My Favorite Beauty Products of The Year: 2012

As 2012 comes to a close I have gathered up some of my favorite and least favorite products of the  year (already posted). I always like too see what others have been loving or hating as it is so helpful to me in my beauty shopping and saves me some money too. I hope that this can be useful to you in that way.

These are some of the items that I will repurchase again when I run out and that are just go-to never fail to please kind of things that are in my collection. I will write a short description as to why I think each one is so amazing. Some have been reviewed or mentioned here previously and I will link when necessary. Look out for reviews on any that haven't been yet, they are coming soon!

1. Revlon Colorstay Foundation- This is one product that I am constantly raving about and that is because it's THAT good. When I'm not testing other foundations just for the heck of it I go back to this one as it truly never fails me. 

What I Love About It: The thing I love most about it would have to be it's long lasting abilities, I can apply this in the morning and it'll last well into the late hours of the evening and looks the same all the way through.

2. Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural- This is one a very well known and popular setting powder for the flawless look it gives . 

What I love about It: I love it because of the beautiful natural finish it gives any foundation while setting it. It also adds a bit of color and coverage to whatever layer I have on already.

3. E.L.F. Glitter Gloss- I like every one of the glosses from this line. This is just the specific one I had lying around at the moment. 

What I love About Them: The thing I love about them is that they aren't sticky, are even a bit moisturizing feeling and look really pretty and glittery but don't contain any annoying chunks of glitter and the best part is they only cost $1.

4. NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in "Beige"- NYX has really affordable cosmetics that have a good name for their reliability. This is one of the first items I ever tried from their line. Although it has a strong scent of cherry and it's name is very random compared to it's actual color, this one is another of my favorite glosses.

What I love about it:  It has a nice smooth finish, is highly pigmented in color and lasts pretty well on my lips for a gloss finish. I look forward to trying more glosses from this line in the near future!

5. Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick in "Best Bubbly"- In my opinion these are some of the best of the long lasting lipsticks.

What I Love About It: This is a dazzling nude color that looks good on almost every skin tone and pairs well with any makeup look. I can wear this for hours and hours and it lasts through it all- drinks and oily foods included. It doesn't flake or cause my lips to feel super dried out after either!

6. Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil in "Zero"- There are so many eyeliners available from makeup counters and drugstores everywhere. They all claim to be simple to apply and to last for ages.

What I love about this one: It really does live up to those claims. It is a very black, smooth pencil and glides on making drawing a straight line easy. What sets it apart from the rest is it's great lasting power. I like to use this one for lining my upper lash line and tight lining the upper waterline. 

7. Lorac Line Pro Liquid Eyeliner Pen- This is the last product from the close up kit that I have not reviewed yet. Rest assured that post is coming quite soon. I find liquid liners in the pen form easiest to work with as they give the most control. 

What I love about this one: It has a very fine thin tip that fits into the very inner corner of the eye easily and creates a thin perfect line and I don't find any flaking, smudging or irritation during or after application.

8. Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara- This is my most proffered of all their mascaras. 

What I love about it: It has an  ideal brush size with bristles that help to lengthen, volumize and curl with ease. and the formula is easy to work with and is super black.

9. Urban Decay Naked Palette- Another very talked about product between beauty blogs all over. I would never have been able to pick just one eyeshadow so I chose my most used palette. 

What I Love About it: It has plenty of neutral shades, some shimmery ones, and  an assortment of matte shades. It is a great addition to my makeup artists kit with it's large variety of highly pigmented easy to work with shadows.

10. Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner- I've owned this one for ages and I still love it just as much as the very first time I used it. I was so pleasantly surprised with it's quality and nice packaging.

 What I love about it: It applies so easily with it's lovely gel texture, packs on a lot of opaque color with just one stroke and can easily take on many of my high end ones with it's quality. 

11. Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadow in "Quartz"- I very recently reviewed these cream shadows. I could easily go without powder shadows if these came in every color the powder ones do. 

What I love about it: This specific shade has just the right amount of  gorgeous sparkle and lasts on my eyes all day long. It's my favorite from the collection so far. 

12. Freeman Facial Clay Mask in Chocolate & Strawberry- if you have already seen my post about my skin care routine that I put up a while back you will know how much I love this and how vital it is in my daily regimen.

What I Love About it: It is the ideal at home spa face product. Every time I use it I feel pampered and relaxed. It smells like something you want to eat and it really does an immense job of giving me a deep clean feeling of my skin and preventing potential breakouts of any sort. 

