Friday Fashion: The Riding Boots Trend

Towards the end of November it begins to get quite chilly and I start layering- wearing sweaters, leggings, tights, scarfs, hats and boots. And then I pretty much live in my boots from the end of the autumn to the end of  the winter. I like them to be cute, comfortable and if I can slip a trend in there then fantastic!
One boot in particular that I never thought I would like or even consider wearing  but have been seeing everywhere, are riding boots. I have now bought my first pair of the season, am crazy about them and am now on the search for more - so basically I'm obsessed! They go well with so many outfits and add something nice to anything I wear- a dress, a sweater, a neutral skirt and that's why I feel like every girl/women needs to have a pair in their closet this fall/winter! You can get them almost everywhere and even spend very little on them if you like. My advice would be to invest in a really good pair that will last you for almost forever though!

Above is a photo of a pair of riding boots I purchased this month & have been wearing pretty often ever since. Here, I mixed black and brown & wore them with a light brown sweater, black pencil skirt, leggings, a sparkly black beanie  and my favorite mustard yellow scarf.
Here are some of the others I've been eyeing.  Perhaps I can inspire you in your shopping If you don't yet own a pair or are looking to add another to your collection.

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