Glamourous Makeup Looks For Holiday Parties

Chanuka is here and I am enjoying every minute of it. This holiday is probably the only reason I ever look forward to Winter which is my least favorite season.& it is one of the holidays I look forward to most- lighting the candles, spending time with the family, attending Chanuka parties, eating festive foods, giving gifts etc. Everything about it is just so perfect
I usually keep my makeup pretty simple on a day to day basis so when it comes time for a special event or a holiday party I like to change it up a little. Pinterest never fails! I love pinning fun looks and looking at them when I'm in need of something just a little bit more glitzy. It's so easy to be inspired. My favorite party look is either a pretty smokey eye combined with a nude lip or a natural eye with a bold colored lip.
Today, I thought I'd share some of those looks. Perhaps I can inspire you to have some fun with your makeup this holiday.

Colorful Eyes

 Bold Lips

Smokey Eyes
 Glittery or Metallic Eyes

Graphic Winged Liner

 Natural Yet Stunning "No Makeup" Makeup Look
some pictures in this post are from google or pinterest. if a photo is yours and you would like it removed please contact me by email or in the comments section below and I will gladly comply immediately.
Don't forget that you have to like it and be comfortable with it and most of all just have a great time whatever you may be doing & wherever you may be going.
Which of these is your favorite looks for the holidays?
What kind of makeup look will you be wearing?
Please share in the comments form below, I love to hear from you! You can even send me a photo with twitter, instagram, facebook or pinterest I love to see your creativity and it inspires me!
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Thanks for reading!
Have a Wonderful Chanuka!
XX. Gigi.
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