13. Guerlain "La Petite Robe Noire" Perfume- Although this is just a sample size I knew from the first spritz that it was going to be one I would adore.

What I love about it: It smells like caramelized brown sugar to me but in a perfume sort of way and I like that the scent seems to keep for hours, I am definitely going to be getting the large size of this one as soon as I decide to splurge on a new perfume!

14. China Glaze "In the City" Nail Polish- This is one of the polishes that was featured in my most recent nail of the day post. Whenever I am in the mood of glamming up my nails a bit this sparkly polish is the one I go for. 

What I Love About It: It has a wonderful formula with just the right amount of glitter in each stroke and it dries really quickly which I like for when I am in a rush.

15. Covergirl- Clear Brow Set Gel- A brow set gel is one item that my makeup bag cannot be without. I have thick brows that can get unruly without something to set them in place and keep them from moving around.

What I love about it: It's completely translucent, so it doesn't seem noticeable at all after it's applied through the brows. It holds my brows together really well and still keeps them soft not all clumped together and dried like some others like it are notorious for.

16. Sonia Kashuk Remove Eye Makeup Remover- Another one of the items that my above mentioned skin care routine could absolutely not do without. This is something I use on a day to day basis.

What I love about it: It doesn't irritate my eyes and it removes my eye makeup (even the most waterproof of them) with just a couple of wipes of the product across my lids. It makes taking my makeup off in the evening a breeze. I have repurchased this one several times and I just can't imagine a nightly routine without it. 

Let me know what your favorite beauty products were this year in the comments form below, I would love to know- I love trying the things that others love! 

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Hope you are having a great start to your week!

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Recipe: Yerushalmi Noodle Kugel

 What is Yerushalmi Kugel? If you have never heard of or tasted of it then believe me when I say this: you are missing out! The Yerushalmi Kugel originated out of Yerushalayim in the 19th century, hence it's name. It could be considered something like a crisp egg noodle casserole and has since become a common side dish served on Shabbos. There are all sorts of  versions and variations to play around with: many people throw in raisins, some use wide noodles, others use thin, some people leave it in the oven on a lower temperature overnight giving it that really browned look with a very soft inside.
Serving potato kugel as a Shabbos side dish every week can get a little boring so I like to switch it up pretty often from yerushalmi kugel to blueberry apple kugel, roasted vegetables or green bean casserole etc.
This recipe is one of my own using the basic ingredients as a guideline and then tweaking it to be exactly the way I wanted it. This kugel is now pretty popular around my house, there's never any left once Shabbos is over. Here's the recipe:

Yerushalmi Noodle Kugel:
Yields: 1 Medium Round Kugel
1 16 oz. Package Thin Egg Noodles
2 1/2 Cups Water
Half a Stick of Margarine
2 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil
1/2 Cup White Sugar
1/3 Cup Brown Sugar
2 Eggs
2 Teaspoons Salt
1 Teaspoon Pepper
A Sprinkle of Cinnamon and Nutmeg
1. Preheat the oven to 450 & heat up 2 1/2 Cups Water in a pot over a medium flame. Add the margarine, white sugar, brown sugar, vegetable oil, salt, pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg. Stir to combine and allow it to come to a boil. The margarine should melt completely before shutting the flame. Allow it to cool a little.
2. Put the raw egg noodles in a large mixing bowl that can handle high heat. Scramble up the two eggs and pour them into the bowl. Distribute it as best as you can amongst the noodles and then add the heated mixture from the pot. Mix it all together right away to keep the eggs from cooking.
3. Pour the whole mixture into a round disposable pan and put it in the oven to bake for about an hour or until the entire top is brown and crispy and the inside is cooked through. Serve warm.

What is your favorite side dish to cook for Shabbos or any time? If you do make your own yerushalmi kugel please share your variations in the comments form below, I'm always looking for new ideas!
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Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Really looking forward to a great week to come!
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Friday Fashion: Party Outfit Ideas with New Years in Mind

As another calendar year comes to a close many people celebrate and head to parties. I will most likely be home in my pajamas watching the ball drop. Whether you will be attending one of these parties on New Years or just need the perfect look to wear to a close friends wedding or any other special occasion, I have got you covered. I love dressing up to go out to a special event or party and I always find it useful to see how other people style their looks. Here are some 4 fun and pretty affordable party outfit ideas I put together.

