Step By Step Simple Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial Featuring LORAC Starry Eye Trio Look #2

Simple Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial:
I've been using this LORAC eye shadow trio almost every day since I got it. Although it only has 3 shades I can easily create 3-4 different looks without having to put much thought or effort into it. I did create a more natural every day eye look which I put up previously so go check that out here if you would like. I love a pretty purple color as it really compliments my brown eyes! When I'm in a rush and yet looking for something a little less natural this is the look I go for using this shadow trio. With all of the holidays just around the corner this can be the perfect look to wear to a family party or night out with friends. Hope this tutorial will be helpful to you!

Products Used List:

1. LORAC Starry- Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trio (Used in Step 2,3,5,6 &7) 
2. Maybelline Eye Studio Black Gel Eyeliner (Used in Step 1 & 4) 
Each item is linked with it's website to be purchased or to a review that I've written previously here on the blog.

Brushes Used List:

1. E.L.F. Studio Flat Concealer/Shader Brush- Used to apply shadow (in Step 2 &5 )
2. Mac 217 Blending Brush- Used to apply and blend shadow (in Step 3)
3. Smashbox Cream Eyeliner/Shadow Brush # 9 - Used to apply shadow (in Step 6 & 7)
4. E.L.F. Studio Small Angled Brush- Used to apply gel liner (in step 1 &4)
Let's get started!

1. Apply Eyeliner with an angled eyeliner brush blending it over the upper eyelid from the inner corner outwards & winging it out ever so slightly at the outer corner. It doesn't need to be perfect as it's really there to make the lashes seem very black for that smokey effect.
2. Pick up the sparkly dark purple color with the flat shader brush and pat the color over the eyelid going over top of the eyeliner ever so slightly so that it shows through but seems a little less harsh.
Apply color up until the crease area.
3. Pick up that same purple shade with the blending brush this time. Apply the color softly through the crease and outer "v" area, blending out any harsh lines. This will create a slightly darker area in that outer corner of the eye which adds to that smokey look.
4. Apply that same gel eyeliner with your angled eyeliner brush to the lower lash line smudging it in a little.
5. Pick up a little bit more of the dark purple shade and with the tip of that flat shader brush just blend it under and over top of the eyeliner a little bit.
6. Take a little of that light highlighter shade with the large fluffy highlight brush and pat it onto the brow bone area.

7. Do the same thing in the inner corner of the eye to highlight and brighten.
8. Apply mascara to the upper lashes.

9. And then apply mascara to the lower lashes.

Here's the finished look! What kind of looks do you like to wear over the holidays? Send me a picture of your holiday makeup  through facebook, twitter, pinterest or instagram I would love to see what kind of looks you create, ecspecially if you recreate this one! 

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