26 does seem a little expensive to me for an eye shadow trio but if you are trying to decide whether to splurge you will also need to take into account the dollar-weight ratio and it beat many of it's likely competitors and is technically less expensive in that aspect.
Here's a comparison for example:
LORAC eyeshadow trio: 4g of product $26
Mac: (Some of the best) 1.5g for $15
Amount of Product: There is a decent amount of product there and I think it can last a while. I have used it so many times in the past few months and haven't even made a dent.
Versatility: You can create quite a few different looks using this trio from light and natural to intense and deep {Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial}. Getting the desired look is quick and simple with just 3 shades to choose from- the salmon shade for all over the lid, a highlight color for the inner corner and brow bone and the darkest one for the outer v or crease area or even a smokey eye. Obviously you won't be able to create as many looks as you would with a palette of 10-20 shades but you still have alot to work with. Another thing that makes this trio really useful is that beautiful iridescent ivory shade can easily double as a face highlighter - I've found it to be especially gorgeous right above the cheek bones.

I really like this eyeshadow trio. The details that really stood out to me were the metallic properties, the amount of product it came with, and the lasting power.
I usually like to wear matte shades but have found myself pulling this one out quite a bit. If you like basic shimmery eye shadows that make a quick look easy then give these a try, you will not be disappointed.
 I was thrilled that was the one allotted to the kit I chose as the deep purple color really compliments my brown eyes. There are about 7 different trios to choose from on the LORAC website from bronze to plum and even green themes. I am thinking of getting the one called Effects Rockstar next- those teal shades seem pretty unique to me compared to anything I already own.  
 The swatch- taken with flash.
I hope this review will be helpful to you if you are looking into LORAC or their eye shadows. I had never heard of them before trying this kit and I will definitely be adding more of their products to my collection in the near future.
These trios can be purchased at their website or anywhere else that LORAC is sold.
Which kind of eyeshadow do you prefer? natural or bold? shimmery or matte?
Let me know in the comments form below, I love to hear from you!
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