Look #1Holiday Look #1
The little black dress is a must-have for every woman and perfect for any occasion.   Keep warm by covering with a lush faux fur coat and toss in that gold clutch for an unexpected pop of color. A bold red lip will glam it up even more.

Look #2Party Look #2
Shine bright at any party with a sparkly gold detailed dress. Adding a warm accent like this burgundy clutch and nails will help make it look a little less overdone.

Look #3Party Look #3
Not feeling too comfortable in a dress? Wear a blazer over a glittery top and pair it with a pencil skirt. You will look just as glam. Take it to the next level with a coral lip shade!

Look #4party look 4
Burgundy is such a festive looking shade! Accessorize with black and nude so it doesn't look too over the top.

I hope this will be helpful to you in some way!
Which of these look is your favorite / something you can see yourself wearing out?
Let me know in the comments form below, I love to hear from you!
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A wonderful Shabbos to you all!

Beauty Products That I Regret Purchasing / Wouldn't Recommend For This Year: 2012

I so often do reviews on products that I love and talk about my favorites here on the blog. I am in fact in the process of choosing my favorites for this past year of 2012. This one is going to be a little different. Every so often I come across products that I really don't like at all. Some are so talked about and hyped up which is why I purchase in the first place hoping to see what is so beloved about them. Perhaps some of these products are just a personal preference and don't work for me while they are amazing for others. If you have one of these and really like it please comment below telling me why it works well for you and perhaps some ideas for application that I hadn't realized before. Most items are even from my favorite brands of which some of my favorite products belong to as well. Beauty purchases can really add up and get super expensive which is why I feel the need to do this post warning of what I think others should be wary of.

Here's a list of some of the items I purchased this past year that I don't think are worth purchasing with a small description as well:

Mac Cleanse Off Oil-

Why I purchased it: First off I have to say I can't really think of a product from Mac that really disappointed me yet and that's saying a lot as I have many in my collection. This one though was a really big problem for me. I was at a Mac counter and it just so happened that I was looking for a makeup remover. I had heard such great things about it and on top of that the girl that was helping me totally had me convinced! I'm happy that I chose to test the small size because after using it 5 times it just had to be tossed.

Why It Didn't Work Well For Me: It was greasy and extremely irritating to my eyes even getting into them & causing my vision to be blurry. I tried applying it with a q- tip, keeping my eyes shut while putting it on, using just a tiny amount with my fingers and absolutely nothing worked it kept managing to get into my eyes and annoy me. I had a pretty bad experience with it to say the least.

Covergirl Lashblast Fusion Waterproof Mascara in the Purple Tube-

Why I purchased it: I have tried many Covergirl Mascaras and really liked them all. One that I have repurchased dozens of times and always have in my collection is the Lashblast Fusion in the Orange Tube. I ran out of that one at some point and while I was at the drugstore I decided to pick up a new one. They were out of the Orange Tube and it seemed to me that the Purple was pretty similar.
Why It Didn't Work Well For Me: It turns out that the tube looks exactly alike as well as it's wand but the product inside is a completely different formula. It did absolutely nothing for my lashes. It didn't keep a curl, it didn't lengthen or volumize the way the orange tube always does and so it just wasn't a very good product in my opinion.

Smashbox High Definiton Healthy FX Foundation-

Why I purchased it: You may have noticed how much I love Smashbox as I talk about their products all the time. Ever since trying my very first item from their line I just couldn't get enough. I found their bb cream, tinted moisturizer and even their other foundations to be great and reliable.

Why It Didn't Work Well For Me: This specific one really didn't work for me. I tried a couple of shades and each one just didn't match up well. I also noticed that it oxidized a little after a few minutes turning a little darker then the shade it should have been in the bottle. It wasn't a very blendable formula either as it was a very dry formulation and I tried it in the Winter when my skin gets dry in some areas.

Elf Undereye Concealer and Higlighter-

Why I purchased it: I have been pleasantly surprised with many elf products as they are
Why It Didn't Work Well For Me: The concealer side was very dry and didn't blend well under my eyes. It just caked up and settled into fine lines almost immediately. The highlighter side was just as disappointing- too liquidey feeling, it took off a layer of makeup as it was blended in and it was very matte which just looked like a white war stripe instead of a subtle glow which is what I expect from my highlighters.

