Friday Fashion: Chic Outer Wear Inspired by My Favorite Fashion Bloggers

I am not a fan of winter at all. I am a pretty cold person in general so the cold weather just doesn't sit well with me. But when this time of year rolls around I typically go pick up a few warmer pieces for my closet. For me it's about looking cute and cozy with warm outerwear. So coats, boots, scarfs and such.

I derive so much inspiration from the abundance of fashionistas who constantly come up with creative ideas and fashionable outfits for these purchases. Here are some of the photos I found on pinterest of some of my fashion blogger style icons! I've linked their blogs below the photo so that you can check them out and be inspired as well perhaps.



I've recently added many similar trendy coats and outerwear to my if you don't know what lyst is go check it out and you will find some amazing items for great prices plus there is something there for everyone!

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A wonderful Shabbos to all!
XX. Gigi.

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