Friday Fashion: Modestly Yellow Outfit Inspirations

As I've mentioned before in a previous fashion posts one of the guidelines I follow as a religious jewish women is dressing modestly- covering knees and elbows and collar bone- but those are just the basics. It isn't easy for many to find something flattering yet becoming. I always find such great inspiration when scrolling through other fashion blogs, pinterest, google search etc. I thought I would share 3 looks I found this week that make me remember that dressing modestly doesn't mean you can't be cute and fashionable too. Each picture has a common theme- that bright yellow color which screams happy at me. I had a hard week what with every picture in my past posts being deleted by google somehow. Trying to recover 4 years of work has been really tough and made me feel a little down. As soon as I saw these happy pictures with that lovely yellow color I felt alot better somehow.  That color just brought me some light even in my difficult situation. I will rebuild and I will move on. There is a reason for everything and that I know is so true. In comparison with all the terrible things that have been going on in the world- the hurricane and the discontent in Israel this is tiny and so I need to be grateful for what I have- even the challenges I face.

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Wishing you all a happy and wonderfully bright Shabbos and weekend!

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