Dior Show Mascara-

Why I purchased it: Because of the rave reviews. I usually really like a medium dry formula when it comes to a mascara so this seemed like a great choice.

Why It Didn't Work Well For Me: It was too dry, flaked off and irritated my eyes and clumped up during application. Also, the product in the tube dried out about a month and a half after I purchased it and the price is quite steep for a mascara.

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner Pen-

Why I purchased it: I love liquid liners and really liked the colorstay regular liquid eyeliner I thought one in pen form would make application easier. It does if you have one that works.

Why It Didn't Work Well For Me: the color was extremely washed out looking. I bought it in blackest black but it looked light gray. I shook it up hoping that would help and it didn't. I even went and bought a second one thinking this one was faulty or dried out but it was the same story. Since it was so washed out looking the color hardly lasted. I like my eyeliners to be dark and bold not gray and washed out.

Maybelline Eye Studio Powder Eye Shadows-

Why I Purchased Them: I was so impressed with the color tattoo cream shadows and the eye studio gel liners so I thought I'd have a similar experience with these powder shadows.
Why It Didn't Work Well For Me: These specific powder shadows did nothing for me. They didn't go on smoothly or blend well, they crumbled everywhere and I don't find them to be ultra pigmented or last very long on my lids. It's too bad because they looked so pretty!

Wet n Wild Original Lipsticks-

Why I Purchased Them: I am amazed by the quality of some of the wet n wilds items as they are just a couple of dollars. Their eye shadows and blushes are easily comparable to many of my favorite high end ones.
Why They Didn't Work Well For Me: These lipsticks were not great at all. They were too matte and totally sucked the moisture out of my lips leaving them parched. The color was too pigmented and too thick to apply properly as well.

Beauty So Clean Sanitizer:

Why I Purchased It: As a makeup artist keeping my kit sanitary and bacteria free at all times is very important. I had heard great things about this sanitizer.
Why It Didn't Work Well For Me: The spray attachment was faulty so I had to switch the product over to a disposable plastic spray bottle. It didn't come with much product for the amount of money I paid for it and it ran out within 2 weeks. I didn't see much difference between this and my ever reliable alcohol spray sanitizer.

Clean and Clear Toner:

Why I Purchased It: In the Summertime my t-zone gets a little oily and I like to use a toner to help slow the production of oil. My favorite cleanser is from clean and clear and so I figured I'd try something else they had to offer.
Why It Didn't Work Well For Me: It smelled heavily of alcohol and burned my skin as I applied it. It felt very strong and caused my skin to be irritated.

Yes To Cucumbers Face Wipes:

Why I Purchased Them: They were on sale at target when I was there and I always like to have a pack of makeup wipes in my purse for quick fixes.
Why They Didn't Work Well For Me: These weren't very moist and smelled too heavily of cucumber.

Do you have any beauty products that you tried this year that didn't impress you or that you wouldn't repurchase again? Let me know what they are in the comments form below as that is always helpful.

Lookout for my favorites coming soon!

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December's Kitchen of The Month: Grey Like the Weather+ Some Cheerful Inspiration

The days sure are grey and drab as we head into the thick of Winter. This months kitchen is the epitome of winter days for me: dark, grey and gloomy but with that pop of yellow to add a little bit of bright cheery light! I don't know much when it comes to architecture and interior design but I do know a lovely room when I see one! Everything about it is so modern and sophisticated. I'm not sure I'd really go for those large white chairs as they don't look all that comfortable. I'd probably put in some nice grey stools instead. That simple large hanging light really works well in this setting. The open shelving is something I have talked about before and I still really like what it adds to a kitchen, this one included. Now, can we please talk about that massive window? A perfect scene like that is something I'd like to look out onto every day. I love natural sunlight and a big window like that is just too good to be true.
 I can just imagine having a kitchen just like this one day cooking up a storm, entertaining and even relaxing- drinking a coffee & watching the kids through that window as the play on the lawn below. It's so spacious and immaculately designed!
 What do you think of it?
It may be dark and cold outside but just looking at that bright yellow color makes me feel happy and alive. I would like to pass some of that bright and cheerful inspiration on to you today:

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future, it is something you design for the present!

There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all.

The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does.

The earth laughs in flowers.

