October's Kitchen of The Month: Cute & Cozy Cottage Kitchen


October is coming to it's end already! It's insane how the months seem to just fly right by. This months kitchen is very different then the ones I normally choose. I usually go for the more modern and colorful feel with my dream kitchens (all courtesy of pinterest including this one). The reason I am picking this kitchen is because of it's cozy cottage like appearance. It reminds me so much of my great childhood memories from visiting with my grandparents at their cottage in Canada during the summer times. Sitting in the hammock with the girls, climbing up to the tree house, peddling the paddle boat with my brother out to a shallow area of the lake where we would catch little fish and bring them back in a bucket, catching crayfish from the dock using a stick to back them into a net, swimming, large family bbq's and roasting marshmallows over the fire pit are all some of the fun things we would do there. I was visiting with my parents recently and recovered a whole bunch of old photo albums that had gotten lost in the basement at some point. We had so much fun flipping through them and found many pictures from those lovely summer times at the cottage which is what reminded me of those great memories. With this huge hurricane blowing through I really like the idea of getting comfy in this small cottage kitchen right now: stirring soup, drinking hot chocolate, playing a fun board game and reading a good book. My favorite parts of this kitchen are a) the unique counter area with all the different colored wood pieces put together and the small nook cut out of in the corner for storing cookbooks, cutting boards and other taller cooking utensils (or wine :)) b) the large windows which can easily let in so much natural light (in the case of our cottage you could see the sun rise in the early morning watch the baby loons swim behind their mother) ,  c) there's something so adorable about those two mismatched stools d) I love the open wood shelving with all the colorful dishes, vases, tall glasses and interesting collective bits. I hope to bring my own family to visit that cottage someday where they can enjoy that peacefulness and make their own memories.
Do you like the cottagey feeling or do you go for more of that modern vibe?
Off to enjoy some savory butternut squash soup, healthy portabella mushroom quesadillas, a warm cup of tea, and a few of my favorite scented candles on this windy rain filled evening.
Wishing you all an easy time with this hurricane- stay safe, warm & dry!

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