If you want happiness for an hour — take a nap.
If you want happiness for a day — go fishing.
If you want happiness for a year — inherit a fortune.
If you want happiness for a lifetime — help someone else.
some pictures in this post are from google or pinterest. if a photo is yours and you would like it removed please contact me by email or in the comments section below and I will gladly comply immediately.
Do you have a gorgeous kitchen to share with me? Please send me your photos with facebook, instagram, by email etc. and your kitchen could be featured in one of my kitchen of the month posts.

Don't forget to say hi, leave me a comment in the form below I love to hear from my readers!
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Makeup Product Review: Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadows

Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadows

Product Description:

Smashbox Says: "Developed in our studios to take long-wearing color to the next level! These super luxe, super saturated shadows glide on and stay put."

So many cosmetics companies have been releasing their version of the cream shadows lately- Maybelline, L'oreal and Armani to name a few. At first I'd only tried the maybelline ones and reviewed them here.
Soon after trying those, Smashbox released some of their own and I have to say I really love this concept. These are pretty similar to the maybelline ones in packaging but I feel like the ones by Maybelline are just a touch more sheer then these.  

Item Specifics & What I Think:

Consistency: They are super creamy and easy to apply and blend going on really smoothly with a flat shader brush or even with your fingers for a speedy application.

Quality and Lasting Power:The colors are extremely vibrant and pigmented so you really need to use very little product every time you put them on. And they set to a color that doesn't crease, fade, transfer or move around at all once it is applied until you remove it. They hold up against the heat, humidity and even water (tears) very well too.

Variety: These come in a nice variety of shades to suit every taste from the very light more sheer colors to darker opaque shades like these.(12 in all)- all the necessary colors in my opinion- purples, pinks, gold, silver, bronze, blue, green etc. I also like that they are named for the birth stones just a cute quirk.
They can be worn alone and look wonderful that way but they are also great for layering with powder shadows or with other cream shadows.
The packaging: isn't super heavy or too large to carry in a small purse or makeup bag for easy on the go use. I like the tight screw on lid which keeps the product secure from drying out.
The price- $19 is pretty decent for what the product is and for the amount of product- 5 g supplied for you in that glass jar.

It's not often that I find a product and have nothing that I dislike about it. This is one of those. I can't really find anything that I don't enjoy about these cream shadows. They are exactly as described and I have been wearing on a pretty regular basis ever since I first tried them. So I think Smashbox did a great job with these ones. I would definitely love to add the rest of the colors to my collection and could easily go without powder eyeshadows as long as I have these.

 Application Tips:

I find that applying these specific cream shadows with my fingers has been the easiest method. I also like to blend the color out  in a thin layer let them set for 2-3 minutes before topping them with any powder shadows. Placing a powder shadow on top immediately can make them go from smooth to dry and flaky.

with the flash
from left to right:

Sapphire- dark blue
Neptune- green light blue
Stone- bronze
Amethyst-dark purple 
Quartz- rose gold

without the flash
Hope this product review is helpful to you in your beauty shopping!

Have you tried these cream shadows? Did you love them or hate them?
Let me know in the comments form below I love to hear from you!
If you haven't tried them yet you can get them here- online at or here- at I do not think you will be disappointed!
Stay tuned for some more pretty eye looks using these cream shadows!
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Nails of The Day: Dark Grey with Silver Sparkle: Essie "Power Clutch" and China Glaze "In The City"

It's no secret that I'm not great at self manicures but that doesn't stop me from doing them all the time. Manicures at the salon can really add up so I usually keep those for special occasions and attempt applying my own otherwise. Also, I know people usually go to get a mani as a way of relaxing but for me it's the opposite, as soon as I get in I'm hoping for it to be over and waiting for it to dry is just painful! Anyways, this is one of my favorite combos for the cold months. I used to wear "berry hard" which is a maroon color by Essie all winter long. But I've expanded my collection quite a bit since and now wear navy, red, purple, green and all colors of the rainbow. This color called Power Clutch is part of Essie's winter collection from last year. I've really liked it since the first time I put it on. It's a great opaque carbon grey shade, goes on evenly and dries so quickly. The glitter silver/navy  polish is called "In the City" by China Glaze. I love all glittery things. You can find a polish like this by pretty much every nail polish company that exists. This one is pretty sheer so I wouldn't wear it on it's own but it does look great on top of an opaque polish. I painted on two coats of the grey color let that dry and then added the glitter to the tips area in a thick strip.
What's your favorite nail polish by Essie? Leave the name in the comments below- I love to try new ones!
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Recipe: Mocha White Hot Chocolate

Your all probably pretty sick of me wining about how much of a bother Winter is. I was thinking about it yesterday and I realized that there is alot more about these crisp winter months that I love then things I don't. Ok so it's not my favorite season: I need to bundle up to go outdoors and yeah I'm a cold person and yes I get ear aches, sinus infections/colds every year (one of which I'm fighting at this very moment) but still I could name you 10 things right now that I absolutely love. And in fact I will: (in no specific order)

1) I love waking up in the morning & looking out the window at a fresh sheet of untouched snow. It's so serene and beautiful. It reminds me of all the times we used to play outside in the snow as kids building snowmen, digging out snow igloos in the piles the snow plows created and of course having snow ball fights.

2) I love the change in wardrobe- taking out the warm sweaters & shopping for new styles and warmer attire- scarfs, boots, hats and the works.
3) I love that I can changing up my makeup looks a little adding a bolder lip and wearing darker nail polishes. 

4) I love the warm savory foods- soups, warm drinks, casseroles that are a must in the winter time & baking yummy cookies and pies which I seem to do a whole lot more this time of year.
5) I love getting cozy next to a warm fireplace and reading a good intriguing book.

6) I love taking cute pictures of my son all bundled up!
7) I love winter as my sons birthday is right at the center of it. He'll be 3 in just two weeks-yay!

8) I love spending time with family and friends and giving them gifts during the holiday time- Chanuka is one of my favorite holidays and it falls out right at the beginning of Winter.
9) I love lighting scented candles- even if I am taking a break from cooking & baking at least my house always smells like I just prepared something wintry and perfect.
10) I love the long nights and how the darkness sets in early and lasts longer I feel like I am alot more energized in the mornings.
So now I would like to share one of my favorite warm drink recipes for this time of year. During cold nights in we like to sip on something warm, homemade and soothing and this one is just that! If you are watching your weight right now like I am and can't afford the extra calories I don't think it would be too difficult to simplify it and make it dieter friendly - omit the whipped cream for starters and use soy milk or skim milk and you can still enjoy a delicious winter night treat. 

Mocha White Hot Chocolate:
2 Cups Milk
4 oz. White Baking Chocolate Bar
2 Tablespoons Instant Coffee or 1 Tablespoon Coffee Liquor
1/2 Tsp Cinnamon Extract
1 Tsp Vanilla Sugar
Garnish- 1/8 Cup Whipped Cream and a Sprinkle of mixed Cinnamon and Cocoa Powder.
1. Heat the milk in a pot or large sauce pan over low- medium heat until bubbles form around the side. Do not allow it to come to a full boil. Stir. Shut the flame.
2. Add the chocolate bar, instant coffee/coffee liquor, cinnamon extract and vanilla sugar to the heated milk and cover the pot for a moment to keep the heat in and allow it to all melt in together. Stir to combine. It can be processed in a blender if you prefer at this point to really get it frothy and combined.
3.Then, pour the mixture into mugs. Top the drink with nice amount of whipped cream to each mug. Mix together about a tsp each cinnamon and cocoa powder and sprinkle it over the top of the whipped cream. Serve right away.
So quick easy!
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Friday Fashion: Faux Fur Trend Spotlight

Fur has played such a prominent role on the runways for several years running so it came as no surprise when the 2012 Fall runways were filled with those luxe fur pieces.

I personally opt for faux fur with the whole moral dillema and I'm not even going to get started on the price tags!

Whether it's a fuzzy vest, scarf, coat or even fur lined boots a touch of faux fur is surely a wardrobe essential for your closets this Winter season. With so many different styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits you.

With the temperatures dropping this piece is perfect in keeping us warm and cozy but stylish and fabulous too. This timeless trend is not only glamorously classy it can completely transform any ordinary look into a brilliant outfit! From work to the weekend or even a special occasion it's sure to add that finishing touch.

Anna James from Fash Boulevard is one of my favorite fashion bloggers and a huge inspiration too! If you haven't heard of her yet you NEED to go check out her blog she is so sweet and you will love her fashion sense!

from pinterest
 She sure knows how to style her fur don't you agree?! After seeing this post I knew I had to have one just like it and picked one up from Nordstrom Rack soon after.  I've been wearing it quite a bit this Fall and Winter creating all sorts of fun looks.

Wear it! 

From Left to right: Coat#1, Fur Vest #3 Hat, Collar,

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